Exclusive: Meet The Leading Couple Haider & Husna of Resham Gali Ki Husna – Inayat Khan & Komal Meer

Pakistani Drama got internationally love and praise for it’s unique concept and story-line. The way it highlights the social issues with entertainment is appreciable. And some dramas make their ways in hearts of zillions with romantic-comedy genre. This season we have number of dramas which are going to hit our TV screens soon. But one drama, the teasers of which have managed to hold our interest own to unique story-line, is ‘Resham Gali Ki Husna’.

Resham Gali Ki Husna features Inayat Khan and Komal Meer in leading roles. Directed by Kamran Akbar Khan, the drama is expected to air on 7th July. Produced by MD Production, Hassan Imam has penned down the script. The drama also has Natasha Ali, Saima Qureshi, Fazila Qazi, Faisal Naqvi, Kashif Mehmood, Afraz Rasool, Sabahat, Kanwal Khan, Hashim Ahmed, Shiza, Fariha Jabeen, Zain Afzal and Others in it’s ensemble cast. Apart from the cast and teasers, the unique title itself also successfully grabbed our attention. Which made us more excited for the drama to go on-air.

To know more about the drama and story line we contacted the lead pair Haider portrayed by Inayat Khan and Husna played by Komal Meer. And in candid conversation with Phupo, the reel-life couple opens up about their characters, experience, looks, story and much more.

resham gali ki husna

P- What is so special about your roles of Haider and Husna?

Inayat: Haider is a very optimistic boy… And that kind of human being who helps everyone without the hope of getting back. He is very caring and helpful towards everyone. Very sophisticated by nature, who has a pure heart and soul.

Komal: It’s not easy to describe Husna. As it’s not a black and white character, it’s grey! Having many layers. Sometimes you’ll feel, Husna is a happy go lucky kind of girl. Sometimes you’ll feel she’s a stubborn, angry young girl. The only thing which constant in her personality is her good heart.

P- How much do you related it?

Inayat: Haider belongs to a middle class family… So mere liye it was not difficult to get into it. The way he cares about his family and the other people around him is very relatable. Also the way he supports his family to overcome the financial needs expresses the life of every middle class man. If i say the reel character itself describes my real character so it will not wrong.

Komal: Husna always very caring and helpful towards others no matter what she has her own different ways to show that love and affection and has a different way to deal with different people in her life. Which makes her very interesting and relatable.

P- Both of you are looking very good in your characters. Your looks in the show is very attractive. How do you feel once you got into the character?

Inayat: Hum TV is a big name in drama industry so proper ek poori stylist ki team thi jis ne hero and heroine ki looks par work kiya. I myself in love with Haider’s look and finds him very handsome.

Komal: My looks as Husna is very Desi! And i love Desi! I am very desi myself in real life but only by heart! Haha But i am so glad i got to dress up so desi as Husna. All the jhumkas, chooriyan and kajal, playing Husna makes me feel like a heroin. Haha…! She is perfect example of being beautiful inside and out. I feel so positive playing this character because it has portrayed and written very beautifully.

resham gali ki husna IMG-20190704-WA0000

P- As you shared the screen space for very first. How’s it working with each other?

Inayat: There is no doubt she is a brilliant actress and most especially she is very dedicated and hardworking girl. One of my favorite co-actresses.

Komal: Working with Inayat has been good so far! He’s very talented and I’m sure he is going to be perfect Haider of our Resham Gali. Our chemistry is just building up with each scene we do! Husna and Haider shared a very innocent and pure bond in the story. They are always looking out for each other. I think they share bound of friendship which is above any other feeling. The audience will love it because it’s no where near a typical love story!

P- What do you guys think about the title?

Inayat: I am happy kay finally kuch different sa title. May be my answer sound weird. But yes it’s different which perfectly will attract audience. When the audience will watch the first episode so they will understand why the makers selected this title.

Komal: The title is unique one and perfectly expressing the story and concept of the show. To understand the title, you guys should have to watch the drama. So stay tuned.

P- How was the experience of shooting in Karachi?

Inayat: Well It’s my home town and it feels good jub aap apnay hi city ki streets me shoot karwa rahay ho. Because Karachi k streets me meri struggle guzri he so it makes me feel proud.

Komal: The only thing which i was worried about Karachi’s weather! And i must say it was hot there but i love the wind. Even though i terribly missed Islamabad’s weather and rainy days! Haha. Other than that Karachi is huge! So i loved to explore more someday.

P- What prompted you to take up this drama?

Inayat: I am a strong believer k jub sub k liye acha sochnay lagtay hain aur positive rahtay hai to ALLAH hamesha apko success deta he. After my debut film Jackpot, i did a drama for Bol TV’s Kho Gaya Woh. The drama had a big cast Saima Noor Mam, Sajid Hasan Sir, Faiza Hassan and Moomal Khalid. Unfortunately that did not go well with the audience. And it also does not get good public response. Than comes Ishq Zaat, after which industry started to take me seriously and i got good response for my work. As i am very found of interesting and different projects. When the makers approach me for this one, within no time i said yes to it. Because of it’s unique story-line and concept.

Komal: After ‘Log Kia Kahengay’, I wanted to do a character which was more expressive and different. Husna is just that! She’s expressive, loves to talk, shout, gets angry, gets sad, laugh and what’s not! She is as real as it can be. To get an opportunity to play such a character is blessing, that too, so early in my career. Alhumdulillah!

After that we say good bye to both the Haider and Husna by wishing good luck for their new journey.

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