Meet Showbiz Most Hottest And Handsome Eligible Bachelors

The back to back marriage ceremonies and engagements of handsome hunks in our showbiz industry have shattered our hearts into million pieces. And when the debonair Ahad Raza Mir’s engagement pictures came out, it completely crushed our souls. But we need not to be worried as we have something which will rescue us and also can help to recollect our hopes. As here are some most hottest eligible bachelors in our industry who may be our ‘dream man’.

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These male celebrities have won zillion hearts via their good-looks and acting skills. These men are dashing, dapper, hot and oodles of talent that make them highly famous and desirable. Despite the fact that they have been a piece of the showbiz for a considerable length of time. But their looks have not blurred or faded away. If we say that in a woman-dominated medium, these handsome men have managed to hold their own. So it would not be wrong. Broken hearted, career driven, too young or too old –excuses are many when it comes to staying single. However, this only makes them all the more desirable.

Presenting Phupo’s 11 Most Hottest and Handsome Eligible Bachelors of our showbiz industry who may be your dream man.

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is one of those good looking guys who made us go crazy for him ever since he debuted in Industry. Born on 15 October 1982, the 36 years old handsome man with his versatility and charming personality have made place in more than zillion hearts. Heartthrob of the nation, his sharp features, charisma and boyish looks make him stand apart from his contemporaries. His debonair looks with sharp features and sexiest attractive bod makes him a perfect choice.

Adnan Malik

His portrayal of Khalil in Sadqay Tumhare has made him a hit with women. His innocent smile with intense looks and gentle expressions add to his desirability quotient. With Adnan’s charismatic personality, one can’t help but love him. Undoubtedly, Adnan Malik is a ladies man and his intense look is enough to cast a magic spell on anyone. If good looks could kill, he would sent behind the bar long time ago. He is definitely a complete package and many wish to be Mrs Malik.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza is one of the most desired bachelors of showbiz industry. This ever charming cute face cine artist is the most promising actor today. he geared up his career from TV to silver screen. Though an introvert, this handsome lad sets the screen on fire with his acting chops. His brooding personality has earned for him fans not only in Pakistan but also across the borders.

Bilal Ashraf

The Casanova in our showbiz brigade is the ‘Superstar’ himself, Bilal Ashraf. Born on 10 October 1979, the 39 years older Bilal Ashraf is a dynamic actor and is ruler of zillion hearts. If there is one actor who has the potential to make any women of any age go weak on their knees, it has to be Bilal Ashraf. Apart from his acting skills and good-looks, many are crushing over his well sculpted chiseled bod. He has impressed the crowd with his incredible acting skills. The dapper actor is still single.

Agha Ali

One of the our TV’s chocolate boy, the singer, Agha Ali is a brilliant actor also and his damn hot looks and uber cool personality has garnered eyeballs. With slew of hit dramas in his credits including ‘Band Khirkiyan’ and ‘Mere Bewafa’, Agha rocks a hot bod and even an hottest smile with dimple on his checks. He is the one which has everything a girl could desire for- name, fame and most importantly, he is still single.

Umair Jaswal

The singer has not just been ruling the music industry but our hearts too with his drop dead good looks. The 32 years old singer is also an actor as well and has made his ways in many hearts with his acting chops. He is one hottie you can’t get enough of. With an enviable physique and loads of confidence, he is definitely one of the most desirable men in the industry. Whether as Caption Umair of ‘Yalghaar’, Nawab Asif of ‘Mor Mahal’ or the charming singer of a live concert, he has made an impact on the audience, particularly the female folks. Apart from all these, one fact which makes him most desirable is, he is single!

Omer Shahzad

Omer is tall and sexy guy with such a ripped chiseled bod which has gained for him huge popularity. He rated as the most eligible bachelor, the day he entered the industry. Started his career as model, the actor has managed to gain huge fan following. Currently he is basking into the glory of amazing response from the audience and critics for his stellar performance in Gul O Gulzar. A hot chiseled bod coupled with a debonair persona fix his spot on the desirable list and made him one of the hottest eligible bachelor on block.

Noor Hassan

Born on 16 May 1986, Noor Hassan started his career as model and soon he stepped into acting field. In very short span of the time he created a niche for himself. This good-looking actor with an enviable style and a hot bod makes women go weak in their knees. He is most deserving candidate in the list as he uses to make us smile with his posts on his social media handles. He is hot, confident, uber cool, debonair, he is eligible and this is why we can confirm him. And, we pretty sure that when he will tie the knot, then it will definitely break thousands of hearts.

On work note, Currently, Noor is riding high on success. His both on-air projects Hasad and Meer Abru has been making a lot of noise. Along with crashing the TRP Numbers and receiving rave reviews for his performance, his characters of Meer in Meer Abru and Farhan in Hassad getting huge love from audience.

Ali Rehman Khan

The Parchi actor is over 37 and he is still single. He made his debut in 2010 with Slackistan. After that he charmed one and all with his flawless performance in ‘Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se’. Besides good looks and a chiseled physique, he is reckoned as an extremely talented artiste in the industry. Romance or intense drama, every emotion seems to be up this actor’s alley. Every woman’s ideal man, what adds to his desirability quotient is his quiet demeanour, which has a calming effect on people.

Osman Khalid Butt

Another actor who has won many hearts with his acting mettle and remarkable screen presence is Osman Kahlid Butt. Osman, too, enjoys a humongous fan following all around the world. Started his career on small screen with drama serial ‘Cinderella’, he continued to charm one and all with his flawless performances on silver screens. The 33 years old man, his next-door looks and innocence have made him popular with the ladies.

Goher Rasheed

This hottie can bowl you over with his talent and good looks. The 35 years old actor, Goher Rasheed, became popular as Shaukat from ‘Digest Writer’. And continued to woo his fans with his performance on silver screens. The heartthrob is single and yet to find the perfect fit.

What do you guys think about these hottest eligible bachelors of showbiz industry and also let us know who is your favorite in the comment section below? For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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