Exclusive: I Am Very Modern Feminine – Style Rapid Fire With Alizeh Tahir

The very humble yet sweet in nature, scintillating Alizeh Tahir charmed everyone with her cute smile. And acted her ways into the hearts of zillions via her acting skills in dramas ‘Thoda Sa Aasman’ and ‘Mera Dard Na Jany Koi’. These two dramas gave her platform to showcase her capabilities. And her innocence gave justice to both the roles she had done. The way she talk and her sweet accent adds charm to her beautiful personality.

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She is extremely cute, beautiful and at her charm best. After enchanting the audience with her acting skills, the pretty lady is wooing her fans with her Vlog and uses to give major lifestyle goals to others. While she is one of the most loved and popular ladies in telly town. But one thing which differs her from others, is her style statement and fashion sense. Million ladies use to follow her footsteps with it comes to styling. So we decide to contact Alizeh to know about her style statement and fashion sense. The gorgeous and stylish lady gives us a peek of her stylish thoughts as under.

P- Tell us your style statement in one sentence?
Alizeh: If i describe my style statement in one sentence so i must say, I am very Modern feminine.

P- Fashion to you is?
Alizeh: Fashion can have many different meanings but to me personally fashion is an important role in our transformation and development. You can tell the whole world about your personality just by the type of clothes you wear. Its a way to express and discover yourself.

P- One word that describes your style & personality as well?
Alizeh: Modern.

p- One thing from your wardrobe that completes your look?
Alizeh: Fitted jacket.

P- One color that dominates your wardrobe?
Alizeh: Not one, there are two colors which i like most and which dominate my wardrobe, black and maroon.

P- Things which you compulsorily carry for shoots & also when you are on holidays?
Alizeh: My wallet, sunglasses, sunblock, body spray, lip-gloss, and a hair brush.

P- Which is your favorite brand for clothing, shows, accessories & perfumes?
Alizeh: When I go for shopping, I see what is suiting on me regardless of Brands. Mostly I found my stuff from Mango, H&M, Zara, Bershka, Reserved ,Zara for western and for eastern several.
Shoes: only those which comforts my feet regardless of brands. Usually Charles & Kieth suits me.
Accessories: Swarovski and Pandora.
Jewelry: Not a fan of heavy jewelry, in light jewelry I prefer Pandora & Swarovski.
Perfumes: big list but these days I am in love with Chanel Coco, Tom Ford Vanille Fatale, Marc Jacob Daisy and my all time winters favorite Victoria’s secret scandalous.

P: Most fashionable destination as per you?
Alizeh: Favorite destination would definitely be the city of Style; Paris.

P: Favorite party outfit?
Alizeh: I like to wear western.

P: One celebrity’s wardrobe that you would want to steal?
Alizeh: Sonam Kapoor.

P: One celebrity from whom you used to take fashion notes?
Alizeh: There are three beautiful ladies, Ashwariya Rai, Sushmita Sen and Shilpa Shetty.

P: One outfit in which you can spend your life?
Alizeh: Tank and my comfy pjs.

P: Any hairstyle or looks would you like to experiment with in the future?
Alizeh: Probably bob cut or front bangs with lots of step cuts and thick layers in the back.

P: One fashion & style note for your fans who follow your footsteps when it comes to Fashion?
Alizeh: Follow your instincts you actually do not need to follow anyone to be a fashionista. Select what looks good on your body shape and wear it. But firstly feel happy and confident within.

“After that we said thank to Alizeh for giving us time in her busy schedule. we are heartily thankful for her kindness. A lots of love and best wishes for her future projects”. We are inspired with her fashion and style sense. Do you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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