Exclusive: Some Days Are Bigger Struggle Than Others, But I Knew From Young Age That Acting Was My Calling – Haroon Gul

Haroon Gul has already created a niche for himself in the industry in very short span of time. With his acting skills, he has made his ways in many hearts. With the charisma he carries with him many have fallen head over heels in love with strikingly attractive Haroon. Powerhouse of talent Haroon is, he had also donned the hat of a singer. As he had sung an English Song for Jamal Shah’s film as well. Although we have watched him in supporting roles. But he extremely selective about his work and always prefer quality over quantity.

We always look and wish to know about everything, journey, struggle and career of a star. And when we read some motivating words about struggle of a celebrity, it’s gives us courage to overcome our problems and hardships with a smile on face. So to know about Haroon’s journey we got contact with the actor. And in candid conversation with Phupo, the actor opens up about his journey, career and struggle.

P- Tell us first about yourself, real name, age, date of birth, star etc?
Haroon: Haroon Gul it’s my birth name. I’m 28 years & i am Aries. My Height is 5,11. Holding a degree in Fine Arts. I spent my childhood in the United States. Then moved back to Pakistan with my family permanently.

P- How’s your journey began and who introduced you in the industry?
Haroon: I was introduced by Jamal Shah, Shamoon Abbasi, Shahood Alvi and Firdous Jamal. I made my screen debut with Defense Day Film ‘Dosti’ for Pakistan Army. Which is one the greatest accomplishment as an actor. After that i appeared in ‘Kitni Girhein Baki Hein’ and the beautiful journey began.

P- What attracted you to begin a career as actor? And was it easy?
Haroon: Never easy, You have to be passionate for anything to make it happen. I have been an actor for the past three years. Some days are a bigger struggle than others, but I knew from a young age that this was my calling. And I will never give it up. I love to entertain others and cannot think of doing anything else. The variety keeps me on my toes.

P- What difficulties do you faced in your journey?
Haroon: I was overweight and very fatty. I had to lose a lot of weight first. Before starting my journey as an actor i faced a difficult phase of my life i met with an accident in 2014. After that severe accident i went for my bone grafting surgery. I had gained more weight and was at 290 pounds. As soon as I got better, I went for the second surgery with a 4 month rest where I got the plates removed from my shoulder, and it was painful.

I still see my mother’s tears when I recall that moment in which I was dependent again. I was told to avoid gym if I want to keep my arm. I hated every second in bed just eating and lying down! I made up my mind that when I get out of bed, I will be in a better state. I started walking again 2 miles daily! I believe in the law of attraction and positive energies that actually gave me the will to achieve my goal and got me where I am today.

P- Which was the turning point in your in your career?
Haroon: Working with Firdous Jamal Sir and Faryal Mehmood was turning point of my career.

P- Tell me about what you’re working on now and future projects?
Haroon: A web series and a film is soon going to hit the cinema and you will watch me a totally different avatar.

P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do that?
Haroon: For me a dream role is the role that instantly clicked with the masses and the audience falls in love with that character.

P-What matters to you at this stage of your career a good script or money?
Haroon: Can’t choice one both are important side by side so both matters to me.

P- Do you see yourself being a part of mythological, historical, and fantasy-based shows?
Haroon: Yes i love to be part of mythological & historical shows and specially fantasy based.

P- Something you like about yourself? Something you hate about yourself?
Haroon: Consistency i have so i like that. Nothing much to dislike as i have overcome those habits.

P- Suppose you have an hour to your self then how will you spend the time?
Haroon: Stay alone and analyse the whole day.

P- What is the first thing you think of in the morning? What is your last thought before going to bed?
Haroon: First thing is to drink water and go for exercise. Last is to work harder tomorrow.

P- Who is Gul Haroon in one word? & Describe your acting style?
Haroon: Humanity Lover. Imaginary and fantasy.

“Although Haroon is super busy in his projects but the man, with such beautiful heart and soul gave us time in his tough schedule. For that we are heartily thankful for his kindness. A lot of love and best wishes for his future projects”.

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