Exclusive: Don’t Try To “Copy” Anyone Just Be Yourself – Style Rapid Fire With Abdullah Javed

The New Hottie on the block and reigning model, Abdullah Jave has taken the modeling industry by storm with his charming personality and good-looks.  In very short span of time, he has created a niche for himself in the industry. His shoots for International Brands and Print Campaigns grabbed attention of one and all around. And earned for him massive fan following. Those dreamy eyes, seems having lots of emotions and unspoken words, are making everyone go weak to one’s knees. Moreover he is riding the high-fashion waves these days ­with his signature mighty beard. And all the guys around have started to take fashion notes from him to look good.

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The handsome lad with his unconventional look, dreamy eyes, signature mighty beard, combined with his seductively raw yet suave presence, is one of the most sought after faces in the male modeling industry. In an industry where arrogance and ego is the norm of the day, Abdullah comes across as a true gentleman, humble and a true professional. His professional attitude does not translate down to his real life. He has not let his professional success blur his thinking mind. Known for his fashion sense and styling, We decide to contact Abdullah to know about his fashion sense. The suave and stylish man gives us a peek of his stylish thoughts as under.

P- Tell us your style statement in one sentence?
Abudullah: Dark.

P- Fashion to you is?
Abdullah: Whatever looks good on you 🙂.

P- One word that describes your style & personality as well?
Abdullah: An ambitious introvert lol.

P- One thing from your wardrobe that completes your look?
Abdullah: My shoes.

P- One color that dominates your wardrobe?
Abdullah: Black.

P- Things which you compulsorily carry out with you?
Abdullah: My water bottle, watch and surely wallet.

P- Which is your favorite brand for clothing, shoes, accessories & perfumes?
Abdullah: Zara’s, American Eagle, Hollister, Addidas and Hermes.

P- Most fashionable destination as per you?
Abdullah: Paris no doubt.

P- Favorite party outfit & favorite everyday outfit?
Abdullah: Jackets and denim.

P- One celebrity’s wardrobe that you would want to steal?
Abdullah: David Beckham.

P- One celebrity from whom you used to take fashion notes & why?
Abdullah: There are many. It changes to anyone from time to time . I just visualize how will i look wearing the outfit that person is wearing . And then i innovate it. I Always put my style into it. Originality is the key.

P- One outfit in which you can spend your life?
Abdullah: Shalwar Kameez.

P- Any hairstyle or looks would you like to experiment with in the future?
Abdullah: Long-haired Mohawk with a long beard or bald fade haircut.

P- How you manage your budget when you are out for shopping?
Abdullah: I don’t. I always know why i am out and what i am about to buy before going out to shopping.

P- 3 most important tips to your fans who follows your footsteps when it comes to outfit selection & looks?
Abdullah: Don’t try to “copy” anyone just be yourself. Wear something that looks good on you whatever makes you confident. Lastly be happy stay positive and never give up.

“After that we said humbly and heartily thanks to Abdullah for giving us time in his busy schedule. Lots of love and best wishes for his future projects”. We are inspired with his fashion and style sense. And are taking fashion notes from him to look good.Do you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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