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#PromoReview: Imran Abbas’s Kun Faya Kun Is A Soulful Journey of Love Expressing True Meaning Of Life

Hum TV has released the first 2 teasers of it’s most awaited drama Kun Faya Kun. From the writer of ‘Alif Allah Aur Insan’ Qaisra Hayat, it features Imran Abbas Naqvi, Alizeh Shah, Zarnish Khan and Azra Mansoor in leading roles. There has been a lot of talk about the cast and story-line of the drama. Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and produce by MD Production, the drama has already created huge buzz among the fans of Imran since the news out.

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Both the central characters played by Imran and Alizeh have several layers of emotions underneath them. And the drama is all about a soulful journey of love which also revolves around the life of an orphan. Imran Abbas was last seen in Koi Chand Rakh while Alizeh Shah appeared in supporting role in Mom Ka Diya. Kun Faya Kun is a comeback of both Imran and Alizeh in a full-fledged role, and their fresh pairing has grabbed several eyeballs too.

About Teaser

The teaser starts with the glimpse of leading couple of the drama portrayed by Imran and Alizeh. And we have to witness their a small conversation between them with an emotional background music. “Na Tum Lawaris Ho Na Be-Asra Ya Koi Pursanay Haal Nahi Hai Tumhara, said Imran to Alizeh. To which she replied, “Mein Tou Sub Kuch Hoon”. “Yateem Bhi, Maskeen Bhi Aur Be-Asra Bhi”, she further added. In the very next sense we watched both of them on different locations, deeply in thoughts. And the teaser comes to an end with it’s OST line. “Yeh Ishq Ki Rams Khuda He Janay Sun Kun Faya Kun”.

What We Like About The Teaser

Starting from the leading pair, Imran and Alizeh make for a good and fresh pair and their chemistry should work for the drama. Both are looking really good together in one frame. Imran has maintained his graph as an actor and his much-awaited comeback is on the point. He is promising and looking balanced overall. While Alizeh is fitting perfectly in the her character. Although the promo is intense with full of emotions but we love the first look of both stars. Coming to the looks and makeup, so both have perfect looks according to their characters and the makeup is on point.

Brilliantly and Amazingly delivering the dialogues, Alizeh has pulled of her character very well. The teaser hints at some powerful and strong story-line and concept based on spirituality, which have potential to keep the audience hooked. Giving a slight hint of trying to find oneself, the 25 seconds teaser is truly, just a first glimpse. It makes the viewer want to know more about the helpless girl.

What We Dislike About The Teaser

It is too far too soon for us to point out any flaws in the teaser. But one thing which comes wired to us. We don’t know it’s good or bad, but the teaser is too short to explain the whole concept of the drama. Also we have less to know about the character of the Imran. Further more like other dramas teaser, this too does not reveal about the characters of others.


Although the teaser does not reveal much about the concept and other characters. But still it manages to hold our interest. The watchers gets fair idea of the story. The drama seems to be different than others. The on-screen chemistry of Imran and Alizeh will definitely increase the charm of TV screens. Produced by MD Productions the drama will air on Hum TV. Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri, Kun Faya Kun is marking the return of TV heartthrob Imran to our TV screens after Koi Chand Rakh alongside Alizeh Shah.

The cast of drama also includes beautiful and talented Zarnish Khan and Azra Mansoor. It will also interesting to watch what their characters bring twist and turns. Overall, We liked the teaser and are looking forward to watch the drama.

Ratings **** (4/5)

Check out the teaser below……….!

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