I Don’t Believe In Dream Role Cause Then Your Career And Everything Focuses On That Role Said Danial Afzal Khan

Before coming to intro, we want to share a beautiful experience which we have with Danial Afzal Khan. We sent a message to the actor requesting about interview expressing the fact that we are minor blog with no resources. After reading our message, within no time the actor replied us with a smiley emoji giving his consent. And started to chat with us like an old buddy. After having chat with him we realize the fact that how a humble person he is. If we say that Danial Afzal Khan, A Person of Pure Heart. It will be no wrong. The man has now become a new sensation on TV. He charms one and all around with his good looks and acting skills. His show Umm-e-Haniya instantly clicked with masses and his character of Rohan made place in more than zillion hearts.

In an interview with us, the handsome hunk spoke about his journey, personality, stardom and much more. Read on.

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P- Tell us about yourself like real name, age, date of birth, star, education etc?

Danial: Danial Afzal Khan, age is 31 years old, born on 27th July, star Leo and i am holding a MBA degree.

P- Who is Danial in one word?

Danial: He is man of passion and dreams.

P- How’s your journey began and what attracted you to begin career in entertainment field?

Danial: It began humbly through auditions and proving my mettle. What attracted me is the exotic and different nature of the field. It’s like no other profession.

P- Tell us about your first project? And what has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

Danial: First project was for the big screen ‘Aksbandh’. That was Pakistan’s first found footage film which was a beautiful and and fun experience. Greatest accomplishment the fact, that never have i ever heard that i blew up a role or i was misfit. Also i never found any of my directors ever disappointed by my work.

P- On many websites there are mentioned that you started your career as model, is it true?

Danial: No it’s not true. I started as an actor, did photoshoots along the way.

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P- Do you think nepotism and favoritism exist in our entertainment industry too?

Danial: Yes it done but i don’t find it wrong. Happens in every field.

P- Describe your acting style and also tell us about the response you are receiving about ‘Chand Ki Pariyan’?

Danial: My acting is not based on theatrics, it’s based on keeping it as natural and as relatable as possible. Response of ‘Chand Ki Pariyan’ has been mixed. My work was well received specially the looks.

P- People love you in all roles which you have done, like your character in ‘Thori Si Wafa’, ‘Umm-e-Haniya’, and now ‘Chand Ki Pariyan’, which one is your favorite among all of these and why?

Danial: Rohan from Umm-e-Haniya cause it was challenging and not at all like me. Also because people loved Rohan.

P- Upcoming projects?

Danial: Two to air soon, one on Geo TV other on express and two in production. Don’t want to disclose more details about those yet till teasers are out.

P- After a long day of work, what do you love to gorge on?

Danial: Gym! Noting like blowing of steam in gym.

P- At this stage of your career, whats matter to you: a good script or money?

Danial: If it’s a good script then script, if not then money.

P- TV actors are now merely made to stand behind the female protagonists…. Comment?

Danial: It’s been too long with this, soon going to change.

P- Now a days we have same faces on to watch on TV screens, silver screens now even on web. Don’t you think a silver screen’s actor ought to be exclusive?

Danial: They ought to be exclusive yes. But our film industry hasn’t evolved much secondly doesn’t not pay like Bollywood yet to be able to maintain exclusively.

P- Who is your male and female co-star?

Danial: I can’t name one, i find certain likability for different actors.

P- Something you like about yourself and something your hate about yourself?

Danial: I like me being resilient and not being a quitter. And i hate being lazy and being a procrastinator.

P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do?

Danial: I don’t believe in a dream role cause then your career and everything focuses on that role only. That is a death to an actor craft. Every good role which plays out well is a dream role.

P- Is there any particular thing you remember which makes you smile when you think you it even now?

Danial: When i remember my early looks, days of career and work.

P- You use to share pictures on Instagram in which you flaunts your well sculpted bod, so what’s your fitness mantra behind such fit bod?

Danial: It’s simply keeping up with the competition and the sake of loving the sight of your shirtless look in the mirror.

P- What’s your feelings on receiving comments like Hot, Sexy, Handsome, Hunk etc on your shirtless pictures?

Danial: Have you ever known anyone who would not like compliments. Obviously love it.

P- What is first thing you think in the morning and your last thought before going to bed?

Danial: When is my tea coming, my first thinking in morning. At night on bed, i hope sleep comes early.

P- What is the most important thing in your life without which you can’t stay?

Danial: My family.

P- Message for your fans?

Danial: My fans are very important for me and i want to thank them for all their love and support.

“Thank you Danial Je for your love, we appreciate that you give interview in your busy schedule. Thanks a lot for your kindness.”

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