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Grooming And Style Guide Exclusively With Hamza Firdous

An award winning web drama producer and actor in Ireland, Hamza Firdous has started to make waves in Pakistan as well. The handsome hunk has now become a new sensation on telly town. He charms all with his good-looks and acting skills. His debut drama O Rangreza instantly clicked with the masses. His portrayal of self-centred and greedy young man being well appreciated. He has made a place in hearts of more than million fans through his dramas which includes Seerat, O Rangreza and Ghughi. Hamza is now determined to prove his talent as an actor and is all set to woo us again with his acting chops in Maalal-e-Yaar and Andhera Ujhala remake.

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In an industry where arrogance and ego is the norm of the day, Hamza comes across as a true gentleman, humble and a true professional. His professional attitude does not translate down to his real life. He has not let his professional success blur his thinking mind. Known for his fashion sense, styling and well groomed personality, we caught up with Hamza to provide our readers with some grooming lessons and style tips from the finest source for you. The suave and stylish man gives us a peek of his stylish thoughts with some major grooming lessons as under.

P- What is the most important aspect of grooming any man must adopt?
Hamza: Definition of grooming can vary from person to person. Being clean and hygienic is the most important aspect of grooming near to me. Whether it relates to man grooming in terms of body parts like hair, skin or in terms of products like Body Wash, Body Powders, Face Wash, Sun Block, Body Lotion Deodorants etc, the underlying important aspect is cleanness. A person looks good when he take proper care of his cleanliness. So the basic need of body is to be clean.

P- What is style and grooming according to you?
Hamza: Near to me style is all about comfort and is an expression of your personality. You can express the whole world about your personality just by the type of clothes you wear. It’s a way to express and discover yourself. And as i said before grooming for me is all about being hygienic.

P- How important is manicure and pedicure for men?
Hamza: I think it’s also part of cleanliness. Most of men do not go for manicure and pedicure when they visit salons. As they consider and regard it as effeminate, time waste, embarrassment even few regard it as money waste. Irrespective of gender, generally it is important to have a hygiene factor. Furthermore if we except women around us to be clean so we also need to be clean.

P- How much time do you spend for your daily grooming?
Hamza: My daily grooming time is not same for every day. It’s depend on my schedule and daily routine. Like if i am going for an event, party or holiday, i probably take 1 hour. And when i am on shooting, i spend time on my grooming according to situation. And when i am at home, like every guy i just took shower and then becomes a lazy one.

P- Is there one grooming product you carry with you wherever you?
Hamza: I always carry with me not one but three products in my bag whenever i go out. My face wash, moisturizer and rose water.

P- Do you follow trends or like to break rules?
Hamza: I just keep one thing in my mind when it comes to style and fashion that you should wear anything which you like without worrying about what people would say. When you start to wear without worrying about people around you, it create trends and sometime surprise others regarding your style statement.

P- 10 being the highest, on a scale of 1 to 10, how metrosexual would you rate yourself?
Hamza: I would like to say I am 10. As being metrosexual meant being hygienic, in which case I definitely would be 10.

P- Gives our readers some hair care and skin care tips?
Hamza: Use shampoo and condition twice or thrice in a week. Try to chose those products which does not harm your scalp. There is no harm to try homemade mask like you guys can make a paste of yogurt egg and apply to your hair. Also for shine and strong hair go with oil head massage at least once in a week. For skin care drink lots of water and wash your face 3 to 4 times a day with face wash.

After detailed conversation on man grooming we say thanks to Hamza for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting grooming notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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