Celeb Grooming Guide: Yasir Ali Khan Shares Grooming Secrets In Exclusive Interview

The muscular yet chocolate boy of our showbiz industry has been basking into the glory of amazing response from the audiences and critics for his flawless performance as Ashir in Tohmat. His charm, sex appeal and with can floor anyone. Started his career as model, he rose to popularity with De Ijazat Jo Tu, Yasir Ali Khan has today evolved as an actor.

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The debonair man is also known as one of the most stylish, well groomed and sexiest celebrities. His sense of grooming is something that we can all aspire to. So we caught up with Yasir to provide our readers with some grooming lessons and style tips from the finest source for you. The suave and stylish man gives us a peek of his stylish thoughts with some major grooming lessons as under.

P- What is the importance of grooming near to you and most critical aspect of grooming any man must adopt?
Yasir: If i describe grooming in short term so it can be “Change for good”. Furthermore grooming is an essential part of everyone’s life. Not only because I am a showbiz personality do I believe in grooming. But as an Individual I feel everyone should be well groomed. If a person is well groomed it describes your real personality. The most important aspect of grooming is being clean and hygienic near to me. As cleanness is the basic need of body.

P- What is style according to you?
Yasir: Style is something you are comfortable in but for me even that has to compliment your attire.

P- What’s the thought that goes behind picking an outfit?
Yasir: First glance you will know either you like it or not, if you have to stare and makeup your mind please don’t buy it. It’s like love at first sight!

P- How important is manicure pedicure for men?
Yasir: Very important if not manicure or pedicure least a man can do is to keep the nails clean and trimmed.

P- How much time do you allot for your daily grooming?
Yasir: I usually spend 10 minutes max on my daily grooming. I am probably one of the few showbiz personalities who gets on the set for shoot and is ready within 10 minutes.

P- Is there one grooming product you carry with you wherever you go?
Yasir: Sunblock 🧴, I can’t do without it and use to carry with me wherever i go.

P- Do you follow trends or like to break rules?
Yasir: Well it’s complicated, at times i do follow the trend and at time i follow my gut.

P- 10 being the highest, on a scale of 1 to 10, how metrosexual would you rate yourself?
Yasir: Not at all, I can’t scale himself/herself let the other decide and scale you. On it just want to say just take care of yourself its as simple as it is.

P- Give our readers some summertime tips for hair care & also reveal some skin care Secrets?
Yasir: Okay… For hair care, don’t care is the best option but if you feel like going a little fancy then chalk powder and a tiny bit of wax would do and finish it up with light spray. Please avoid gel all seasons. Skin care for me is simple wake up put on some Sunblock, before bed throw in some moisturizer.

P- You are one of the fittest male celeb. How much does fitness relate to grooming?
Yasir: ALOTTTT!!! If one has a good and well sculpted bod, it increase the charm of your personality. It is 85% of your presentation. So i advise for working out everyday or at least 4 times a week. But still i would like to say with a fit body, you need to spend time also on grooming.

P- Who are some of the most well-groomed celebrities in the industry in your eyes?
Yasir- Sheheryar Munawer and Fawad Khan! They are so much well groomed men in our industry. And the way they dressed up, is amazing. I would say everyone should take fashion notes from them to look good.

P- How often do you upgrade your closet?
Yasir: Very often.

P- How convenient is it for the average urban man to remove chest hair? And near to you a guy look better with hairy or clean chest?
Yasir: I wouldn’t know since average is not me, but keep it or shave do what you gotta-do look,

After detailed conversation on man grooming we say thanks to Yasir for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting grooming notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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