Exclusive: Being An Actor People Keeping Expectations & I Myself Have Some Standards Sets For My Own – Yasir Shah

Syed Yasir Shah best known as Yasir Shah, has made place in hearts of more than zillion fans through his Indian debut serial ‘Khwaish’. And continued to win hearts with his acting skills by appearing in Pakistani Dramas and Films. Currently the hot hunk is charming us with his acting skills in drama serial Rangdari. For which he also turned producer. Apart from his acting chops many are literally captivated by the kind of physical transformation that Yasir Shah has made.

Yasir Shah has a passion when it comes to fitness. The man is not only improving his life and fitness but also motivates others. He gives PTGQ’s readers some information on how to stay fit.

Yasir Shah Shared Secrets Behind His Well Sculpted Bod

P- What’s your fitness mantra?
Yasir: Nothing special any more i been into sports since i was kid. I go to gym and eat right. But when i have any film or project where i have to show my body shots, I train more seriously Lol. But as of now i am relax. And my main mantra is, i became popular with name tags like hot sexy so i need to sometimes i have to work hard.
Reason what is people expecting from me.

P-Do you Exercise daily and What’s Your Workout routine?
Yasir: I do 5 times a week. I mostly into weights workout. I do cardio and mixed martial arts training oftenly when i feel i am gaining weight.

P- Do you follow any strict diet?
Yasir: I am more toward proteins , i love that food. Now my body system is like i don’t enjoy fried and junk.

P- What is the first thing you do in the morning to keep yourself fit?
Yasir: I am perfect coffee addict . So its coffee to start my day and then yes need my breakfast mostly based on eggs and one piece of bread sometimes add chicken or beef…

Rest for my brain and soul i try to my energy clean distract from all the negatives and I believe in my strength which is my confidence and my creative sense of mind.

P- What is your usual workout routine like?
Yasir: I have old school techniques like i am into basic weight training which i prefer more . I try to hit gym 5 times a week . But if i am working out for any project then period and frequency go higher.

P- What does being fit mean to you?
Yasir: Its highly very important. I am an actor , people keeping expectations and i myself also have some standards sets for my own so keep up at the mark which i have already set i try to beat my own best shape looks and knowledge. I personally wish to be updated everyday. Every hour , people will should add some value in me.

P- Who do you idolize in the industry to keep your self fit?
Yasir: Now there are so many inspirations around but when i started cz i felt this way i will get women attention more that was my first inspiration but now i am happily addict with this life style.. and fascinating with anyone attention becomes thing of a past . Now my satisfaction only comes when my craft get appreciation not just my looks.

P- Your problem areas?
Yasir: Everyone have their own weakness. Mine i start getting shrinking if i stop taking carbs. So over all body has own mind set i need to deal with it.

P- Your strengths?
Yasir: Best thing i like in myself . Its my persistence ability. And now i feel i am at highly mature in a way. I don’t get effected with anything wrong. I am mostly cool about everything in life.. i learnt desperation wont take u anywhere just keep working hard on that moment and give your complete best .

P- The fitness trick that never fails?
Yasir: Just visit gym , bad workout , lazy. Workout or anything .. is still better then no workout.. and eat less carbs.

P- The fitness advice that never worked?
Yasir: Keto and those mindless cardios never worked or maybe i get too bore with such routines.

P- What you prefer diet or burning it out?
Yasir: I attained this level of fat percentage after many many years now right food works well for me. Yeah if increase or if i start getting fat then i have to do everything what it required. I can have my cheat meal anytime.

P- Lastly Message to your fans to keep them fit and fine?
Yasir: My message to people who admires me. Just stay the way u are keep urself in happy mood . If you feel like working out do that.

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