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Exclusive: Life Is Precious So Stay Away From Drugs, Harming Supplements And Bad Habits – Omer Chaudhary

The handsome and most good looking Omer Chaudhary is one of the most loved fitness model and fitness athletes. Who manages to gain huge fan following because of his well sculpted bod and charming personality. The handsome hunk is a natural bodybuilder and aspiring fitness model. He uses to inspire zillions around. Holding Software Engineering Degree from University of Punjab, Omer enjoys 49.4k followers on his Instagram account. Having titles of Musclemania Silver Medalist and ebff (emirates bodybuilding and fitness federal UAE 2018) in his credits, he is also sponsor of SukhChen Club and Vade Nutrition USA.

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Zillions want to get tips from Omer about his fitness. And also how he trains and diets year-round to maintain his aesthetic physique. So we got contact with Omer and did a Question Answer Session with him. Checkout below:

Conversation With Omer Chaudhary

P- How did you start in this game of fitness?
Omer: Since my childhood i used to play outdoor games.I used to play lot of cricket. After that i started bodybuilding as I always knew I wanted to have muscles. And after some years i started competing.

P- What is your diet?
Omer: My diet includes eggs, chicken, rice, beef and milk. Also I am more toward proteins.I design my food myself so that i never order it and specially i avoid fast food and junk food to enjoy healthy life. But let me mention here My diet changes like the seasons, if I need to add some size then I must adjust the intake of food to help me achieve my goals, same goes if I am trying to lose body fat to get ready for a shoot.

P- What is your inspiration in life and what keeps you motivated?
Omer: My anger motivates me. I like to do something different in life. So to do that u have to look good to inspire others. Secondly I stay motivated daily by thinking that all my hard work pays off in the end. At first when I began my journey into the fitness world I did not know this as I was not planning on doing as much as I have today, however now I truly know that hard work DOES pay off.

P- What is your workout routine?
Omer: I spend 3 hours in gym daily. I do cardio for 30 mins and daily one body part. I stick to the basics, but I like to change it up every 2-3 weeks for a different feel and depending on how recovery is going.

P- How often do you perform cardio?
Omer: When I am behind on my prep I will use cardio (HIT mainly) daily to get the extra weight off. However, if I’ve taken enough time to get in shape for a show or shoot, then cardio is not even needed in my opinion. I train with such intensity that I can barely catch my breath in my sets and that is all I need when preparing the right way for a show.

P- What are your top 3 favorite exercises, and why?
Omer: Leg Pressing – Because it hits all of my lower body.
Military Presses – It truly helps build thick strong shoulders which provide strength for most of the upper body.
Dips – Not only is it great in adding thickness to the triceps but also if you switch the angle of your body it hits a good chunk of your chest.

P- What is the most challenging part of this career?
Omer: Fitness is a lifestyle. To maintain oneself, we need a lot of determination and diet control. I had some major injuries last year. After those i again competed and won some titles. So that was the most challenging time for me to stand up again.

P- There are many people who look up to you as a role model. They want o be like you. What advice will you give?
Omer: There are two most important days of life. One on which you are born and the other is when you get to know what is your role in this life. Be positive in life, Consistency is the key.

P- People say that this sport is too expensive. What do you feel about it?
Omer: Yes this sport is too much expensive now a days. But there are good exercise by doing which one can get good physics in home. Also adopting natural diets and adding fruits and vegetables in diet one can get fit bod. Even there are number of fruits and vegetables healthy smoothies.

P- Messages for your fans and followers who idealize you?
Omer: Diet and supplements both work together to achieve your target. Never ever use steroids. Life is precious so stay away from drugs and bad habits. U will achieve what u desire.

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