tomato juice recipe

Tomato Juice

Every thing which the God has created has it’s own benefits. All fruits and vegetables are beneficial for a human body. Tomato also has number of health benefits. As it contains lots of nutrients like Vitamin C, Lycopene and Beta Carotene. Thus the best source to get these nutrients from Tomato is by drinking fresh Tomato Juice. And the most important benefit of Tomato Juice is that it is also very good source of getting lean body. You can add this Tomato Juice Recipe in your diet plan. Look below the recipe of Tomato Juice.



Tomato Juice Ingredients

  • Tomato – 900 Gram
  • Sugar – To Taste
  • Salt – To Taste
  • Black Pepper – To Taste

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Tomato Juice Recipe

1- The first step of getting a tuned fit body is to choice best and healthy vegetable and fruits. Chose juicy and ripe Tomato as the taste of these Tomato will be delicious and raw. Try to get or buy Tomato  from organic farms as we are aware of the fact that most of the vegetable and fruits contains chemicals. And we do not wish to have chemicals in our healthy diet drinks.

2- Wash the tomato with fresh cold water and dry these with a towel or tissue paper. Or put tomato in a strainer to make these dry instead of drying these with towel or tissue.

3- Cut the tomato into 4 pieces and remove hard part in flesh if there is any. Also dig out stem.

4- Take a large porcelain port or stainless steel and fill it with the chopped tomatoes slices.

5- To release juice from tomatoes use a masher or spoon to press the tomatoes. Mash it until the port be filled with tomato juice as enough liquid is required to boil. If the port is dry so you can put some water as required in port to boil.

6- Boil the mixture 25 to 30 minutes until the mixture is soft and juicy. Boil it on normal flame and stir the tomatoes constantly. So the juice does not burn.

7- Now add sugar, salt and black pepper init and mix it well. The ingredients also help to remove the acidity of tomatoes from the juice. And if you are not sure abut the quantity of sugar, salt and black pepper so you can add 1/4 teaspoon of these ingredients.

8- Now remove the tomatoes from the stove and wait for few minutes until these turn cool. These should be cool enough to reduce the risk of burn.

9- Lastly take a strainer and put it on the serving bowl. Pour the juice through the strainer into bowl. Cover the bowl and store it for 30 minutes before drinking. Do not forget to shake it well before drinking. It can be stored for one week. Your tasty tomato juice is ready. Stay healthy and fit with this easy tomato juice recipe. For more keep follow Phupo.

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