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Celebrity fitness trainer, Anas Shahid is one of the most desired and loved men on social media. The young man has a body and look that can make anyone go crazy. He has one of the most in demand face and body in fitness modeling world. The hot hunk who has trained many celebrities says fitness is not three month fat loss package. But Being fit is a life style which gives you sense of purpose diciplion and joy. It’s makes you mentally and physically strong, and helps you to know more about your better and stronger version.

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The boy next door is now a celebrity who sports chiseled abs and muscular body. Which is drool-worthy and from his sexy grin to his 6 packs abs, the hottie is a total heartthrob. Undoubtedly and undeniably one of the fittest and hottest men in fitness world, he is regarded as one of the sexist men alive in the world. Following a strict diet and rigorous fitness routine, Anas has earned the reputation of the most desirable men in the nation. If you follow him on his social media handles, you can’t take off your eyes.

A fitness freak himself, Anas leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness. The man is not only improving his life but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with Anas to talk about his fitness. He just not only revealed his fitness secrets but also gives Phupo’s readers some major fitness notes.

Fitness Chat With Anas Shahid

P- How did you get involved in the business of health /wellness, and personal training?
Anas: Being fit and having a well sculpted body is always my love and passion. From the age of about thirteen or fourteen, I always knew i wanted to have muscles. So i started bodybuilding and love every aspect, from eating healthy to having a structured routine. I went crazy seeing the results that hard work had on my body. So, as a result, I have dedicated my life to my passion. And now I live life of a fitness model. Furthermore I wanted to help people of all age groups to stay fit and away from chronic diseases.

P- Are you CPR-certified? What other certifications do you hold?
Anas: I am not CPR certified and currently I am doing an accredited fitness certification. But to keep my fitness knowledge update I use to read blogs, follow articles and new methodologies in all fitness journals.

P- What is your inspiration in life and what keeps you motivated?
Anas: Firstly my passion to have a beautiful sculpted body motivates me. I always look at myself as someone who needs to improve. I think that we should never just settle there is always room for improvement. It is very important to stay motivated on what your goals are. Take it one day at a time and set little goals for yourself and accomplish them one by one. Secondly I stay motivated daily by thinking that all my hard work pays off in the end. At first when I stepped into the fitness world I did not know this as I was not planning on doing as much as I have today. However now I truly know that hard work does pay off.

P- In what areas do you find normal people making mistakes when hitting the gym?
Anas: People don’t commit to it fully , and don’t show that consistency which it requires and yet they are expecting quick magical results. They expect too much too soon and then when they don’t get it they quit! Where as transformation process demands discipline and dedication. It takes time to get in shape you don’t get out of shape overnight. So how can you expect to get into shape over night.

P- Your problem areas and your strength?
Anas: I think the problem areas are having constant injuries due to intense workouts. I’d say my strength is passion and motivation to maintain this body. I have worked very hard for in the past few years. That just keeps me going.

P- What are your top 3 favorite exercises, and why?
Anas: Military Presses – It truly helps build thick strong shoulders which provide strength for most of the upper body.
Dips – Not only is it great in adding thickness to the triceps but also if you switch the angle of your body it hits a good chunk of your chest.
Leg Pressing – Because it hits all of my lower body.

P- What essentials do we need at home, to get the same results as we would at the gym?
Anas: Butt Building Belt System, Mini Looped Resistance Bands, Jump Rope. Heavy Kettle bell, Exercise Mat, Dumbbells, Mini Foam Roller, Adjustable Weight Bench, and Workout Journal.

P- The body parts you should never ignore when it comes to workout?
Anas: The body parts you should never ignore is your belly and legs. Our bellies are the quickest to gain fat and we tend to get bigger in that area first if we do not pay attention to it. Also, if your belly fat is in control, you immediately start looking in shape at-least 50%. Secondly legs are the major part of your body, all i can say is never skip legs day.

P- What exercises are best for fat burn?
Anas: Kettlebell, Dumbbells Overhead Lunge, Medicine Ball Slam, Mountain Climber and Burpee are the best fat burning exercises.

P- How often do you perform cardio?
Anas: When I am behind on my prep I will use cardio (HIT mainly) daily to get the extra weight off. However, if I’ve taken enough time to get in shape for a show or shoot, then cardio is not even needed in my opinion. I train with such intensity that I can barely catch my breath in my sets and that is all I need when preparing the right way for a show.

P- Five essential things one should do after workout?
Anas: Stretch, use a foam roller, cool-down exercises, drink water and fuel up.

P- What gives you the best results when cutting?
Anas: Consistency. I know not the answer you were probably thinking. Being consistent with training, cardio and my diet is really what gives me my best results when cutting down. However if you were looking for another answer then I would say that what gives me my best results is my diet. Keeping up with my nutritional regimen changes my body composition the most.

P- Your workout routine?
Anas: I work out 6 days in a week for one-and-a-half hours or two hours. I focus on different body parts on different days. For example:

  • Monday Morning: 40-50 minute power walk.
  • Monday Evening: Chest, Abs and biceps.
  • Tuesday Morning: Cardio, Hamstrings, and calves.
  • Tuesday Evening: Quads, Delts and abs.
  • Wednesday Morning: 40-50 minute power walk.
  • Wednesday Evening: Arms, Shoulders, Abs.
  • Thursday Morning: 40-45 minute power walk.
  • Thursday Evening: Legs.
  • Friday Morning: 40-50 minute power walk.
  • Friday Evening: Chest, Back and abs.
  • Saturday Morning: 40-50 minute power walk.
  • Saturday Evening: Legs.

After detailed conversation on fitness we say thanks to Anas for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting major fitness notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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