Exclusive: Ishq Zaat Is One Of The Only Drama Which Shows Another Race Or Religion In Positive Light – Sarah Aijaz Khan

“Karan Main Nazara Jadoo Odi Tasveer Da, Painda Aey Pulekha Menu Sohni Sassi Heer Da”.  Do you guys remember these beautiful lyrics from Chooriyaan film’s song? The song comes to our lips After having each and every glimpse of the gorgeous lady, Sarah Aijaz Khan. She is extremely cute, pretty and at her charm best. Her innocent smile and jheel si gehri aankhon can make anyone fell head over heels in love with her. After enchanting the audience in Apnay, Sarah went on to prove her mettle by portraying the character of Noor in Ishq Zaat. Today she is one of the most loved young ladies in telly world.

One may love her but hardly know about her personal life, career and journey. Phupo takes the opportunity to get in touch with the charming lady. And she very sweetly shared some facts about her journey and personality which people are not aware of.

Conversation With Sarah Aijaz Khan

P- Tell us about yourself first like real name, age, date of birth, star, education, birth city etc?
Sarah: My name is Sarah Aijaz Khan. That’s as real as it gets. Although I’m thinking to change it. My date of birth is 17th April. Which makes me an Aries. And I’ve studied English literature and Mass communication from Lahore College for Women University and did some further studies after that as well. My birth city is Karachi ❤️. Although we moved to Lahore shorty after! And I love both cities in their unique ways.

P- Who is Sarah in one word?
Sarah: In one word I think you could say Sarah is a surprise? Lol

P- How’d your journey begin and what attracted you to begin career in entertainment field?
Sarah: I was not at all interested in this field at first. But then Allah ki taraf se now I am here and am very dedicated towards what I do. I think it’s a perfect fit for me as a profession. It helps me express myself creatively.

P- Tell us about your first project? And what has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?
Sarah: My first project was Apnay by IQ productions. It was a soap and I got to learn a lot during that. It was the best start one could ask for. And my greatest accomplishment is probably yet to come! So stay tuned.

P- Few days ago, we had conversation with Inayat on ban rumor on drama Ishq Zaat, during interview he quoted that Ishq Zaat will not hurt feelings of any religion? Comment
Sarah: Ishq Zaat is one of the only dramas in Pakistan which shows another race or religion in such a strong positive light. We have to realize that our country is a diverse hub of various cultures and religions and all those people live here in harmony with each other. It was not made to harm or even idealize any particular religion.

It is just a story 🙂 like many, told through a medium. Like any other. And I think it would be best if we see and accept different things and points of views. It would help us grow and mature as a nation. The story plot is intriguing and full of twists! So I hope everyone will keep on watching and enjoying. 🙂

P- Which was the turning point in your life and specially in your career?
Sarah: Turning point in my career was definitely Ishq Zaat. I got to work with so many new and old actors and with such a different team. All dedicated to the project they were all working on. And I thank Allah for all the success it has gotten.

P- How would you best describe Ishq Zaat?
Sarah: Ishq Zaat is a fun and interesting drama with its romance and comic relief and action all in one. But it also highlights various themes. From family dynamics in different households to different religions. And how diverse yet similar we can all be. It sheds light on different issues that we as a culture face that not many people want to open their eyes to.

P- What sort of people are loving this drama and what is the response you are getting for your character of Noor?
Sarah: All sorts of people are liking the drama MashaAllah. As it has something for everyone! And I have been receiving so much love for the character of Noor. I just can’t thank the fans enough ❤️.

P- Is this easy to play this character for you?
Sarah: Noor wasn’t easy to play at all. I mean comparatively easier than the rest, as most of my fellow co-stars had to do extensive research for their Sikh rolls and their traditions and ways of life.

P- What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?
Sarah: Noor was a complicated girl to play. She lived alone with her father and had almost no emotional outlet to express herself due to her lack of friends or any other family, including a mother. She is confused in what to do and is finding herself and her own identity and struggling between deciding for herself what is right and what is wrong. So this expression of her actions and why she did them without a direct outlet was very difficult to portray.

P- Describe your acting style?
Sarah: I think I would describe my acting style as natural. It just comes naturally to me. Doing theater in my university days probably helped though.

P- Upcoming projects?
Sarah: I have a couple of projects on air right now and I’m looking at a few more. Trying to decide on good scripts that capture my attention. So everyone will be updated about future projects soon!

P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do?
Sarah: My dream role.. Wow there are so many. But I would like to do something like the character of Alia Bhatt in Highway or Daenerys in Game of thrones. Multifaceted characters that go through big story arcs and character transformations. That would be nice. As our industry rarely focuses on the development and complexities of its female characters.

P- What is first thing you think in the morning and your last thought before going to bed?
Sarah: First thing I think in the morning is that it’s a wonderful new day and about how I’m going to make it productive. And the last thought before bed is… “Brain please stop thinking now, thank you.”

P- Do you see yourself being a part of mythological, historical, and fantasy-based shows?
Sarah: Of course I do! It’s my favorite genre. I think reality based shows are great! But we all know and live realities every day. It’s good for TV and entertainment to be a bit more fiction and fantasy based as well. For when people want to escape reality.

P- If you could play any other character in drama Ishq Zaat, who would it be?
Sarah: I would love to play a Sikhni! Playing a character which is completely different from what u would normally get to play. And so many cultural similarities between our Punjabi people. I think it would be an interesting role to tackle.

P- Where do you think of yourself after 5 years?
Sarah: I see myself.. Wherever life takes me. Hopefully somewhere amazing.

P- Message for fans?
Sarah: I love all of you and all the appreciation you guys give and the time you guys take out to send all that love! It really means a lot. Every single one of those messages and good wishes and even criticism are what drives us to do more and do better for all of u guys who love to see us tell your stories ❤️.

And I thank you Phupo, props for the name, for this Q&A. I had so much fun answering all these and looking forward to more. Lots of love.

“What a beautiful soul with such a gorgeous personality she is. Thank you Sarah Aijaz Khan for your love, we grateful that you did chat with us in your busy schedule. Thanks a lot for your kindness.”

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