Exclusive: Fitness Is A Lifestyle To Me, Not A 12 Week Program – Syed Akbar Naqi Reveals Fitness Secrets

Have you ever thing about a guy with cute smile, beautiful eyes, fairly enough, charming personality with well chiseled hot physique? Lets meet Syed Akbar Naqi. The young talented man is perfect blend of all these mixtures. His charming looks, innocent smile and hot bod can make anyone head over heels in look with him. The handsome hunk has a look to drool over. Started his career as fitness model, he has done number of commercials for popular brands and also campaigns shoots for many brands. Currently he is entertaining us with his acting skills in ‘Rangdari’.

One more thing for which he is famous among the masses is his well sculpted bod. The hottie has a fit tuned bod and uses to give major fitness notes to many guys around. We are very found of the people with amazing bodies to know the key questions about how to achieve, maintain, and basically take care of our bodies in the best way possible. As we don’t only follow their footsteps for our fashion and styling but also for the tips to get good physique. The man is not only improving his life and fitness but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with the model turned actor to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed some secrets about his fitness. But also gives Phupo’s readers some tips on how to stay fit.

Fitness Talk With Akbar Naqi

akbar naqi fitness

P- The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout?
Akbar: Never ignore your legs when it comes to workout. So my advise on it to not miss legs days.

P- Did you ever face any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it?
Akbar: Never had any insecurities i am happy with my body.

P- Your Fitness role model?
Akbar: My fitness role model is Cristiano Ronaldo and my dad also. I use to follow his footsteps and admire their fitness.

P- The biggest fitness challenges that Pakistani Men face?
Akbar: For us ,Pakistani the biggest challenge is to not having Desi Delicious Food. We have to ignore them because of our diet routine.

P- What scores more stamina or six packs?
Akbar: Stamina is way more important. When you have good stamina you can enjoy a healthy life and it helps one to overcome all the weakness.

P- What’s your fitness mantra?
Akbar: Eight hours of sleep waking up early in the morning, eating right (greens & fruits), drinking lots of water and most importantly staying positive and motivated.

P- Do you Exercise daily and What’s Your Workout routine?
Akbar: Six days in a week i start my workout with fasted cardio then weight lifting and in the end i hit my core workout.

P- What’s your morning routine to keep yourself fit?
Akbar: I drink 1.5 liters of water after waking up and go out for some fresh air.

P- What does being fit mean to you?
Akbar: Fitness is a lifestyle to me , not a 12 week program. Being fit is an attitude. Fit is a tool of empowerment. Good health fuels me with confidence to try new things. Fit infiltrates every aspect of my life and makes it better. It reduces stress. Being fit is not about perfection to me , but enjoying the journey. Basically fitness is everything for me.

P- Your problem areas & your strengths?
Akbar: Shoulders are my problem areas my legs are my strength.

P- The fitness trick that never fails?
Akbar: Sleeping 6 to 8 hours at night.

P- The fitness advice that never worked?
Akbar: Staying hungry never works.

P- Your diet chat?
Akbar: I eat egg whites, boil chicken , steamed or BBQ fish , vegetables and dry fruits.

P- How often do you indulge in a cheat meal? Do you think it is important to stay fit?
Akbar: It depends on my body condition yes staying fit and healthy is important.

P- One food item you should never, ever eat?
Akbar: I don’t remember any food but sugar is poison for the body.

P- Natural fuzz vs. waxed/trimmed body hair?
Akbar: Sometimes natural and sometimes waxed.

P- Grooming essentials, what are the products you can’t without?
Akbar: My hair wax and rose water are the products i can’t without.

P- Shave Down there or trim it?
Akbar: Let it be secret and advise do whatever you like.

P- Three tips for our readers?
Akbar: Stay positive, be confident, stay motivated and get an amazing body.

After that we say thanks to Akbar Naqi for giving us time in his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fitness notes from this hunk like us. For more keep follow Phupo.

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