Exclusive: Staying Fit Keeps A Person Healthy, It Helps You Look And Feel Good – Anwaar Khawar

Anwaar Khawar is a news anchor of Neo Network Pakistan TV and is a professional male fashion model who has managed to hold huge fan following. His modeling career began in 2010 and has already worked with some of Pakistan’s famous fashion designers with HSY on top of the list and brands like Toni & Guy, Stoneage, Munib Nawaz, Emraan Rajput, Suzuki, WaridTel and Porsche. He believes that his self-discipline have prepared him for the challenges in the modelling and media industry. The hottie is also owning a gym named as Verzish Gym & Health Club with the motive to make healthy Pakistan.

The multi-talented Anwaar is the only man in showbiz industry who is donning the hat of super model being a news anchor. Good looking & handsome lad zillions time motives and pushes us to hit the gym with his well sculpted chiseled bod. Many are literally captivated by the kind of physical transformation that Anwaar Khawar has made.

Anwaar has a passion when it comes to fitness. The man is not only improving his life and fitness but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with the super model turned news anchor to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed some facts about his fitness but also gives Phupo’s readers some tips on how to stay fit.

Fitness Talk With Anwaar Khawar

P- What’s your fitness mantra?
Anwaar: Do it now, don’t wait for tomorrow.

P- Do you Exercise Daily? What’s your workout routine?
Anwaar: I exercise 6 times in a week. I take a rest every Sunday.
On Day 1, I do my chest & back. Day 2: Legs; On Day 3: Shoulder & Arms; Day 4: Back & Biceps; On Day 5: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps & Day 6: Legs.

P- What’s your morning routine to keep yourself fit?
Anwaar: Well, right after I wake up, I just do my stretching.

P- What does being fit mean to you?
Anwaar: For me, being fit means having a good balance on everything. Achieve 8 hours of sleep, drink a lot of water, devout at least an hour or two for exercise, and keep a healthy diet.

P- Who do you idolize in the industry to keep yourself fit?
Anwaar: Salman Khan and no other. The only one celebrity to whom i use to take fitness notes.

P- Your problem areas and your strength?
Anwaar: My stomach. I am in the industry where getting invited to events and parties are inevitable and these are the moments where I couldn’t avoid foods I am not supposed to eat. The following day, I’d find my stomach a bit bloated. So, I would train twice a day to get my abs back. My strength is the upper portion of my body but, I believe everything is a work in progress.

P- The fitness trick that never fails?
Anwaar: Do the right workout, eat the right foods.

P- The fitness advice that never worked?
Anwaar: Protein shakes to achieve six-pack abs.

P- What do you prefer, diet or burning it out?
Anwaar: Being fit requires two things always, Workout and Diet. Like I said, if you can’t avoid eating foods with a lot of calories, then you have to burn it with exercise.

P- How often do you indulge in a cheat meal? Do you think it is important to stay fit?
Anwaar: I get to indulge in a cheat meal once a week especially during my off days or I get invited to an event or party. But you know that guilt feeling the following day when I wake up seeing my tummy a bit bloated would hit me so I see to it that I burn those calories away the same day or so.

Staying fit keeps a person healthy, it helps you look and feel good. It can also make you more productive at home and in the office.

P- Message to fans who follow your footstep to be in shape?
Anwaar: My followers and fans are part of my motivation to workout and stay fit. By way of sharing my fitness journey, I hope that I am able to inspire you all to achieve your fitness goals. My advice is, “make it happen because no one else can do it for you except you”.

After that we say thanks to Anwaar for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fitness notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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