Junaid Khan Shared 7 Life Lessons & We Are Taking Notes

Known for his larger then life personality , excellent acting skills and ability to make most dramas commercially and critically hit, Junaid Khan has stormed into the industry with his charming and sizzling looks. Started his career as singer as young boy in 2002, His musical journey and his strong vocals brought him local and international acclaim and recognition. Everyone loves him cause of his humble attitude and down to earth personality.

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Junaid made his acting debut just 9 years ago with ‘Mujhe Roothnay Na Daina’ but already has some of the most iconic roles of the last decade to his name in such a short span. He is currently wooing his fans with his power-pack performances in ‘Hania’ and ‘Yaariyan’. Once again He has taken the audience by surprise with his enchanting performance in both dramas.

He is the country’s most loved rock singer and now a seasoned actor who is considered TVs favorite leading man. However, under the rugged good looks, charming personality and oodles of fun he brings to the screen, lies some very strong principles on the way he lives his life. And many use to take life lessons notes from the handsome singer turned actor to spend a principled life.

Yesterday, Junaid held a question answer session on his Instagram account and his fans took full advantage of it. Many of his fans asked for his opinion about various aspects and difficulties of life. To whom he responded in very mature way and his answers gave us life lessons. We could all learn a few things from most loved superstar, so here a list of what makes him who he is .

Lesson 1: Thank Lord For Giving Another Day

One of his fan and follower asked him about his daily motivation. And about the first thing he do when he woke up. To which he replied:

I thank the Lord for giving me another day when i can enjoy His blessings and then i hit the gym.”

Lesson 2: Find Time To Meet People Who Really Love You

Then he asked about what keep him going in his bad days. To which he quoted:

We all have our bad days. Those are the days when you find time to meet people who really love you. Gets some lovin and you’ll be fine.”

Lesson 3: Keep Hope For Good Days

One of his fan asked for an advice for the people who are going through depression. To which Junaid quoted that:

It’s tough to be in those shoes. Just remember you aren’t alone. We all go thru this. It’s natural. Just hold on. Good Days are coming InshAllah.

Lesson 4: Value Your Fans & Followers

When asked about his thoughts about those who are his die-heart fans. To which he humbly responded:

Who am i without them? Nothing.”

Lesson 5: People Aren’t Always Toxic, It’s Our Connection With Them Which Is Toxic.

Then he asked how do deal with toxic friends. To which he replied:

Stay away. People aren’t always toxic. It’s our connection with them which is toxic. Some people gell well with some while they don’t gell at all with some. It’s unfortunate. But if someone is toxic around you then you move away. It’ll be better for you both.

Lesson 6: Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Sanity

When asked for an advice for the students who are too upset. To which he advised:

Don’t over stress yourself. Stress to a limit is good cos it pushes you to extend your limits. But don’t let it ruin your sanity. Take as much as you can handle. If you can’t handle it then divert yourself from it.”

Lesson 7: If You Have Right Intention Then Anything Is Possible

Giving a message t the ambitious youngsters, Junaid stated that:

Sky is the limit. The whole world is your play ground. Enjoy it and go head on for your goals. Trust me if you have the right intention then anything is possible.”

So this was the list of 7 important takeaways from Junaid Khan to improve one’s lifestyle. We are taking notes from this TV hottie to enjoy a good life. Are you? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

Author: Huma Ali

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