Celeb Style Guide: Saim Ali Shares Style Secrets And Gives Some Major Fashion Notes

The style icon, Saim Ali is always on point when it comes to fashion. His social media handles are piled up with stylish and sexy pictures of him. Be it supporting baby pink, wearing colorful formal or keeping it traditional, he takes up all the dressing challenges. And never shies to experiment with his looks. And his social media handle is proof that he is the most stylish yet hot man around.

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Based in Lahore, Saim has been in showbiz since 11 years. He stepped into the industry as a fashion designer Since he grew up in an atmosphere of colours, fabrics and threads all around him. As his mother Farah Gillani was a designer herself. He got his formal training in fashion designing from Dubai. The charming man was doing well in designing field. After few years, he decided to follow his acting passion. Started his acting career with GEO TV’s drama ‘Heer’ in 2015, he also hosted a morning show alongside Noor, the same year. He created a niche for himself in the industry in a very short span of time. His soft accent, friendly nature and drool-worthy personality earned for him massive fan following After making his place into zillion hearts with his performance in ‘Tum Kaisi Aurat Ho’, currently he is wooing his fans as Dr Burhan in Pakeeza Phupo.

In an industry where arrogance and ego is the norm of the day, Saim comes across as a true gentleman, humble and a true professional. His professional attitude does not translate down to his real life. He has not let his professional success blur his thinking mind. Known for his fashion sense, styling and well groomed personality, we caught up with Saim to provide our readers with some fashion lessons and style tips. The suave and stylish man gives us a peek of his stylish thoughts with some major fashion lessons as under.

P- Your style in a line & one word that describes your style statement?
Saim: I always believe and make sure that whatever i wear it has to go with my personality and whatever i wear, i should carry it well. I always follow fashion trends and go accordingly. If i describe my style statement in one word so it would be edgy.

P- Things you carry to the set or things you think every person should carry with him?
Saim: Well, first of all definitely mobile as it is the most important accessory of this era. I never forget to carry it with me, can’t do without it. Apart from that, i have my little makeup kit. Which I use to carry to the set because i don’t use makeup kit or accessories of makeup artist. One more thing which i always have in my bag, is black coffee jar. I think everyone person should carry a body deodorant and perfume which is most important more than anything else.

P- Which is your favorite brand for clothes, accessories & perfumes? & What’s your thoughts when you are on shopping & how you manage budget?
Saim: People and specially my fans who use to follow me on my Instagram and other social media handles think that i am a very high profile person or someone who is very high on fashion. They might think I am brand conscious and use to buy expensive clothes and accessories. But to be very honest, I am not addicted to brands. Okay, fine I am lying if i say brand don’t matter, they do. But I believe sometimes you also get something good from local brands too. As i also love to visit local brands and use to buy t-shirts there. For me brands don’t matter too much. I am obsessed with different fragrances. There are many perfumes i love, can’t take name of one.

P- Who is your style icon & why?
Saim: I don’t have one style icon. I follow a lot of fashionistas around the world. And i never see myself in them. But I like to do pick and choose. For example is someone is wearing a nice pair jeans and someone other is wearing a eye-catching T-Shirt. So I just always go with mix and match but there is no one style icon for me.

P- One color that dominates your wardrobe? & Top 3 colors you adopt to add in trends in men fashion?
Saim: Not one there are three colors which dominate my wardrobe, Black, white and grey. Among these three Black is my most favorite. But I love to play with colors. I love green, yellow even baby pink which i consider is very hot. But unfortunately men never like to go with such colors. So i like to add pink shades in trends in men fashion.

P- One biggest compliment you received about your style and fashion sense?
Saim: Well, I would be showing off if i share the compliments which i received from my fans. But yes I feel so blessed and thankful that my fans are so kind. They keep messaging me by mentioning about my style sense. To receive such compliments from fans always are very special for me.

P- One celebrity’s wardrobe that you would want to steal?
Saim: No one (Laugh). Probably Ranveer Singh, if i allow to speak about Bollywood actor. Because the guy is completely high fashion. From colorful two piece to bright-full traditional, stylish tuxedos to causal, the actor slays in every outfit he picks up. As he takes up all the dressing challenges very comfortably. I do like his fashion sense. Sometimes he might go overboard, but still I really like the way he dress up.

P- One celebrity from whom you used to take fashion notes?
Saim: No, There is no one from whom i take fashion notes. But there are some celebrities who use to take fashion notes from me. They use to take screen shoot of my pictures to copy my style but it’s completely healthy. I am an influencer person on social media when it comes to life style.

P- Most fashionable destination as per you?
Saim: London, Pairs and Milan.

P- How happy are you by knowing the fact that you use to give major fashion goals to many guys around?
Saim: As i said before, that I am who influences other on social media. I don’t do lots of effects and I also don’t push myself so much in fashion. I think I probably born that way. The fashion sense I have so much inside me that I have not to try too hard, Yes! it’s always make me happy that guys are like to take notes from me. And I also love to help my fans when they ask me about any fashion tip. It’s not less than pleasure.

P- Any hairstyle or looks would you like to experiment with in the future?
Saim: No, I am an actor so i have to adopt the hairstyle according to my character. And i am not allowed to do so much experiment with my hair. But yeah if I have to change it so i would do blow dry hair style.

P- 3 most important tips to your fans who follows your footsteps when it comes to outfit selection & looks?
Saim: The most important thing and tip is, you should have to follow what your heart says. Pick those outfits in which you consider yourself charming. Choose the outfit which your personality allows you to wear. Don’t go overboard. Never pickup those things in which you look so much load. Be elegant, modern yet simple.

After detailed conversation on man styling, we say thanks to Saim for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are getting fashion notes from this handsome lad like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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