Exclusive: Singing Is And Always Has Been My Passion As It Defines Me & Allows My Spirit To Be Free – Adnan Qureshi

The emerging singer Adnan Qureshi has won many hearts with his recently released song Raahayyn which instantly and intensely resonated with the masses. Creating a niche for himself in the industry with his impeccable performance, he has gained huge love and appreciation for his unique singing style. Now the singer is all set to make his acting debut with Hum TV’s upcoming drama. Donning the hat of an actor, the dapper singer will be portraying the character of a forest officer.

However, the talented man’s journey was no cakewalk, and it was filled with struggles. So to know about Adnan’s journey we got in contact with the singer turned actor and in a candid conversation with Phupo, the actor opens up about his journey, career, hardships and struggle.

Heart To Heart Conversation With Adnan Qureshi

P- How did your journey begin and what drew you to the music industry?
Adnan: I started singing in 1992 back when I was in college in the US and since an early age, I was an avid music lover with inspirations such as Alamgir, Ahmed Rushdie, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and in the West, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and George Michael.

P- What attracted you to begin a career as a singer? And was it easy?
Adnan: Well, I never initially intended to make a career as a singer as originally I am an IT Professional. But I started taking singing seriously since the last five years after I realized that I had the potential to take singing to the next level. Nothing is easy in life and there are no shortcuts. One has to work hard in whatever he/she is trying to do.

P- Singing is your passion or merely a hobby?
Adnan: Singing is and always has been a passion as it defines me and allows my spirit to be free. It’s definitely not a hobby.

P- As an outsider do you feel the industry respects talent without being unfair to anyone?
Adnan: It’s definitely not an easy industry to be in as there’s so much competition. However, I feel that if you are talented enough and package yourself properly then the sky is the limit. Even if someone is trying to be unfair to you, you will eventually break through if you are persistent. Persistence is the key.

P- Your recently launched song Raahayyn instantly resonated with the masses so what was the biggest compliment that you received about the song?
Adnan: Raahayyn has done relatively well and I have received a lot of great compliments about it. The best compliment I have received is where one fan called it a trance and classy and said this is what they call quality stuff.

P- We came to know that you are going to charm TV screens with an upcoming Hum TV drama? Share some details about that how you got approached for it?
Adnan: Yes, the drama has been shot with a few scenes left depending on dates from some of the actors. It was an interesting experience especially acting along with big names of the industry such as Adnan Siddiqui, Zarnish Khan, Mira Sethi and many others. I play the role of a forest officer that is caught in the middle of something bad and the call for the drama came out of nowhere as I was selected and casted by the MD Productions management directly.

P- From singing to acting, how has the transition been?
Adnan: I don’t know if I am going to continue acting though if a good role comes by, I would definitely consider it. Singing is and will continue to be my biggest passion and that is where I see myself shining the brightest.

P- Tell us about your future projects?
Adnan: I am currently working on two new songs. One is a cover where we have redone a beautiful Pakistani composition and the other one is an original Sufi song that will be completely different from anything released in Pakistan before. Powerful stuff.

P- What are the biggest hurdles you faced in the whole process & in your entire journey?
Adnan: One of the biggest hurdles were the usual societal pressures where music is still looked down upon and is not appreciated as a career in Pakistan. Also, the lack of income generation from music initially and the need to balance regular income generation was one of the biggest hindrances in taking the first step.

P- What was the turning point in your life and specially in your career?
Adnan: I would say the turning point in my life was the move to Pakistan to take care of my parents from the US seven years ago. This allowed me to explore new frontiers and opened the door to many potential opportunities. I also realized that to become an original artist and to do your own music, one has to come to Pakistan as doing it from the US is almost next to impossible.

P- Please explain your creative process when it comes to music?
Adnan: For me, the most important aspect of the creative process is a good melody and meaningful lyrics. One of my closest friends writes the poetry for me and then we sit down and compose a tune that actually has some staying power where people would want to listen to it over and over again. I then sit down and rehearse the entire song on the harmonium with a vocal teacher before going behind the mic and recording it.

P- What has been your greatest accomplishment as singer?
Adnan: To be able to release my own original song along with a music video in itself is a great accomplishment as 90% of talented singers in this country are not able to take the next step from creating an audio track to making a music video to actually launching it and then promoting it properly.

P- Is there a hidden meaning to your music?
Adnan: Yes, my music will always have a message in it as to me music without any meaning does not have a soul. For instance, Raahayyn has the message of hope behind it and talks about a lovers hope that he will get true love one day. Similarly, all my songs will have some hidden meaning to them.

P- You have such an attractive & a very charming personality. What is the secret behind that?
Adnan: That’s very kind of you and I truly believe that an attractive and charming personality comes from being positive, authentic and genuine. Your inner self then reflects directly on your outward personality. Besides that, I try to be as humble and sincere as possible and hopefully that works in my favor as well.

P- Which songs would you say were the game-changers in your career?
Adnan: For now, I have worked on two original songs Humnasheen and Raahayyn. I guess I will let the masses decide if either of these two songs were game changers or not but I do know that I personally am not attached to the outcome of these songs. For me, I am doing what I love and doing it to the best of my ability and hope that it resonates with the audience.

P- Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
Adnan: No, I don’t get performance anxiety or thank God any kind of anxiety. I have a happy go lucky personality and I have perfected the art of making the best out of any situation. This keeps me stress free and fresh. I believe when you have that kind of an attitude, God automatically helps you and things work out.

P- What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Adnan: My advice is for everyone to follow their dreams and their passions. Always remember that you will excel at something that you love and enjoy. Don’t give in to your fears as fear drives most of us and because of that, we don’t take the next step and sometimes live in that fear for the rest of our lives thus not doing what we love to do. Take the leap of faith, give it your best shot and never be attached to the outcome of your effort. Once you do this, success will automatically come and find you.

“Adnan is super busy in his upcoming projects but the man with such a beautiful heart and soul gave us time out of his busy schedule. So after a detailed conversation about his journey we say good bye and thanks to Adnan with lots of love and best wishes for his future projects”.

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