Exclusive: Actors Usually Perform Regular Characters Which Are Closed To Their Actual Personality – Malik Aqeel

The handsome hunk Malik Aqeel has become the new sensation in the town. He charmed us with his good looks and acting skills in Sherdil. His previously released film Sherdil clicked the masses and his character of Harijeet Singh got well appreciated. Which has made his way into millions of hearts. And he has become an eye candy for many girls. Just two films old, the charming man has already created a niche for himself in the industry.

Since his fans want to know more about him. So Phupo got in touch with the actor and very humbly he shared some facts about his journey and personality which people are not aware of.

Conversation with Malik Aqeel

P- Tell us about yourself, like real name, age education etc?
Aqeel: My real and birth name is Malik Aqeel. I am 25 and completed electrical engineering few years back but doing men’s wear business.

P- How your journey began and who introduced you in the industry?
Aqeel: I have started the journey during teenage in school days. Given auditions, participated in talent shows. There should always be a mentor in your life for guidance whether you are a born artiste. Kazim Hasan introduced me properly in showbiz and I still take guidance from him whenever I get any offer.

P- What attracted you to begin a career as actor? And was it easy?
Aqeel: ShahRukh Khan has been my inspiration since I was in class 2. I used to get his pictures from magazines. Showbiz is not that easy but I am lucky to have good projects back to back. My first film project at the age of 22 was with Indian director, which was a great learning experience.

P- Which was the turning point in your life and specially in your career?
Aqeel: I think working with Indian director was turning point in my showbiz career. Industry start taking you seriously when you have worked with such an experienced crew and cast. Then Qamar tea TVC with Neelum Munir was another turning point in my career. I consider Sherdil movie another turning point, as it was a very high budgeted movie. Frankly I have so many turning point in my career. Now I am doing a movie as solo hero. InshaAllah that will be another turning point and also big achievement.

P- How’s your experience on sharing screen space with Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan in Shirdil? And what response do you received about your performance?
Aqeel: Working with Mikaal and Armeena was really nice. Most of my scenes were with Mikaal. People appreciated my performance. Even at the premiere in Karachi, Director Asim Raza specially met me and appreciated my performance. I did a song with Armeena and that was fun. We did shooting of mehndi song whole night. Sharing screen with experienced actor Mikaal was challenging but people said I was standing out in my performance

P: Is this easier to play this character of Sikh? What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?
Aqeel: I met writer and producer of Sherdil in his office two weeks before the launch of movie. At that time he already finalized the cast. He said i wish I had met you earlier. He called me one week before the launch and given me script of a character. I prepared it in 30 mins and performed. They all were amazed with my performance and then given me this Sikh character. Frankly I didn’t have any problem in performing this character. Even I had added few lines during shoot and Director and writer approved it.

P: If you could play any other character in this film, who would it be?
Aqeel: I like my Sikh character in Sherdil as it was performance based. Actors usually perform regular characters which are closed to their actually personality.

P: Tell us about your Upcoming projects?
Aqeel: My upcoming project as solo hero is Thori Setting Thora Piyar. 80% shooting is completed. Shoot of songs will start just after Eid ul Fitr. It will be released in Eid ul Azah. Director Fayyaz Idress is very much satisfied and saying that Pakistan film industry is lacking a good hero and you will be a good addition in the Industry.

P- What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?
Aqeel: Up till now Harijeet Singh in Sherdil is my greatest achievement as the movie is released around the World and people recognized me because of my getup and performance.

P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do that?
Aqeel: My dream is to be a super star like ShahRukh Khan but all dreams never accomplish. I am working hard to achieve that.

P- What matters to you at this stage of your career a good script or money?
Aqeel: Frankly both. I always search for good script but at this stage work is also very important. Ahsan Khan was doing TV and film for more than 20 years and now he got an award in drama “Udari”.

P- Message for your Fans?
Aqeel: We are here because of our fans. I love my fans but it’s practically not possible to answer every message or call.

“After having a chat with Aqeel we come to know that down to earth, humble person with such a great personally he is. Thank you Malaik Aqeel for your love, we grateful that you give interview in your busy schedule. Thanks a lot for your kindness.”

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  1. I have read about the article regarding Malik aqeel he is the best human being
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