Exclusive: To Be An Actor, It Was An Accomplishment Itself – Hammad Hussain

Started his career with modeling, within now time Hammad Hussain made his ways in hearts of zillions via his innocent smile and charming personality. After doing countless commercials and shoots in few months of his career, the charming model tried his luck into acting field and amazed one and all around. A fact which comes to our knowledge after having chat with Hammad is, he is not only a handsome model and skillful actor. But also a very humble and down to earth human being. Whereas the actor is entertaining us with his acting. On the other hand he has multi business to manage too. Here we have an amazing chat with the actor we are sharing below.

In an interview with us, the handsome hunk spoke about his journey, personality, stardom and much more. Read on.

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P- Tell us first about yourself, real name, age, date of birth, star etc?

Hammad: Hammad Hussain is my real name.
I m 26 Years old.
My date of birth is 16th July 1992.
I am a Zodiac.
My hobby is swimming and i love to play counter strike.
I have played both the things to national level.

P- How your journey began and who introduced you in the industry?
Haammad: I was studying in Iqra university and was doing BBS & BBA. During my studies in University I started as a model and did my first work with citrus. It was a TVC of Vitamins water. Then it all begun, I did Gul-Ahmed after that. I started at 2014, that time I was the only model who did 4 TVC in just first starting month of my journey.
I was lucky enough to get those TVC.

P- What attracted you to begin a career as model? And was it easy?
Hammad: The first thing which attracted me to join this field was fame. Yes i can say that the begun was easy. When i used to go out people came to say hi or to have selfie. They respected me and showered love. Even people around me wished to have a life like me and my friends desired to become a model and actor. From beginning till now i have done more than 30 commercials. Also i have appeared in more than 15 dramas.

So the point is after doing so much work, at this stage i have no desire to become popular and to get fame in public and friends. Because i just want to act for myself as i realize when i act it makes me happy. For me acting is pleasure, peace and placidity. Acting is a living experience and i enjoy every moment when i am on set for shooting. And tries by best to do better than my previous performance.

P- What difficulties do you faced in your journey?
Hammad: No i have not faced much difficulties. As i believe and observe that this field is difficult for those who are not financially strong enough. I have not such problems. And second i am very choice when it comes to script. I just say yes to those scripts which i find interesting to do. In 2017 i said no to 12 projects because i wanted to do something different with a good script.

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P- Which was the turning point in your life and specially in your career?
Hammad: Turning point, “Main Muhabat Aur Tum’ gave me boost in my career. Even I lost my career when I denied to work in 12 projects in 2017. Because then media people though might I am out of work. I did’t have work. But then my friend like brother Zain Zaidi offered me Main Muhabat Aur Tum. Then it all started again. Yeah and when I signed Cambridge cover of the year in 2018.

P- What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?
Hammad: To be an actor, It was a accomplishment Itself. Because I was think of my looks on screen. But acting is beyond looks It feels great when everyone claps on my scene
on set.

P- Do you think nepotism and favoritism all exist in our entertainment industry?
Hammad: Laugh…..! Hahahaha. Nepotism and favoritism exist in our industry too. Like other industries as well. And as we know that the industries of other countries have also same problems. Never to me nepotism and favoritism are problems on which no one like to talk. There are actors and faces in our industry whether they are talented or not, the makers love to cast them.

I know some channel heads who do not need talent and acting skills, they only consider good-looks, attractive faces and one who has good followers on social media. A person having good-looks with cheap budget, with no talent is first choice of few channel heads. If you visit theater you will observe that there are good talented actors who are actually needy and looking for work on TV. But there unfortunate is, they have not a good look or they have not a family background the showbiz.

P- Tell me about what you’re working on now and future projects?
Hammad: Currently Muthi Bhar Chahat is on-air on Express TV. Which has an amazing cast Usman Peerzada, Agha Ali and Resham. I am the main Villain of the story. The drama is getting good response and we are getting love for our work. Soon the drama is coming to an end. And there are interesting turns and twists which i an not disclosing. I would like you to guys to watch to now what will happened at the end. After that i am doing Andhera Ujala and also a series for PTV.


P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do that?
Hammad: I want to do a role like Ranveer Singh did in Band Baja Barat. I would love to do that kind of role.

P- What matters to you at this stage of your career a good script or money?
Hammad: At this stage only a good script matters to me. Money does not matter to me. As i believe good script itself make money. A good script with a good director is like blessing.

P- Television actors are merely made to stand behind female protagonists? Comment
Hammad: Most of the viewers of dramas are females and females protagonists always work. But things are getting changed now many dramas are based on social issues and now male actors are getting strong characters.

P- Do you see yourself being a part of mythological, historical, and fantasy-based shows?
Hammad: Yes i loved to be part of mythological, historical and fantasy based dramas. Specially i am very found of fantasy based drama. But unfortunately our industry is not working much on it.

P- Something you like about yourself? Something you hate about yourself?
Hammad: One thing i like myself, i think i give respect to each and everyone around me. I don’t know it’s good to bad, i can’t tolerate when i witness a bad thing happening in front of me. On that i lose my control.

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P- Suppose you have an hour to your self then how will you spend the time?
Hammad: There are three options. May be i will go for shopping or i go for swimming. And may be i use social media.

P- What is the first thing you think of in the morning? What is your last thought before going to bed?
Hammad: No i never think about any particular thing. After getting fresh, i just look at my schedule. The last thought before going to bed is what did i productive in the whole day. What i have improved today in my personality or work.

P- What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future?
Hammad: I can do any kind of role. But love to do role of psychopath, negative, intense lover etc. I am looking forward to do this kind of challenging role. In short any role which comes to me challenging.

P- Where do you think of yourself after 5 years?
Hammad: I will be a star INSHALLAH.

P- Message for us and fans?
Hammad: Keep loving and supporting me. I just want to do keep you entertain. Your love and respect for me is blessing. I am thankful to all of my fans for such love and support. At last i also want to say you thanks to team of PTGQ for this interview.

“Thank you Hammad Hussain for your love, we grateful that you give interview in your busy schedule. Thanks a lot for your kindness.”

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