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Exclusive: I Strongly Believe Ishq Zaat Will Not Hurt Anyone’s Religious Feelings – Inayat Khan

A drama which is winning hearts of zillion with it’s beautiful concept and story-line. The lead actor Inayat Khan is portraying the character of Amar Singh. His strong performance and innocent smile is wooing zillions all around. Few days back rumors making rounds on social media regarding drama serial Ishq Zaat being banned by Pemra for a few days. To know the real story behind the news, we got in touch with Inayat to get the details.

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Inayat Khan Sharing Details About Ban Rumors:

P: Do you think that the story of the drama will not hurt anyone’s religious feelings?
Inayat: I strongly believe on this that the story will not hurt anyone’s religious feelings. After 14 episodes muslin and sikhs as well will feel proud on the story-line and plot. Just wait for episode 14 they will get their answers and also all the rumors will come to an end after that.

P: A Rumor on ban by Pemra on the drama came out some days ago? What was the story behind that?
Inayat: Basically, the story behind such rumor was that, four or five weeks ago a poster of the drama got viral on social media. The poster had background of Golden Temple which is also known as Harmandir Sahib. I and my co-star Sarah Ejaz Khan who is playing character of Noor, posed for the poster having our backs toward the Golden Temple. The said picture got viral on social media and we started to receive messages and emails from overseas Sikh community to remove the poster. As they mentioned that the poster has Golden Temple which is sacred pilgrimage site. We respected their religious feelings and we removed the poster from all the digital mediums.

Even before the drama went on-air, the people around us started to talk that this should be not happened. The concept itself was bothering many. Then a rumor came about the ban on drama, i, my co-stars and director started to get messages about confirmation on ban. The news got fire and as i mentioned above this is an era of social media, so the news also went on social media and it turned a huge rumor. There is on ban on the drama, it will air on it scheduled time. The news is totally fake. I just wanna say to my fans to not hear ot believe on such type of fake news before getting confirmation by official sources.

P: How would you best describe Ishq Zaat?
Inayat: It’s hard for me to describe Ishq Zaat, as i am unable to find the best and proper words to explain such a beautiful thing. But yes if i describe Ishq Zaat in one word so i can say it will be Humanity.

P: What was the real thoughts behind this concept and plot?
Inayat: The real motivation and thoughts behind this concept and plot was, in other countries the people are of the mind set that our minorities do not enjoys all rights and are not free when comes to perform their religious duties. They are not happily spending life in our country according to their religion, which are totally misunderstandings about us. So we want to portray the real image of Pakistan and want to show the others how the minnorities are too spending their life happily and freely in our country.

P: What short of persons are loving this drama?
Inayat: Every short and persons of all group of ages are loving this drama. We are receiving good response from young and seniors as well. Because the pubic is mature to decide and they know the drama is not about religious, it’s about humanity and love.

P: Is this easier to play this character for you?
Inayat: I am playing role of Sikh named Amar Singh. Basically it was really hard task for me to portray the character as i had learnt many things. I did a lot of search on wearing to their religion duties. In short i had to do proper homework on it. That was not easier to play but yes i loved the character to play.

P: What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?
Inayat: The first and big challenge was “Log Kaya Kahiye Gaye”. But i wished that our hard work make the audience satisfied which the project is doing well. Secondly after my debut film Jackpot, i did a drama for Bol TV’s Kho Gaya Woh. The drama had a big cast Saima Noor Mam, Sajid Hasan Sir, Faiza Hassan and Moomal Khalid. Unfortunately that did not go well with the audience. And it also does not get good public response.

So after Jackpot and Kho Gaya Woh i was looking something unique and different to try. When the makers approached me, firstly i was confused on saying yes when it came to channel. But when i read the script, it touches my heart. So i decided to do it not for me, but for the society. The script was all about love and humanity so how could i say no to it.

P: If you could play any other character in this drama, who would it be?
Inayat: Oh Man No, this character is very very close to my heart. Now i believe that i have adopted this profession to perform this character. Even i wish if there will be squeal or season 2 or remake of the drama, i would love to potray the character again and again.

P: How was the working with co-actors, director and channel?
It’s honor to part of such a good project. That was great and beautiful experience to work with such co-stars, director and team. I have learnt my things from them specially from Saba Faisal. Such a humble great lady she is. She is playing the character of my mother.

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  • It was indeed such a good drama with such a sweet message of humanity and also there was nothing that could hurt the sentiments of any religious sect…Inayat Ali khan potrayed the character of Amar Singh so well…It was if that character was written for him…I wish we can be that lucky to watch the remaining episodes of the drama as it has been stopped airing midway…And I wish Inayat get another strong lead character role on prime time drama of Hum or Ary… because he deserves this…His acting in Resham Gali Ki Husna is perfect..So looking forward to see more of his work..Gt road is also the best.

    January 28, 2020

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