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#FilmReview: Laal Kabootar Offers Well-Executed Story Portraying Life In Karachi Streets With Powerful Performance

Film Laal Kabootar revolves around two main characters Adeel played by Ahmed Ali and Aliya played by Mansha Pasha. The film shows the struggle of Adeel a cab driver who wants to go to Dubai to make his career. He has big dreams of getting more in his life and is directly involved in criminal activities. While Aliya is in search of her husband’s murderers. Their paths cross when she has a ride in Adeel’s taxi. Following a shootout, the two in the long run become a piece of, Adeel offers to help Aliya in finding her husband’s killers, in return for a powerful sum.

The Cast & Characters

Ahmed Ali, who played the male lead character of Adeel has done justice to it. Being a debutante film lead actor, Ahmed proves that he can take off the skin of character perfectly. His transformation from comical roles to such a dark character is refreshing to watch. He has wooed his fans with accent to his overall looks and personality.

Alongside Ahmed aka Adeel, we see Mansha and it’s refreshing and rewarding to see a female lead not being a typical Lollywood heroine. She impresses us with her looks and dialogue delivery. Before this film, we have seen Mansha in serious and mazloom bahu roles. But the character of Aliya truly impressive and different from all her previous performances.

Well, Saleem Miraj who has role of Mama shines out in the whole film. As he impresses you whenever he appears on the screen. He has given his exceptional acting skills to take off the skin of the character. He has proven himself as an actor per excellence. With his skills he manages to deliver his performance brilliantly. The supporting cast including Rashid Faooqui and others impresses too as all the characters are well defined by writer and director as well.

The Makers & Cinematographer

Writer Ali Abbas Naqvi and Director Kamal Khan narrates and tells the story in unique way which keeps you entertain and engages you throughout the film. Perfectly crafted dialogues also manages to hold your interest. Kamal Khan has proven that he means business. Mo Azmi and Syed Mehdi Zaidi have done cinematography and art direction respectively. Both has captured Karachi amazingly and brilliantly in all it’s authentic glory. In short with realistic art direction, perfectly crafted dialogues and amazing cast, Laal Kabootar leaves no loopholes in making it a must watch film.

The music really and totally matches the theme of the story. Taha Malik has done a brilliant job when it comes to music. The songs are generally out of sight and add emphatically to the story. They have a crude, rare and strong feel to them.


To narrate a story about revenge, power and greed, the three most strong emotions which are grim attributes of Karachi city is not a bed of roses. This has been very well explored by the writer and he has perfectly created a plot. The film definitely gives the not so explored crime thrills in Pakistani Film Industry. Overall an entertaining action thriller film which will keep you engaged as well as entertained. So get ready to watch well-executed story portraying life in Karachi streets with powerful performance.

Ratings: **** (4/5)

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