Exclusive: I have a body to Show off & Obviously i will accept Naked Shoots unless the budget does not suits me – Sheraz Sikander

The smoking hot Sheraz Sikander is making everyone swoon all across. Sheraz is one of the most handsome models and actors. He entered the showbiz industry as a model four years back. His first shoot was for renowned organizer Amir Adnan, while his first notice campaign was for Levis Jeans. In very short span of time, he crated a niche for himself in the industry. And his good-looks with such lean chiseled bod made him one of the most desired man.

Later on, he appeared in a number of advertisements including Warid, Dawlance, Club Mobile, G-Five and many more. After wooing millions as model, Sheraz made a smooth transition to small screen and proved his mettle as an actor. Best known for his man-charisma and sex-appeal, he managed to huge fan following through his TV hits. Some of which are ‘Milkay Bhi Hum Na Mile’, ‘Ek Safina’, ‘Susral Gainda Phool’, ‘Totay Patay’ and ‘Muthi Bhar Chahat’.

However, the actor’s journey was not a bed of roses, and it was filled with struggles. We always look to know about journey, struggle and career of a star. So to know about Sheraz’s journey we got contact with the actor. And in candid conversation with Phupo, the actor opens up about his journey, career, struggle and much more.

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Candid Chat With Sheraz Sikander

P- Tell us About Yourself?
SHERAZ: My name is Sheraz Sikander. I am 32 years old. My date of birth is 30 Dec 1986.  So that my star sign is Capricorn. My Profession is Model/Actor.

P- Who is Sheraz in one word?
SHERAZ: A next Door Guy.

P- How did you get in the acting field?
SHERAZ: Because of Modeling Background.

P- Is it your profession or your passion?
SHERAZ: Profession.

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P- Which one is your first project on TV?
SHERAZ: A Tele Film Love You Qasam Se for Express Entertainment.

P- Tell us about your current projects?
SHERAZ: Feature Film Tum Hi Ho, which has released few days back, A Soap for PTV Tottay Patay and Express TV’s Muthi Bhar Chahat.

P- You started your career as a model so how you came up in this field?
SHERAZ: Spotted By Khawar Riaz from No Where. I Have not Ever Thought About this Field.

P- After every project you have to take break why is it so?
SHERAZ: I don’t think so. I never take a break but you can say that i am very choosy because i always try to do those projects which are unique and different.

P- In initial stage of your modeling you have done a shoot in underwear that kind of shoot was even not acceptable in our society so what was the thought behind your acceptance of that project?
SHERAZ: Modeling itself is still not acceptable in society but partially. Secondly that was not the Starting days of My Career. And I don’t mind to Shoot in Underwear. As I have a body to Show off.

P- Do you thing that was a bold decision? And will you accept this kind of shoots in future?
SHERAZ: Many men Show even More in Dhotis but its Called Culture. So it’s kind of Double Standards of Society. Just because type of the Cloth is diff but exposing same amount of skin so obviously i will accept unless the budget does not suits me or I am out of Gym from some Times.

P- What’s the secret of your tuned body?
SHERAZ: Work Out and Sports. I never miss my workout routine eve when i am on shoot.

P- Your diet plan?
SHERAZ: Nothing in Particular as I have to Eat Every thing on Recordings. But try to avoid Sugar.

P- Suppose you have an hour to your self then how will you spend the time?
SHERAZ: Depends on Mood. May be by watching Movie or planning a video game or may be sweating in gym.

P- How does your dream girl be like?
SHERAZ: I hate thinking and fantasizing about some Dream Girl. So much better things to look forward.

Rapid Fire

1-Your favorite dress?
SHERAZ: Suiting.

2-Bold or beauty?
SHERAZ: Beauty.

3-Sheraz hottie or naughty?
SHERAZ: I think none of the both.

4-Gujarat or Lahore?
SHERAZ: May be Karachi.

5-Chubby or slim?
SHERAZ: Slim of course.

6-Choose between love, money and fame?
SHERAZ: Love Of course.

7-Most memorable moment?
SHERAZ: Many Actually.

8-Baryani or Haleem?
SHERAZ: Baryani.

9-Mobile or tablet?
SHERAZ: Mobile.

10-Romantic or action films?
SHERAZ: Anyone with Strong Script.

P- Is there any particular thing that you remember which makes you smile when you think of it even now?
SHERAZ: There are Many.

P- There is a woman behind the success of every man. Who is the woman behind your success?
SHERAZ: Mother for Sure.

P- Where do you think yourself 5 years from now?
SHERAZ: I will try not to but may be a married man and hopefully more successful actor.

P- Which is the most important thing in your life without which you can’t stay?
SHERAZ: Mobile for every one these days.

“Sheraz is super busy in his upcoming projects but the good-looking actor with a very friendly nature, gave us time out of his busy schedule. After a detailed conversation we say good bye and thanks to Sheraz with lots of love and best wishes for his future projects”.

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