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Darr Khuda Se Episode 4 Review: Sana Janed Portraying Afreen With Grace Yet Again Stole The Show

Under the banner of well-known Production, 7th Sky Entertainment, Darr Khuda Se,  is the Story which highlights social issue of workplace harassment. Which has managed to hold our interest owning to strong story-line and concept. The drama has been written by Sarwat Nazeer and is directed by Anjum Shahzad. Imran Abbas, Sana Javed and Ali Ansari keep you engaged with their perfect yet strong acting skills. And the good thing about the drama is every new episode has something new to offer. The one actor who is standing out in each and every scene Ali Ansari. He played the selfish brother (Azhar) to perfection.

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Till now we know the plot of the drama that Imran Abbas plays Shahwaiz who is womanizer and eyes everyone badly. Now he has his eyes set on Afreen portraying by Sana Javeed. Who is not giving him the attention which he dreams about.

The Plot

Episode 4 of the drama unveiled some shocking turn of events that will turn out to be problematic for Afreen and her family. The episode had good pacing as we witnessed many major events happening in this episode. The episode also showed how Arfeen’s siblings were selfish and taking decisions without thinking about her.  The latest episode also gave more screen time to Tamkeen, played by Kiran Haq. As she is falling in love with a shop owner played by Saleem Mairaj who seems to quite decent. But as we know Tamkeen is a difficult person by nature so lets see whether the romance between the duo blossoms or not.

On the other hand Azhar played by Ali Ansari too thinks only about himself like Tamkeen. He is in love with a girl who is not so sweet as he thinks. Azhar landed himself in a tough situation and he couldn’t think straight. Because Shehla & her mother made sure to pressurize him in such a way, that he couldn’t retreat or re-think his decision. Shehla’s mother wanted Shehla to get married to Azhar since the moment he proposed. But with his parents having laid down the rule that he can’t marry till his sisters are. Azhar is left feeling helpless but with Shehla and her mother handling him tactfully he decides to get married secretly much to our shock.

On the other hand, Tamkeen had started to enjoy the attention that she was getting from Rasheed. With Afreen having received a proposal from her family friend the most upsetting moment came when Azhar enters the room and declares that he had gotten married in front of the guests.

The Performance

Imran Abbas’s character Shahwaiz was established brilliantly in first three episode but in this episode we felt, he shared less screen time. As the story has more focus of Afreen’s family.

Afreen (Sana Javed) played by picking all her character traits with utmost ease and perfection. She was composed with her acting skills in the episode. Her strong acting keeps the plot balanced and managed to hold our interest till the end of the episode. She yet again stool the show.

Kiran Haq essaying Tamkeen is looking promising in her role, her body language, expressions and overall looks is on point. In this episode, Tamkeen had given good space in this episode to establish her character. And she nailed it as true performer.

Ali Ansari plays selfish Azhar to perfection. His performance looked effortless. He has impressed us yet again with a strong performance. With a very good performance in this episode. His expressions, dialogue delivery and composure was applause worthy. Apart from lead, The whole cast keeps you engaged and never lets you feel disconnected from the plot like previous episodes.


From whatever we could observe and understand from the episode 4, the drama is going to become more interesting day by day. We are still desperately waiting to watch how the story unfold the past events where we witness the marriage occurrence of Sahwaiz and Gul. Also hope in next episode we will watch Shahwaiz sharing a good screen time. Overall it’s an interesting episode with many turns of events. All the actors have done great job.

Ratings **** (4/5)

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