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Birthday Special: The Rise & Rise of Feroze Khan, An Actor Who Made His Own Luck & Rose Due To His Talent

Feroze Khan is undoubtedly one of the most versatile actors in our drama and film industry. Whenever his name comes up, the first thing which spring to our mind is his flawless acting skills and his sharp yet humble attitude. Which makes him one of the most desirable and loved man. The young handsome lad who started out with high aspirations of becoming an actor is now the industry’s precious gem and most sought after actor today.

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His flawless performances have done wonders since he began his career. And in very short span of time he created a niche for himself in the industry. If we describe his journey in three words, so it may be, He came, performed and he conquered. Apart from his acting chops and impeccable performances, his charming personality and chiseled bod also gained for him massive fan following all around the world. The most sought after actor of current generation, Feroze Khan bagged Best Actor Award for performance in Khaani. The meteoric rise of this handsome lad in last four years has been nothing less than phenomenal. Started his acting career in young age of 24 with Drama Bikhra Mera Naseeb, no one would have though that he will reach the starry heights of stardom.

The Impeccable Performer, Feroze Khan

Slowly and steadily, the actor worked his way through to reach the top of the success’ ladder. He is the country’s biggest heartthrob today with millions of fans in Pakistan as well as overseas. From Azhar of Chup Raho to intense lover Mir Haddi, Feroze Khan has managed to tap into his characters like a pro. However, the superstar’s journey was no cakewalk, and it was filled with struggles. From pursuing VJ to working as model, Feroze’s passion for acting never dimmed away. He went to work as model and later focused on acting, which was his childhood dream.

Feroze turned 29 today which is our 23 official now, as he does not seem more than 23. And on this special occasion, Phupo is revisiting Feroze’s performances project by project, to map the rise and rise of this incredible actor and his impeccable talent.

Bikhra Mera Naseeb

Feroze’s debut drama alongside Ayeza Khan, Sami Khan and Alizey Rasool is one of that proved hugely successful for him. As he charmed one and all with his good looks and acting skills. His fine acting skills get noticed and won million hearts. The romance-hatred genre drama gave way to his sophisticated personality and showed off his natural talent. The said drama had penned down by Saima Younus and Produced by A&B Entertainment.

Chup Raho

Produced by Six Sagma Entertainment, Chup Raho was a critical and commercial successful in terms of ratings. The drama instantly clicked with the masses owning to unique story-line and concept. And his intense character of Azhar, was being well-appreciated. His pairing and on-screen chemistry with Sajal grabbed the tons of eye balls. His performance looked effortless. He has impressed us yet again with a strong performance.  His expressions, dialogue delivery and composure was applause worthy. And once again, Khan showcased his versatility.

Tumse Mil Kay

In a complete contrast to his first two dramas, Feroze impressed on a whole new level in ‘Tumse Mil Kay’. Directed by Furqan Khan, Starring Sumbul Iqbal, Rabab Hashim and Affan Waheed for the very first time, Feroze was seen in as Humayun a disloyal prick. His performance encompassed a romance, an innocence and also a grey-shaded perfection which wowed audiences. He played by picking all her character traits with utmost ease and perfection.


Feroze starred with Sajal Ali for the second time and little did they know how appreciated they would be as a pair on the small screens. His passionate, somewhat violent and aggressive character was in fitting with his quite exceptional and unconventional personality. Based on the novel by Samra Bukhari titled Hasti Ke Ahang, the drama was directed by Farooq Rind. Adeel’s transformation from man who don’t give respect to women and treat them badly from a good guy impressed one and all around.

Woh Aik Pal

It stared Feroze Khan, Ayesha Khan and Ramsha Khan in leads. The story was pretty thrilling with a lot of surprises and twists and turns evenly spread throughout the plot. The drama showcases the story of a young man Arish who is a carefree student engaged to a bossy Hina who has him by the leash. On one tragic rainy night, Arish attempted to rob Faris but Arish’s friends accidentally shoots Faris as Arish tried to take the gun away. Arish feels guilty as he feels responsible for causing Unaiza to become a widow and her child to become fatherless. Feroze was seen in a well-rounded role somewhat which was lovable and also relatable. Once again he proved that he can pulled off any character.


Khaani, A tale of Love, obsession and revenge. Ultimately is, has been Feroze’s performance as a obsessed lover in Khaani which has most wowed both audiences and industry folk. And he’s swept the award as best actor in a leading role. In the tragic love story, Anjum Shahzad manages to derive a performance from Feroze. Which his contemporaries probably won’t be able to touch in a long time. Feroze completely changed his look for this drama and stepped right into the skin of Mir Hadi. His incredible screen presence alongside lead actress Sana Javed was entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time as per the story. And he very much became the best he’s been.

Romeo Weds Heer

If we say that the tale is about Desi Romeo and Juliet, it won’t be wrong. Further what can be said about Romeo Weds Heer, apart from how similar Feroze’s real self was to his character of Romeo. In this Romantic-Comedy, the actor showed just how he is able to light up the screen with his natural acting ability. His scenes with on-screen mother Sanam Ansari were great as were his father-son dialogues. His magic with Sana aka Heer was once again explored in a different love story which had universal appeal. Feroze’s look in the drama is arguably his most loved.

The actor’s journey has truly been an inspiring one! In his career span over 4 years, with some outstanding performances, right from Azhar in Chup Raho to Mir Hadi in Khaani, Feroze Khan has made it clear that he is in the showbiz business to stay and how!

Here’s wishing the superstar of our showbiz industry, Feroze Khan, a very happy birthday, from all of us. Are you also impressed like us? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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