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Darr Khuda Se Episode 3 Review: Imran Abbas & Sana Javed Perfectly Portrayed Their Characters

Darr Khuda Se, The Story which highlights social issue of workplace harassment, has managed to hold our interest owning to strong story-line. Imran Abbas, Sana Javed and Ali Ansari keep you engaged with their perfect yet strong acting skills. Directed by Anjum Shehzad and Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama denotes the comeback of team Khaani. Just three episodes older, the drama has already intensely hit the masses. And it is getting more interesting with each passing week.

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Third episode was emotionally overwhelming, as the drama has picked up the pace with major character developments. We witnessed the duo Shahwaiz brilliantly played by Imran and Afreen perfectly portrayed by Sana working an office together. Shahwaiz, who is a womanizer now has his eyes set on the innocent Afreen. Last night’s episode began with the argument Between Azhar and Afreen. Which was going on after Afreen’s brother Azhar (played by Ali Ansari) saw her being dropped by a male colleague. His so-called respect made him raise a hand on his younger sister. But luckily, their father comes in between and support her daughter and stood by her side.

Afreen set her mind to not return to work. Afreen set her mind to not return to work. Not because of Shahwaiz’s conduct towards her. But rather in light of the fact that she felt deeply hurt by allegations flung at her by Azhar. She realizes that Azhar only wants her to continue working because it’s for his own benefit and she refuses straightforwardly. Azhar has now realized his mistake and he’s trying to change Afreen’s mind for his own good. He knows that Afreen earns more than him. And his move will make him more burdened towards his family. And will not enable him to get married anytime soon.

Now he attempts approaches to settle on Afreen change her decision of resigning. Azhar likewise gets shut up call from his parents. Who tell him that being the male member it is his duty to care for everybody. And his wedding needs to hold up as his turn will come after Afreen gets married.

Then again, there is Shahwaiz, who finds the ideal chance and opportunity to spend time with his maid after giving sleeping pills to Gul. The way wherein he was seen drawing near to his maid said a lot about his character and his intentions. Shahwaiz likewise attempts to contact Afreen yet she ignores his calls. Now He is determined to converse with her. As she is his new target as he now wants to get rid of the maid.

But with the thought of Afreen still in his mind Shahwaiz is a man that gives us the glimpse of a womanizer who has dirty eyes on every lady. He is now busy giving over doze to his wife who is elder than him and the main reason for him getting so wealthy.

Imran Abbas yet again steals the show with his power-pack performance. His brilliantly and amazingly portray of Shahwaiz makes him a strong antagonist. Sana Javed has truly been outstanding throughout the episode. Her strong acting keeps the plot balanced and managed to hold our interest till the end of the episode. Her amazing acting skills and on-point expressions makes every scene worth watching.

Kiran Khan as Tamkeen shares less screen time but yet she proves that she is a natural actor. Also the first time we saw Tamkeen smiling. Ali Ansari who played the mean brother this time, has impressed us yet again with a strong performance. The whole cast keeps you engaged and never lets you feel disconnected from the plot.

The writer, Sarwat Nazeer, deserves high praise for her brilliant work and the way defined her each character in very sensible manner.

Hope the entry of Saleem Mairaj will add more masala to the drama. It’s interesting to watch how the story unfold the past events where we witness the marriage occurrence of Sahwaiz and Gul.

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