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#ManCrushMonday: 7 Reasons Why Fahad Mustafa Is Our All Time Favorite Crush

Fahad Mustafa is one of the most loved and desirable men in our showbiz industry. Best known as chocolate boy and for his friendly nature as well, he has managed to gain huge fan following through his TV hits. Like La-Hasil, Veena, Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Kankar and many more. After wining more than zillion hearts with his flawless performances in dramas, he continued to spread his charm on silver screen. Apart from his acting skills on TV and film, powerhouse of talent, Fahad Mustafa is also donning the hat of host and producer. Since 2014, the dapper actor is hosting Jeeto Pakistan and his unique style making the show more interesting day by day.

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He roars with his acting prowess every time he appears on TV or Silver Screens. The handsome actor is extremely selective about his body of work. He always prefers quality over quantity. No doubt, he adds certain quirkiness to his performances. If we say he is the current heartthrob of nation so it would not be so wrong. The superstar is spreading a wave of crisp and charm in the industry. Our crush of the day, Fahad Mustafa has come a long way from his La-Hasil days. Whether as actor, producer and host he is total perfection With his absolutely 10/10 personality. Here are 9 Reasons that why he is current crush of the nation.

On Screen Swag

Not only for his man-charisma and debonair personality, he is also known for his on-screen swag. If there would be a title of Perfect Swagger on Screen so it would belong to Fahad for sure. He knows how to increase the charm of the screens whether he dons the hat of actor, producer or host.The swag he spreads on screens is unmissable. His swag coupled with the right amount of attitude gives a high to the audience making them go gaga over him.

Style Game

Fahad has a sharp eye for fashion and his sartorial choices clearly make us believe that a gentleman will always be ahead in every field. And his looks make you go again and again. Be it sporting casuals or wearing the most colorful attire or keeping it simple in Traditional, he takes up all the dressing challenges. Whether it is real life or reel life he never fails to impress us with his fashion sense. His every day wardrobe is all about comfort cause of which most of the guys use to take style notes from him to look good.

Easy Going

By not caring about what people think, the hottie wears his attitude comfortably and has no air about being a popular actor. He is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. And zillions are learning a thing about self-confidence from him. One more thing which adds to his personality, he never shies to express his option and very bold to speak his thoughts. His bold behavior of raising awareness about various social issues via his production work presents him as responsible member of society.

A Contagious Smile

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A guy with an attractive physique and debonair personality with an attractive smile can make him every girls’ dream man. Fahad is prove of this!!! A smile which is absolutely and totally contagious and spreads like wildfire. With his charming smile he knows the art to make anyone head over heels in love with him. We can’t help but fall for his smile! Moreover he has power to make anyone’s lip curve into a pretty smile too along. Be it on or off the screen, each time he smiles for all his fans out there, makes their day.

Hot, Hotter, Hotest

The man charm he has, is grabbing the attention of one and all around. His hot physique and raw-sex appeal has left all the girls asking for more. His beautiful dreamy eyes speak thousand of words. Be it his hosting skills, his acting chops, his hot bod or chocolate boy looks girls are crazy over him. Furthermore many times he has given us major fitness goals by sharing his workout pictures.

Dapper, Suave And What Not

Fahad has a sharp eye for fashion and his sartorial choices clearly make us believe that the magic of the old world charm is unparalleled and a gentleman will always be ahead in every field.

His Acting & Hosting

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Along with the debonair personality, attractive smile and good-looks, he has talent and skills added on to the entire package. Be it comedy, romantic, intense or emotional, he makes sure to give his best whatever genre he performs in. Fahad has made the viewers laugh, smile and shed tears with him with his flawless and impeccable performances. The handsome actor turned producer, with his suave and good-looks has made place in hearts of zillions.

With lethal combination of multi features and talents, Fahad has been stealing more and more hearts each day. This heartthrob is one of the most handsome and hot male celebrity on the block, who has attractive appearance that can make anyone fall head over heels in love with him. Fahad is too hot to handle which is making him our everyday crush. With his charming personality and smart persona, Fahad Mustafa can instantly induce envy in the most good-looking of showbiz men. Well, he has just lit up our Monday, does not he? And We are absolutely crushing over this lad, Are you? Share your thoughts regarding this in the comment section below. For more fun keep follow Phupo.

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