Exclusive: If Your Belly Fat Is In Control, You Immediately Start Looking In Shape At-least 50% – Says Omer Shahzad

Omer Shahzad is busy man these days and also celebrating the success of his recently on-air drama Gul-o-Gulzar. Which is doing very well on TRP Chats and gaining very good when it comes to numbers. The handsome emerging star, Omer, is definitely in the big league now having number of hit dramas and films in his credits. Started his career as model for Bridal Counter Week, The boy next door is now a celebrity who sports chiseled abs and muscular body. Which is drool-worthy and from his sexy grin to his 6 packs abs, the hottie is a total heartthrob.

He is the one who has been surprising his fans by undergoing dramatic transformation. A fitness freak himself, Omer leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness, in real life or even in reel life. The man is not only improving his life and fitness but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with the super model turned actor to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed some facts about his fitness but also gives Phupo’s readers some tips on how to stay fit.

Fitness Talk With Omer Shahzad

P- Do you exercise daily and whats your workout routine?
Omer: Yes, i workout everyday except for Sundays. And each day its a different workout. I do my main workout in the morning and do 1 hour cardio at night.

P- Did you every deal with any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it?
Omer: Initially, when I joined this industry I was not as lean as i am now. I can’t call it insecurity but yes i wanted to cut down my fat percentage. I dealt with it by going to the gym religiously, set some goals for myself and just maintain and now I’m here.

P- The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout?
Omer: The body parts you should never ignore is your belly and legs. Our bellies are the quickest to gain fat and we tend to get bigger in that area first if we do not pay attention to it. Also, if your belly fat is in control, you immediately start looking in shape at-least 50%. Secondly legs are the major part of your body, all i can say is never skip legs day.

P- What scores more, stamina or six pack?
Omer: Having a six pack and keeping your body in the best shape is a passion. If you are not determined and passionate you can not achieve it. But stamina is one thing that helps you with many things in your day to day life. And stamina can be built stronger with many sports like swimming. So yes i would say, Stamina.

P- What does being fit mean to you?
Omer: To me, being fit means being healthy. A healthy life is a secret to happiness. Staying fit keeps you away from so many life risking diseases, so i think it is so important for everyone, especially Pakistanis, to stay fit and healthy. Why I say Pakistan is because here its very common for people to have diseases like cholesterol, heart attacks etc. And all that can be prevented with being fit.

P- Your problem areas and your strength?
Omer: I think the problem areas are having constant injuries due to intense workouts and people always asking you to be their personal trainer. I’d say my strength is passion and motivation to maintain this body. I have worked very hard for in the past few years. That just keeps me going.

P- The fitness trick that never fails?
Omer: For a fit body, almost 70% is the food you are eating, and the rest of it is your workout.

P- The fitness advice that never worked?
Omer: The more and better you will workout, the better results you’ll see in your body.

P- 3 best tips for our readers?
Omer: 1. Take it one step at a time and be patient.
2. Do not forget to warm up before your workout.
3. Engage your core right, and learn inhale and exhale with your exercises.

P- Your diet chart?
Omer: My diet chart is not same every week, in short i divide my calories and balance it with my protein intake and carbs all together.

After that we say thanks to Omer for giving us time in his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fitness notes from this hunk like us. For more keep follow Phupo.

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