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Cute Birthday Wishes: Relations without fun moments are like food without salt. Fun and cheer moments are the most important essentials of life. When a relation is full of fun, cheer and lite-moments it becomes adorable. And when you are in a good relationship you never miss a chance to make your love one cheer on the special moment of his/her life. Birthday celebrations are intended to be brimming with chuckling and cheer. When your love one opens his/her birthday card from you or the text he/she receive from you, you’ll know why they can’t quit grinning and smiling.

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Your Funny Birthday Wishes will bring smiles on his/her face. So do not be late. Select one of these interesting upbeat & Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes and match them with your very own words to make the ideal cheers to one more year more seasoned.

Cute Birthday Wishes

1- I tell you on this day you do not have to be afraid of getting older. Luckily you can color gray hair again.

2- Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!

3- You’ve put a smile on my face so many times, I hope I can give you one in return on your big day. You’re sweet, cute, kind and so many other things. Being in your life is a blessing. Happy birthday, sweetie!

4- Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday………!

5- Your birthday is the start of another year with more surprise and joy around every corner. Unless you take the corner too quickly…in that case you might just get cake in your face.

Cute Birthday Wishes (1)

6- Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!

7- Do not take it so tragically – the first hundred years are the hardest! Happy Birthday!

8- Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy birthday!

9- Happy birthday, smiley-face! Your smile is my favorite thing in the world, and today I will make sure it shines brighter than a million suns.

10- You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy birthday.

Cute Birthday Wishes (2)

Funny Birthday Wishes

11- On your birthday we wish for you that whatever you want most in life it comes to you just the way you imagined it or better. Happy birthday!

12- I’m sorry I can’t be there for your birthday, but my thoughts are always with you. Happy birthday to the world’s most amazing friend!

13- To celebrate your birthday I would have thought of a cruise in the Caribbean. Would you mind watering plants during my absence? Happy birthday……….!

14- Sending your way a bouquet of happiness…To wish you a very happy birthday!

15- From my heart to yours, happy birthday! I hope your heart bursts with love on your special day. Though not literally. That wouldn’t make for a very good birthday.

Cute Birthday Wishes (3)

16- Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

17- Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever. Happy birthday!

18- Happy birthday! You always make me so happy that I just can’t help but smile. May you smile all day today on your special day.

19- Listen, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you have to learn to control the habit of celebrating birthdays. It is scientifically proven that too many birthdays kill. So, take a break.

20- It’s a smile from me… To wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Wishes (4)

Cute Birthday Greetings

21- There is no amount of confetti or glitter that could sparkle as much as you. Still, I hope you are showered in shiny thoughts as you begin your next amazing year.

22- Happy birthday to someone who is smart, gorgeous, funny and reminds me a lot of myself… from one fabulous chick to another!

23- I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful birthday.

24- Birthdays are like fine wine, homemade cupcakes and fizzy champagne. You have to savor them while you have them. Indulge your every wish on this special day.

25- For your birthday I wanted to give you something fascinating and fun, but then I remembered that you already have me in your life. Best wishes.

Cute Birthday Wishes (5)

26- Many years ago on this day, God decided to send an angel to earth. The angel was meant to touch lives and that happened! Happy birthday my sweet angel!

27- This is the first day of the rest of your life. Will you join me for the rest of your birthdays, darling? I can think of nothing I want more than that.

28- As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two. Happy birthday.

29- Happy birthday to you. From good friends and true, from old friends and new, may good luck go with you and happiness too!

30- Don’t think of your birthday as getting another year older. Think of it as another year well spent with friends and family. I know am looking forward to the next year because we will get to spend it together. Here’s to you, my love.

Cute Birthday Wishes (6)

Cute Birthday Messages & Posts

31- Listen, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you have to learn to control the habit of celebrating birthdays. It is scientifically proven that too many birthdays kill. So, take a break.

32- A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends.

33- Surround yourself with laughter and happiness on your birthday! That means you shouldn’t invite your mother-in-law over for the celebration.

34- On your birthday, I thought of giving you the cutest gift in the world. But then I realized that is not possible, because you yourself are the cutest gift in the world.

35- Happy birthday to one of my best friends. Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! Love you and happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Wishes (7)

36- I hope you have only the best surprises on your birthday! I can’t tell you what any of them are, of course, because then they wouldn’t be surprises anymore.

37- There is a very intelligent, rich, beautiful and famous person who was born today. Too bad it’s not you. Happy Birthday to you too.

38- Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy. Don’t ever change! Happy birthday my dear.

39- Take a day off today to celebrate your birthday. Better yet, take a whole year off and tell everyone that you are younger! If you need help celebrating, I’m right here! Happy birthday!

40- It’s birthday time again, and wow! You’re a whole year older now! So clown around and have some fun to make this birthday your best one. Happy birthday.

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These are some funny and cute Birthday Wishes. For more wishes and quotes keep follow Phupo.

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