Meet 13 Most Handsome & Desirable Pakistani Male Singers Who Is The Hottest?

Pakistani Singers have made place in hearts of more than zillions all around the world with their melodious voice. Their talent earned projects for them from across the borders also. These Pakistani Male Singers have oodles of talent, charming & attractive looks and hot physiques. Which make them highly popular and desirable men not only in our country but all over the world. With the charisma they carries with them, everyone has fallen head over heels in love with their strikingly attractive personalities.

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In a women-dominated medium, these handsome men manages to hold their own. Take a look and find out who are most handsome, desirable and hot Male Singers of Pakistan. It is your chance to vote for most desirable and handsome among these singers.

1- Uzair Jaswal

umair jaswal pakistani male singers (2)

At the top of the list we have most handsome hunk Umair Jaswal. The handsome singer is guilty of turning women maniacs via her melodious voice, charming personality and hot bod. His songs ‘Na Rahoon’, ‘Khaki Banda’, and ‘Dam Mast Qalandar’ made him everyone’s all time favorite.

2- Atif Aslam

atif aslam pakistani male singers 0

Singer, Song Writer & Actor, Atif Aslam has recorded numerous chart-topping songs. Entered in Industry with his first instant hit album Jal Pari, since then there’s not stopping him. The singer is quite popular throughout subcontinent. His charming looks and attractive features have made women swooning over him.

3- Ali Zafar

ali zafar pakistani male singers 1

One of the most handsome and cutest celebrity on the block, who has well-sculpted physique that can make any girl go crazy. Ali Zafar started his career as sketch artist and then began acting in TV serials, made his debut as singer with ‘Jugnuon Se Bhar De Aanchal’ in 2003. He shortly became one of the most popular singers. His amazing singing skills got huge love and appreciation from biggies like Rahat Fateh ALi Khan.

4- Junaid Khan

junaid khan pakistani male singers 16Singer & Song Writer turned actor Junaid Khan, is just too hot to handle. He has not only made place in hearts of zillions with his singing talent. But also Junaid has impressed his fans with his lean and muscular physique. Although he is a man of few words, but his expressive eyes more than makeup for it. Started his career with song ‘Sab Bhulla Kay’ he never looked back. And still winning hearts with his skills.

5- Falak Shabir

Well known and referred as “Mr. Unplugged” & “King of Soul Style, Falak Shabir is the hottest face in Pakistani Music Industry. His ice-cold nature yet humble attitude have won for him massive female fan following all around the world. Started his career with commercially successful ‘Rog’, the singer is famous for his songs ‘Saajana’, ‘Ijazat’ and ‘Kya Tujhe Ab Yeh Dil’.

6- Agha Ali

Know for his sharp yet humble attitude, Agha Ali is one of the most famous singer, song-writer and actor. Not only for his work, the charming man also received huge appreciation for his wit and charming personality. The talented singer has really made it big in showbiz industry in terms of fame and popularity. Along with an impressive physique and chiseled face, he can make any girl to go to her knees.

7- Bilal Saeed

bilal saeed pakistani male singers 7

Bilal Saeed basically sings Punjabi Songs. He is the first and only Pakistani Singer who has gotten nomination for PTC Punjabi Awards and Brit Asia Awards. In 2011 he made his singing debut by launching his first album ‘Twelve’. And has been in limelight ever since. His boyish charm and confidence have added to his appeal. He became popular just not only for his singing but also with his charming looks.

8- Faakhir Mehmood

Faakhir Mehmood  male singers 14

Disciplined and diligent, Faakhir Mehmood is well known singer and music composer. Today the talented handsome man experiences the high of becoming popular at the level where fans shout his name in the hope of getting his one smile. He manages to gain huge female fan following. All thanks to his talent, innocent smile and charming personality.

9- Farhan Saeed

farhan saeed pakistani singer

Farhan Saeed’s unique  beautiful voice loved by all. His songs ‘Halka Halka Suroor’, ‘Ji Jaun’ and ‘Teri Chah Mein’ were chart-busters. He is not only singer but also song-writer, director, actor and entrepreneur. His clam yet resolute demeanor makes him desirable.

10- Shehzad Roy

The name which does not need any introduction is Shehzad Roy. He is popular singer, social worker and humanitarian. Started his career in 1995, the good looking singer is known for his hits like ‘Teri Soorat’, ‘Saali’, ‘Kangna’, ‘Laga Reh’ and many others. An inspiration for many, Shehzad’s intense looks and charisma have made him heartthrob for many.

11- Nabeel Shaukat

Winning the battle of Sur between Pakistan and India in Sur Kshetra, Nabeel Shaukat has already created a niche for himself in the music industry. The talented singer has number of hit songs in his credits. Some of which are ‘Aisa Jorh Hai’, ‘Aik Pal’, ‘Dheere Dheere’, ‘Sawaal’, ‘Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya’ and countless others. His easygoing nature and wit made him one of the most desirable men in music field.

12- Abrar ul Haq

Know for speaking his mind, the handsome singer is also politician. Having title of “King of Pakistani Pop”, Abrar made his singing debut in 1995 with album ‘Billo De Ghar’. With his singing skills, warm smile and macho looks he made place in hearts of more than zillions. And became one of the most desirable men in the industry.

13- Uzair Jaswal

Our list started with one of the handsome member of Jaswal family and came to an end with another cutest member of the same family. The cute hunk is also the youngest guy in this list. Along with his chocolate boy looks, his smile can melt zillion hearts with his one glimpse. He became the singing sensation with songs ‘Tere Bina’, ‘Nindiya Ke Paar’ and ‘Sajna’.

This is my list of 13 Most Handsome & Desirable Pakistani Male Singers. Now share and vote for your favorite one and mention who is more hottest near to you. Just vote in the comment section below. For more fun keep follow Phupo.

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