7 Male Celebrities Who Got Surgery

The charm and craze which the Pakistani Actors have all around the world is not a hidden story. They enjoy a huge fan following because of their acting skills, looks and personality. Most of our Pakistani Actors have their name in list of Top Handsome Asian Men. It is because of their charm and power full acting that most of our Celebrities also showing their skills in Bollywood. We know that female celebrities are crazy about their looks so that they use to go for cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. But here we have some Pakistani Male Actors Who Got Surgery. Yes you guys read it right our some super stars also got surgery to have a new look. But as per our feelings some looks better before surgery. Here is the list below have a look on it.

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Pakistani Male Actors Who Got Surgery

1- Imran Abbas

At number one of our list we have Imran Abbas Naqvi. Yes we also shocked to know that Imran got surgery after making his name in industry. We do not know the rumor is true or not. But when we see the transformation for sometimes its comes to our mind that it is true. But honestly if we say he looks more cute handsome and sweet before surgery. Imran Abbas Naqvi is a recognized and well known face of Pakistani Showbiz Industry and also part of Bollywood. He acted opposite bollywood stars like Bipasha, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and others.

2- Danish Taimoor

The superstar of Pakistani Movies Danish Taimoor. He is also has his name in those of Pakistani Actors who makes the viewers to go back to watch Pakistani Movies. The charming hunk has also in this list and there is also rumors about Danish having a plastic or cosmetic surgery. But honestly when the fans and followers of Danish observe the old pictures of Danish. The rumors look to be true.

3- Fawad Khan

Shocked……..! Yeah Yeah Yeahhhhhh same here. When we found this old picture of Fawad Khan we also got the same shocked as you. It seems like that the news about Fawad about plastic surgery is true to some extent. But he looks so hot to handle. His personality and looks has enough power to fall anyone in love with him. That is the reason he has a huge fan following not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

4- Fahad Mustafa

And here comes the Hero and the superstar Fahad Mustafa. Bhai itna kya soch rhy ho………….! Oh can understand when we see his old pics we were also lost in thoughts. The shining & whiting skin and the features which he has today is a clear conflict about his personally. However it is no wrong today number of young guys and number fans follow his personality and wishes to have a look like him.

5- Zahid Ahmed

Here we have the drama king (Superstar of Drama Industry) Zahid Ahmed. The actor also made statement in his many interviews about his old looks and hair treatment. So the transformation which he has today is not a secret story. But we think that the story about his plastic surgery is not true. As we can see clearly the face features in his above old and new pics. The face cut today he has is because of his diet and slim transformation. If we appreciate his transformation in one word it will be handsome (Chesa).

6- Humayun Saeed

At the six point we have Humayun Saeed. The name and fame which the actor/producer has today is only because of his hard work and passion. There were also news about the actor on internet having plastic surgery. But honestly the man has plastic surgery or not he looks hottie in his new style and transformation.

7- Faisal Qureshi

Lastly here is the young and superstar Faisal Qureshi. At 44 the actor still has personality and charm which can make anyone to fell in love with him. There is also rumors that he is in one of those Pakistani Actors who got plastic surgery. But we do not think so like that. Have a look at his old pic and new pic we have above. The charm and the looks which he has in his young life still enjoys by the man. The personality which the actor has does not need any surgery. Not plastic surgery but he went through with hair transparent surgery. Even he was also ambassador of that clinic from where he got the treatment.

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