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3 Reasons To Watch The Much-Awaited Drama Choti Choti Baatain

People love to watch our dramas, not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Because of the way, our drama highlights the social issues and also the reality based story-lines. But there is fact that because of winning the race in TRP chats we have to watch same concepts adopted by many channels. Even some on-air dramas also hint at the same old plots which we already have witnessed on TV screens. Now Hum TV and the versatile Actress, Producer and Director Angeline Malik are all set to gear up with a new drama Choti Choti Baatain which is all about breaking stereotypes. The episodic drama is new with light-hearted content which challenges taboos prevalent in our society.

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TV is after all our ultimate companion on a drowsy afternoon, and the perfect date on a Sunday night; to make TV viewing interesting and intriguing, for that we need freshness in both story-line and the concept as well. Which also help us to mark questions on stereotypes. To challenge the taboos prevalent in our society, Choti Choti Baatain is here to stay. The drama will go on-air from March 10 at 9:10 pm on Hum TV. And here we bring to you quick 3 reasons as to why you should definitely watch this drama.

The Concept

“Baat Choti Si Hai….. Dil Bara Kijiye”, The concept itself grab our attention and manages to hold interest owing to unique story-line which also promises to challenge stereotypes in our society. The plot is making audience understand that all the issues like (old women wearing bright colors or husband cooking at home while wife is at work or younger sister getting married before the elder one) are very petty. These type of petty issues must be let go instead of creating havoc over them. Which also brings lesson in light that Let the people live the way they want to.

The Cast Mix Of Perfects

In promos of the drama, we have glimpse of few stars from the industry. The cast of the drama in nothing short of an ensemble one. It stars talented actors like Shehzad Sheikh, Ayesha Omer, Yumna Zaidi, Zahid Ahmed and Bushra Ansari. They all are playing strong characters which are relatable too. In promo they are looking totally immerse in their characters. Which makes us to not wait for it’s airing.

 Treatment & Feel

Coming from the makers of Ustani Jee itself, the direction of the drama and the way highlighting the issues, in general is impressive. Which also manages to hold the interest of the audience. We think Angeline Malik will do complete justice to the kind of hopes. And of course with a time slot like that, we are hoping that the drama will create records on TRP chats and also garners numbers.

With a fresh take on stories, the drama aims for the message Live and Let Live. And also makes the audience understand that instead of creating issues over pretty stereotypes we should let the people live the way they want to. Challenging different stereotypes, Choto Choti Batain is said to be episodic series. Directed by Angeline Malik, the series is collaboration of Angelic Films and MD Production.

What do you think about the series? Tell your views on it in the comment section below.

Author: Huma Ali

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