Exclusive: I Never Compromise My Workout Routine Whether I Am Traveling Or Shooting Outdoors – Arslan Faisal Reveals Fitness Secrets

When he appeared on TV screens, all eyes automatically seek him. His charm and wit can floor anyone. Aura of a prince, debonair looks and a charm that will leave everyone blushing, Yes! you guess it right. We are talking about our all time favorite Arslan Faisal. Rising to popularity with his character of Sadaan in Aangan, Arslan has today evolved as actor. After that he shot to an instant hit with Baban Khala Ki Betiyan. Which made him a household name.

Currently the debonair and hot hunk is charming us with his acting skills in drama serial Hasad. His looks in the drama has taken social media by storm and all the ladies go crazy. The boy next door is now a celebrity who sports chiseled abs and muscular body. Which is drool-worthy and from his sexy grin to his 6 packs abs, the hottie is a total heartthrob. He is the one who has been surprising his fans by undergoing dramatic transformation. Which motivates many to hit the gym to get a fit bod. Arslan has a passion when it comes to fitness.

The handsome hunk with his chiseled well sculpted bod is not only improving his life but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with the actor and singer as well to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed some facts about his fitness but also gives Phupo’s readers some major tips.

Fitness Talk With Arslan Faisal

P- What’s your fitness regime currently like?
Arslan: I work out 6 days in a week for one-and-a-half hours or two hours. I focus on different body parts on different days. For example on first day i do chest, back and arms. On day two Legs, day three shoulders and arms, on day four Back & Biceps, day five Chest, Shoulders & Triceps & Day 6: Legs. For my chest, arms and shoulders, I do some heavy lifting with dumbbells, and for legs, I go for lunges and squats. And I make sure I work on my abs every day. Because love the biscuits , can’t eat more but can put on my belly. I don’t like missing my workout regime.

P- How you manage your schedule and get time when you are on shooting?
Arslan: On those days when I am shooting, it becomes difficult to exercise and workout in the morning. So, I go to the gym after the day’s work or whenever I got time after pack up. I always try my best to not miss my workout. May be it’s sound crazy but for me to sweat in gym is my favorite hobby and to maintain my fitness is my passion.

P- Do you follow a strict diet?
Arslan: My breakfast consists of skimmed milk, granola with dry fruits and oats/muesli. Sometimes i go with white eggs, milk smoothie and bread with paneer. It’s a combination of proteins and carbs, healthy and very tasty. Between At 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM, I eat some fruits or drink fresh fruits & vegetable juice.

For lunch, I use to eat normally whatever cooked in home but two things which I make sure to have in my launch are, any kind of fresh veggie & beans salad and second one bowl of brown rice. Also I prefer to have more of veggies and greens.

For dinner, I try to keep it simple and light. For example I love to eat two or three pieces of steamed chicken or lean meat & some boiled eggs. One thing which I can never miss in whole day is my black coffee. Which I can take any time.

P- What you to have prefer for pre-workout & post workout?
Arslan: As I said before I am a black coffee lover, so I have a strong black coffee. Post a workout session, I love and prefer to homemade smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes post workout also includes two or three dates as these are the really energy boasters for me.

P- What are your top 3 favorite exercises, and why?
Arslan: Dips – Not only is it great in adding thickness to the triceps but also if you switch the angle of your body it hits a good chunk of your chest.
Legs Day – Because this not only hits and focuses upon the large muscle groups like the pectoralis major but also on the smaller muscles which are located at the sides of the chest under the arms.
Military Presses – It truly helps build thick strong shoulders which provide strength for most of the upper body.

P- What is the first thing you do in the morning to keep yourself fit?
Arslan: After stretching my body and muscles, I prefer to stand above the mirror to see myself which motivates me to keep my fitness maintain. After that it’s coffee to start my day and then yes need my breakfast. Try to keep myself and my mind relax by thinking of good things with a smile on face which distracts all negativity around me.

P- What scores more, stamina or six pack?
Arslan: Having a good and well sculpted body is a symbol of healthy and fit life. When you start to adopt workout out as routine. It turns into goal to achieve. So for the achievement of your goal a person should work on stamina first. So I would like to advise for those who are new. Never think about heavy weights or well sculpted bod on initial stage. Just focus on your goal by boasting your stamina first and start with low weights.

P- The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout?
Arslan: For me two, Never ignore your legs and secondly abs. As I said before I am biscuits lover so how can I miss abs. Coming to the legs, many people work on their upper body but ignore their legs part. If you are only working on your upper body big from the top and skinny from the bottom. Which is not less than blender. Think if you have a build body, but not have strong legs how’s your body can be balanced. Your lower back and knees will get hurt. So my advise on it to not miss legs days.

P- If there is no gym around you as you are on shooting or traveling some where so will you compromise on your routine?
Arslan: Never, When I am travelling or shooting outdoors, and if there is no gym around, I do pull-ups. If there is a bar somewhere, I manage push-ups, squats, and generally I just sweat it out in room. But I make sure my workout regime is never hampered at any cost.

P- What’s a common mistake people make while trying to get fit or lose weight?
Arslan: I feel people, especially youngsters today go all out with heavy lifting weights and hardcore workouts, but never take into consideration the form of the workout. That is definitely wrong and you will always end up with injuries. Mainly, one must be aware of the form of the workout, the right method of doing it, so you can avoid injuries and also make the most of the workout.

P- Three tips to our readers?
Arslan: 1- Never focus on heavy weights, normal weights with determination also give will help you to increase your stamina. Don’t get demotivated if you can’t lift heavy weights. Be slow, step by step you will improve and get good results.
2- Drink lots of water. Water is the best detox trick that everyone can follow easily. Also Life is precious so stay away from drugs and bad habits.
3- Being fit is more important than having a great body. Basic exercise ensures overall well-being.

After detailed conversation on fitness we say thanks to Arslan for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fitness notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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