Exclusive: Stripes In My Wardrobe Completes My Looks – Style Rapid Fire With Srha Asgr

The beautiful Srha Asgr has created a niche for herself in the industry in very short span of time. She charms one and all with her good looks and acting chops on small screens. Now the young talented lady has become a new sensation on TV. With her beautiful cute smile and angelic behavior, she is a magician’s beauty spell which numbs the senses of one and all around.

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Her drama Babban Khala Ki Betiyan instantly clicked with masses and her character of Bubbly being well appreciated. After wooing millions hearts by essaying the role of Bubbly in Babban Khala Ki Betiyan, she continues to spread her charm as Hayaa in Meer Abru. While she is one of the most loved and popular ladies in telly town. One thing which differs her from others, is her style statement and fashion sense. Million ladies use to follow her footsteps with it comes to styling.

Currently she is busy in shooting of her upcoming drama Resham Gali Ki Husna. She shared few BTS from the set of the said drama. As ever she looks simply gorgeous and pretty in those pictures. So we decide to contact Srha to know about her style statement and fashion sense. The gorgeous and stylish lady gives us a peek of her stylish thoughts as under.

P- Tell us your style statement in one sentence?
Srha: Chic.

P- Fashion to you is?
Srha: Portrays ones personality.

P- One word that describes your style & personality as well?
Srha Trendy.

P- One thing from your wardrobe that completes your look?
Srha: Stripes.

P- One color that dominates your wardrobe?
Srha: Yellow.

P- Things which you compulsorily carry out with you?
Srha: Hair Brush, lip gloss, wallet and Internet device!!! Can’t do without it.

P- Which is your favorite brand for clothing, shows, accessories & perfumes?
Srha: Clothing : outfitters
Shoes: metro (comfortable)
Accessories: any brand
Perfume: Burberry
Body mist bath and body works.

P- Most fashionable destination as per you? Brand conscious or look also for local?
Srha: There are many fashionable destinations, can’t name one. Not so brand conscious anything that is pleasing to eyes.

P- Favorite party outfit & favorite everyday outfit?
Srha: For parties I would prefer gown/short dresses with tights and everyday’s outfit jeans and t-shirt.

srha asghar IMG-20190712-WA0003

P- One outfit in which you can spend your life?
Srha: Jeans t-shirt.

P- One celebrity’s wardrobe that you would want to steal & why?
Srha: Mahira Khan. Her fashion sense is simple and classy.

P- Any hairstyle or looks would you like to experiment with in the future?
Srha: Short hair with loose curls.

P- How you manage your budget when you are out for shopping?
Srha: I don’t buy everything. I go for shopping with a motive of what I have to buy.
Some days shoes, some days shirt and it goes on.

P- Three most important tips to your fans who follows your footsteps when it comes to outfit selection & looks?
Srha: 1.Wear what you are comfortable with.
2.Match your earrings, belt and heels together.
3. Wear comfortable shoes.

After that we say thanks to Srha for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fashion notes from this beautiful young lady like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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