Exclusive: I Always Wanted To Be An Influencer In A Very Positive Way – Zaib Khan

A multi-faceted and breakthrough artist, Zaib Khan, has managed to gain huge fan following through his flawless performances. Just two dramas old, He has created a niche for himself in industry in very short span of time. Started his career as model, the handsome actor has become a new sensation. Loved by the fans, he firstly appeared in Bol Entertainment’s Parlour Wali Larki. The show instantly clicked with the masses and his character got huge appreciation.

After the drama went off-air, he bagged his second serial Log Kya Kahenge. And the talented young man once again charmed us with his performance. After winning many hearts with his acting skills in dramas, he recently appeared in a stage play Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan. With his intense performance, he proved his great acting skills and versatility.

However, the actor’s journey was not a bed of roses, and it was filled with struggles. We always look to know about journey, struggle and career of a star. And when we read some motivating words about struggle of a celebrity, it’s gives us courage to overcome our problems and hardships with a smile on face. So to know about Zaib’s journey we got contact with the actor. And in candid conversation with Phupo, the actor opens up about his journey, career, struggle and much more.

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Candid Chat With Zaib Khan

P- How your journey began and What drew you to the acting industry?
Zaib: I always wanted to be an influencer in a very positive way. I wanted to make good changes in the society and I used to think that cinema or TV is a powerful medium plus I had a very good understanding of the art since childhood. I won’t say that I am a good actor its just that I can point out things in an act so always had this combination setup I’ve in my mind. I started with modeling to get some grounds and jumped into acting.

P- Was your begging easy? And acting is your passion or merely hobby?
Zaib: Acting isn’t my hobby at all. It’s not even my passion. I’m not really passionate about acting. I am very settled with it. I really don’t struggle for it as I think it’s part of me. You can’t have passion for yourself. And it was never easy and it won’t be easy. The struggle is forever.

P- As an outsider do you feel Industry respect talent without being unfair to anyone?
Zaib: Well it’s difficult to make space for yourself as an outsider but it’s okay. Maza ata ha. And the transition is really good. I get to enjoy all forms of visual arts.

P- Who is your role model & why?
Zaib: Nabi Saw as a Muslim but of course we can’t keep up to that life. I really look up to the modern day influences like Aamir Khan and Leonardo. Both are my favorites and doing really good job in their domains.

P- After playing lead in Parlour Wali Larki, why you choice to do supporting role in Log Kia Kahengay?
Zaib: I signed up for the lead role but they changed it at the last minute. I couldn’t back out as I invested about 5 months but it’s okay. I guess Ameer did a good job.

P- You get a lot of attention and appreciation for your role in Parlour Wali Larki, how’s your experience to work in the serial?
Zaib: It was an amazing experience. A little up and down but loved the essence, the sets, the adventure and the team of course.

P: Response you are receiving for Azhar of Log Kia Kahengay & One biggest compliment you received for your Performance?
Zaib: The response is okay not so well and that’s what I deserve. I didn’t do so well with Azer’s role. People who understand acting says that I’m very natural. I guess that’s the biggest compliment I have received.

P: Who is Zaib in one word?
Zaib: Nothing.

P- What has been your greatest accomplishment as actor?
Zaib: I haven’t really got my sort of work till date. PWL was had a few sides but the production stopped. Let’s see if future offers me something relative.

P- You look extremely intense & different in your play Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan, what short of persons loved that play?
Zaib: It was a revolutionary play based. Where I played the lead of a modern day revolutionary leader. It was quite a difficult and complex character as he was 50 and very sober yet talks revolutionary and is sufi at same time.

P- Where do you think of yourself after 5 years?
Zaib: I trust Allah on everything. I have no plans. As I just want to be a good and peaceful person at heart. Want to spread love and love to my fullest.

P- Describe your acting style?
Zaib: I am actually confused between no muscle movements for alpha emotions and muscle movements for conventional method acting. My natural is the first one. Which Marlon brando, Al pacino, Ranir kapoor and Jouqiun Phoenix follows.

P- What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Zaib: Do it for the best possible cause. Just analysis and observe yourself before joining any field. And find what makes you satisfy and happy.

“Zaib is super busy in his upcoming projects but the good-looking actor with a very friendly nature, gave us time out of his busy schedule. So after a detailed conversation about his journey we say good bye and thanks to Zaib with lots of love and best wishes for his future projects”.

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