Episode 1 Review: Exceeding Expectations Kun Faya Kun Is Tale Of Keeping Faith In High Power & Soulful Romance

Hum TV’s spiritual tale of keeping faith and soulful romance, Kun Faya Kun starring Imran Abbas, Alizeh Tahir and Zarnish Khan in the lead roles went on-air yesterday. The story revolves around the live of one big family of Appa Je and her sons. Which explores the importance of keeping faith in a higher power and being careful what you wish for. From the writer of ‘Alif Allah Aur Insan’ Qaisra Hayat, The drama is fresh take on love and relationships. Giving an insight into the personalities of the characters, first episode not only exceeded the expectations but has laid the foundation of what is yet to come convincingly.

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Both the central characters Hashir played by Imran Abbas and Mashal portrayed Alizeh have several layers of emotions underneath them. And the drama is all about their separate journeys. Kun Faya Kun is a comeback of both Imran and Alizeh in a full-fledged role, and their fresh pairing has grabbed several eyeballs too.

Kun Faya Kun Cast & Characters

  • Imran Abbas – Hashir
  • Alizeh Shah – Mashal
  • Zarnish Khan – Bisma
  • Azra Mehmood – Appa Jee
  • Mohsin Gilani – Ubaid
  • Nargis Rasheed – Shama
  • Ahmed Taha Ghani – Armaan
  • Raees Muhammad – Burhaan
  • Naima Khan – Faseeha
  • Areej Mohyuddin – Areesha

The Plot

The episode started with phone conversation of Bisma with her friend. During the conversation she talked about the new ideas and thoughts for her new hair cut. While she was talking on phone, there entered Shama, Bisma’s mother, holding shopping bags in her hands. When Bisma asked that she did too much shopping . To which she replied there was sale on all the popular brands. In the starting of the episode, it’s clearly shown that Shama and Faseeha enjoy a comfortable and luxury life. As their sons Hashir and Armaan are at the stage where they can provide all the luxuries and comforts to their families.

Then there is an entry of Faseeha into Aressha’s room. And Areesha after seeing her praised her ear studs jewelry by adding that Shama would get jealous after seeing this. During the conversation they talked about the old clothes of Areesha which she was going to give Mashal. Even though Shama and Faseeha are leading a decent life. But they really can not bear that their husbands Abbas & Ubaid help their mother Appa Jee financially.

Despite the fact that they won’t ever consider their lavishness, however the way that their husbands need to take care about the livelihood, bread and butter of their mother and orphan niece makes them fretful!

Then the character of Appa Je introduced. Where we watched her teaching Quran to children. At the same time we have first glimpse of Mashal. When Areesha called her to give her clothes. The not so dramatic entry and simple looks of the Mashal made us head over heels in love with her in just with first glimpse. The story moves on to Mashal, where she talked about old clothes given by Areesha in complaining manner to Appa Je. Alizeh Shah has seen in character of helpless orphan girl living with her grandmother (Appa Je).

Her relationship with her grandmother was the most endearing. Mashal complains a little about the things and comfort which are absent from her life. Every time she feels low when she thinks about those things and specially the behavior of her aunts and cousins toward her. Appa Jee makes sure to uplift her moral with her wisdom.

Meanwhile, Hashir is seeing in a shopping mall and buying some ladies clothes and jewelry. All the sudden the scene shifted to Bisma, opening shopping bags and jewelry box. There we have witness to listen phone conversation between Bisma and Hashir. Talking about the gifts, he sent to Bisma and much more.

It seems that Bisma & Hashir like each other a lot. But it was interesting to see how subtly yet clearly the stark difference between their personalities was shown. Hashir believes in doing good and having a pure heart. Who takes care and thinks about the others. He is selfless & compassionate. Whereas Bisma is totally opposite compare to her personality with Hashir. She is self-centred to the point of being selfish.

Hashir’s interaction with Appa Jee was very sweet. He takes care of her financial expenses and livelihood. He has made sure to keep that from. By knowing the fact that his mother won’t appreciate it.

Even though on the surface, both the families of Abbas & Ubaid are on good terms with each other. But in reality the ladies of both families pretty much do not hold a good opinion about one another. That is going to create a lot of differences in the future.

The Performance

Imran Abbas has maintained his graph as an actor. And his character in the most-awaited drama was on the point. He is promising as Hashir and is looking balanced overall.

While Alizeh Shah is fitting perfectly in the role of Mashal. Right from her makeup to her performance as Mashal, she is amazing. She has an intense emotional side which makes her character promising. Brilliantly and Amazingly delivering the dialogues, Alizeh has pulled of her character very well.

Zarnish as Bisma has given a good performance and truly been outstanding throughout the episode. Apart from her, we loved Raeed Alam as Burhan, his performance looked effortless. He has impressed us yet again with a strong performance.

Apart from the leads, actress Azra Mehmood playing Appa Ji has carried out the role of a humble and decent women really well. The way she talked and the manner she made sure to uplift her moral with her wisdom,was natural. Ahmed Taha Ali as Armaan and Areej Mohyuddin did justice with her character. All the others characters, too have carried their roles really well. The drama came up with a strong story-line.


The first episode was amazing and the way makers have laid down the foundation has exceeded our exceptions. All the cast have done their best to hold our interest. It will be interesting to watch how the makers unfold the main story after such a strong and inspiring intro. Both the central characters have several layers to their personalities and that’s intriguing. All the characters have an equal screen time. And their characters have progressed really well. The makers have taken special care for introducing every pivotal character with detailing. The entire narrative of the show has moved carefully and everything that’s happening in the drama has a logical reasoning.

With a powerful first episode & decent performances, the drama makes for a good one time watch. With Saas Bahu dramas trending on TV, this drama is something different to watch. If you’re looking for something new with unique and strong story-line, you must give a try for this one.

Ratings **** (4/5)

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