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#PromoReview : Juda Na Hona Seems Like A Simple Yet Interesting Love Tale

TV One is all set to return with another love tale. The drama features Shahroz Sabzwari and Mansha Pasha in leading roles. Written by Seema Munaf and Directed by Owais Khan, the cast also include the new sensation Maryum Noor. Recently TV One has now unveiled it’s third promo of most awaited drama and the drama is set to air soon.

About Promos

The first promo started with glimpse of Shahroz Sabzwari with a background dialogue of his father “Sahab-zaday Bus Rul Rahay Hain Yaha Waha Buhat Laparwi Hoi Hai Bachon Ki Tarbeyat Mein”. At the end of the trailer revealed the flirty nature of Shahroz’s character by delivering the dialogue that “Mein Larkiyon Say Bohat Jaldi Dosti Kar Leta Hoon. Aur Phir Mera Dil Bhi Un Say Bohat Jaldi Bhar Jata Hai”. Second promo reveal the character of Mansha who has a strong independent personality.

In starting of the second promo we watched how Mansha said no to a family who brought marriage proposal for her. By saying that “Nahi Mein Tyar Nahi Hoon. Mein Tou Bethi Bhi Yaha Aba Ki Wajha Say Hoon Aur Duppta Bhi Unho Ki Wajha Say Liya”.  The last promo started with a private Nikah ceremony with a background dialogue “Jab Maa Baap Aulad Ko Apnay Haq Ki Azadi Nahi Dain Gaye. Tou Aulad Ko Bhi Hadud Cross Karni Parti Hain. In the next scene we had to listen Shahroz’s dialogue “Dekh Lo Farhad Nay Shirin Kay Liye Doodh Ki Nahar Khudi Thi. Aur Mujhe Kya Kya Karna Par Raha Hai”. Then the promo came to an end with a sad note where both characters were feeling hunger but nothing to have eat.

 We Like About The Promos

The transformation of Shahroz’s character from flirty boy to an intense lover is a totally show stealer. The performance of both Shahroz and Mansha stand out  as not only does they get maximum screen time in the promos. But did also they look absolutely fantastic in the roles. It seems like that the both will be the driving force of the drama. The brilliant acting skills of both the actors have wooed zillion hearts already.

We Dislike About The Promo

The promo does not revealed much about the other characters. That disappointed us a little bit. Even we does not see much of Maryum Noor’s character.


Overall, we love the promos though villains are not yet revealed. The story seems to be an intense one and can be a want-to-watch list surely. The transformation of Shahroz’s character also looks interesting and promising. The chemistry between Shahroz and Mansha will surely keep the audience hooked.

Ratings*** (3/5)

Have a look on promos…..!

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