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parey hut love trailer review

TrailerReview: Parey Hut Love Is A Clean Entertainer And Light-Hearted Romantic Tale With Lots of Twists & Turns

The trailer of one of the most awaited film of Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali starrer Parey Hut Love is out now. The film also features Ahmed Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas in lead roles. And the ensemble cast also includes Shahbaz Shigri, Rachel Viccaji, Faheem Azam, Hina Dilpazeer, Munawar Siddiqui, Frieha Altaf, Yousaf Bashir Qureshi, Parisheh James, Jimmy Khan and the legend Nadeem Baig in pivotal roles. The makers of the film has unveiled the trailer of the film last night which is visually stunning. Directed by Asim Raza, the film is a fresh take on love and relationship which makes it an interesting watch.

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The movie also stars the heartthrob Fawad Khan in a special appearance along with Mahira Khan in special dance number and Meera Ji.

About Trailer

The trailer opens with the first glimpse of hero of the film Sheheryar. In the very next scene we watch Sheheryar and Faisal portrayed by legendary Nadeem Baig in one frame having short conversation. “Tum Drama Actor Hoon Na”, asked by Nadeem’s character. To which sheheryar replied “Ji Uncle Tanha, Role Ki Talash Mein”. Then the trailer moves to Zara Noor’s character and we have to watch humorously emotional conversation between Sheheryer and Shabbo.

“Ab Yeh Pap Jo Meri Kook Mein Pal Raha Hai Is Ka Kaya Ho Ga” said Shabbo. “Seema Mein Majoor Hoon Seema” he replied. Then we watch Shabbo slapping on Sheheryar’s face. There we have an entry of our all time favorite Hina Dilpazeer in her signature acting style. With her humorous expressions she entered the room after listening the conversation with Shabbo and Sheheryar. “Mere Hone Wale Potay Ki Maa Kaha” asked Hina to Ahmed Butt.

After  few more scenes and Meera’s dance move with sheheryar, the wait of having glimpse of leading lady Maya Ali comes to end. And have there very classy yet filmi entry of Maya Ali. There we witness light-hearted conversation between Sheheryar and Maya sharing Faiz Poetry.  The audience is treated to beautiful shots of Sheheryar and Saniya traversing around the city and sharing some beautiful movements, followed by Saniya telling Sheheryar. “Kahi Ishq Wishq Kay Chakkar Mein Tou Nahi Par Gaye, Parna Bhi Mat”. After being given a look into the genuine bond of love and friendship shared between the two, the audience is introduced to Hasan (Shahbaz Shigri), with whom is engaged.

Entry of Hasan gives rise to intensity of love and hurt between Sheheryar and Saniya, which is what leads to complications in the lives of the protagonists. And the trailer comes to an end with glimpse of Fawad Khan.

What We Like About The Trailer

After Ho Maan Ja (2012), Asim Azhar and Sheheryar Munawa makes a comeback with another collaboration in from of Parey Hut Love. We are thoroughly impressed with direction work. The trailer has succeed in making you look forward to watch it on silver screen. One has to laud the editor for his work on the trailer. The mystery surrounding the relationships and equations between the protagonists is definitely working in favor of the film. When it comes to locations and colors of the film, these make the trailer visually stunning. The looks and styling of the leading actors and also the others characters have amazingly done by the makers. The 2 Minutes and 51 seconds trailer brilliantly express the hard work and passion behind making this film.

Coming to the pairs, The fresh pairing of Sheheryar and Maya & Ahmed and Zara have a lot to offer for the romantic film lovers. The special appearance of Fawad and Mahira whom you’ll see in the trailer play an important part in the film and they are the bridge between Sheheryar and Saniya’s love story.

After Ho Maan Ja, Sheheryar returns to the silver screen with this film and has performed ably. In the whole trailer, his acting skills has wooed us. Maya’s performance that stands out the most in the trailer. The gorgeous lady proved that she is a true performer and kills with her expressions. The way she delivered the dialogues with grace suited her personality. Be it as Saniya gallivanting around or crying in heartbreak, Maya appears to have done complete justice to her role.

There was very little of Zara in the teaser, which is definite disappointment. But she successfully impressed us again with her charming personality and facial expressions. If talk about Ahmed Character, he has done what he does better and that is comedy. Like Zara, there was also very little of Shabaz but the man definitely has increased the charms of our screen with his one glimpse. When comes to music, it may another strong point which will make the audience to hit the film in cinemas. The music has composed by Azan Sami. Cinematography is par excellence, as the viewers are treated to breathtaking shots of beautiful locations and the opulent sets. Coming to the technical aspects of the film, the makers done flawless job.

What We Dislike About The Trailer

Nothing is disappointing in the teaser except it does not define much about Zara’s and Shabaz’s characters.


The best thing about the film is, it surely pushes the boundaries of Pakistani Cinemas. The teaser seems interesting and promises wholesome entertainment with power-pack performances. The trailer successfully expresses that the story is surely narrated in an interesting manner. For now, the film appears to be a genuine entertainer that’ll hit all the right notes of being not only a classy piece of direction but a cinematic winner as well.

The film is going to hit the cinema screens on Eid ul Adha. Only time will tell whether or not the film lives up to the hype. We wish Asim and Sheheryar all the very best for the film and hope it will leave the mark in the minds of the audience. The trailer is now streaming on Youtube. Watch and leave the review in the comment section below.

Ratings: **** (4/5)

Have a look at the trailer…..!

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