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5 Reasons Why You Might Not Miss Jaal Drama On Hum TV

Hum TV aired first episode of it’s most awaited drama serial Jaal today. Which features Sumbul Iqbal, Imran Ashraf and Ali Kazmi in leading roles. And we are already in love with it. The story of the drama revolves around the sorrows and grief of father and his elder daughter. The plot of the drama is about love, rejection, friendship, revenge and jealousy.

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Arshad Ahmed and Jameel Siddiqui’s families are bound by a long lasting friendship. Arsal, Arshad’son has constantly loved Esha. Who is Jameel’s elder daughter. To Arsal’s fortunes his father proposes for their marriage and before long have their Nikah performed. Soon-after Arsal loses enthusiasm for Esha as he discovers her personality totally different to his. And chooses to part their ways during their Marriage Ceremony. It will be interesting to see what will happen in Esha’s life after this.

The Cast Mix Of Perfects

The cast of the drama is nothing short of an ensemble one. Be it Imran’s docile nature, Sumbul Iqbal’s understanding and mature behavior or Ali Kazmi varied shades & attention seeker nature. The drama not only has a story that is intriguing but also a cast that is promising.

Never Seen Before Fresh Pairing

The fresh pairing Ali Kazmi and Sumbul Iqbal is looking very good. But it is interesting and great to watch how Sumbul and Imran’s love story will start. Although Ali and Sumbul is looking good but Her pairing will Imran will definitely increase the charm of our TV Screens.

Imran’s Transformation From Ranjha Ranjha Kardi To Jaal’s Character

In Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Imran has wooed zillion hearts with his impeccable performance. He is receiving immense appreciation not only from the audience but also from fellow actors. He was seen in drama in insane character. And in Jaal Imran’s docile nature is going to be some transformation not for him just but also for the audience as well. Which also proved his versatility.

Promises A Bunch Of Drama And Intrigue

In terms of plot, there are still a lot of hidden elements. As the story is not only about love. It also revolves around rejection, friendship, revenge and jealousy. How Imran and Sumbul will come together as couple is also best element of the drama which also increase the interest. Zonia negative contribution in life of Esha is still in the dark. It is going to be an unraveling jealousy factor between the sisters which is rather interesting.

The Drama’s Feel & Treatment

The drama in general is impressive and considering the fact how the audience can not get over the Jaal. The Director, Mohsin Talat and Production House, Moomal Entertainment & MD Production has done complete justice with the drama. We are sure the drama will prove a full entertainment package and will be fresh treat for the drama lovers.

These are the reasons we are totally loving the drama and we are surely not to miss any episode of it. As it has already hooked us with it’s first episode. The performance of Imran and Sumbul manages to make a huge impact and the story manages to hold interest owing to unique plot & concept. What do you think about the drama? Also share your analyse and review about it in the comment section below.

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