Exclusive: My Mindset Showed Me Positive Side That How Much My Body Can Get Better If I Work On It – Farhan Malhi

Farhan Malhi who has made a place in the hearts of more than a zillion fans through his dramas which includes the recent Piya Naam Ka Diya seems to be a lucky man these days. As he is celebrating the success of his recently on-air drama which is gaining very good when it comes to numbers. Cause of his flawless performances in dramas, charming personality and humble yet friendly nature, he has managed to gain huge fan following.

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Farhan has always been in the spotlight for his acting and grace, but more than that he has always been the talk of the town for his body, his sex appeal and his fitness. The handsome hunk is a huge travel and adventure enthusiast. He is not just a great actor, but also a fitness maniac in true sense! The hottie never misses out on exercise sessions even if he has busy schedule or on traveling. His fans not only loves watching him on TV but is also in awe of his well-chiseled body, ruggedly handsome looks, and his amazing personality, which proves that he is a kick-ass actor.

The good-looking handsome actor with his well sculpted bod is not only improving his life but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with Farhan to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed his fitness secrets but also gives Phupo’s readers some major fitness notes.

Fitness Talk With Farhan Malhi

P- Do you Exercise daily and What’s Your Workout routine?
Farhan: I try to do exercise daily depends on frequency and my game plan, it keeps me active, I do Pull, Push, and legs on and off, over the last few years my body have developed good resistance to pain.

P- Did you ever face any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it?
Farhan: Instead of insecurity my mindset showed me positive side that how much my body can get better if i work on it, its like a project you work on, I have learnt insecurities are just inside your mind, in real life people didn’t even bother it, since we all have somehow, its all about confidence and how u give acceptance to your insecurities.

P- The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout & why?
Farhan: Core and legs, because they are about 70% of your whole body. And it defines the shape of your body.

P- What score more, stamina or six-packs?
Farhan: Stamina with 6 packs… stamina shows you push yourself really hard, 6 pack shows you have really good diet control, (6 packs are not that necessary by the way) its just my choice.

P- What does being fit mean to you?
Farhan: Being fit is a life style, it gives you sense of purpose diciplion and joy, it’s makes you mentally and physically strong, and helps you to know more about your better and stronger version, only if its done right and didn’t rush into quick results, since it’s life time commitment.

P- If there is no gym around you as you are on shooting or traveling some where so what will you do to not compromise on your routine?
Farhan: Most of time i do work out on body weights or dumbbells i bought of certain weight, I don’t find an excuse while travelling or working. You can say it’s not part of my life style, it’s kinda kick for me to recharge, get my mojo back, blood circulation in brain and thinking and working more actively. Mostly I use some good pre workout just in case i want quick energy to kick in.

P- Your problem areas & your strengths?
Farhan: Problems, I don’t see much. And strengths, I am self motivated and always have that energy to workout anytime. My mind gets my body do go hustle.

P- What’s a common mistake people make while trying to get fit or lose weight?
Farhan: Mostly they don’t commit to it fully , and don’t show that consistency which it requires and yet they are expecting quick magical results. Where as transformation process demands discipline and dedication,

P- Your diet chat?
Farhan: My body goals are athletic body, so i eat and train accordingly, my height is 6 ft and body weight 76-79 kg stays same. I eat normal diet not very strict like eggs omelettes in break fast with yogurt, protein shakes, some rice, beef kebabs for meat protein, some fruits, these are essential for normal fitness. Yes I just avoid all the junk food and drinks, or fatty things, i have developed the habit of eating simple now,

P- Lastly 3 best tips for our readers?
Farhan: Take care if your body its a house for your soul.
Workout is tough only as long as u become tougher.
No one will lift you up, but you have 100% ability to lift yourself up, use your pain and turn it into strength.

After detailed conversation on fitness we say thanks to Farhan for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are taking fitness notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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