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Final Year Report 2019: Best Pakistani Dramas of 2019 That You Should Watch If You Haven’t

There is absolutely no doubt that each passing year our drama industry strive to provide the quality entertainment to the viewers. The best thing about our drama industry is, apart from entertainment, it also highlights social issues. That’s the reason our dramas are appreciated the world-over. From classics to the new genre, all are in high demand outside of Pakistan. With limited number of episodes of each drama and a specific story line, these are certainly capturing the attention of audience worldwide. Like previous years, this year we also witnessed some strong and powerful stories on our TV screens. From strong story line to powerful concept coupled with a brilliant direction and amazing characterization these aspects not only contribute towards the success of dramas. But also set the bar high.

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These essentials are then backed by equally good acting. It’s amazing to see how actors today don’t shy away from portraying more real roles. Many actors took the challenging roles this year and proved their mettle by portraying some strong characters. These actors not only kept the audience engaged with drama but also set a new level of acting in Pakistan. To conclude we can say, Pakistani drama industry has been fast catching up both in terms of popularity and great content. As the year is ending soon. Here, Phupo presents 11 Best Dramas of 2019.

1. Do Bol

Do Bol very subtly conveyed the importance of Nikah. And how the words Qabool Hai have enough power to merge two hearts into one. The drama features Affan Waheed, Hira Mani and Haroon Shahid in leading roles. The tagline of the drama “Nikah Do Bol Dil Badal Detay Hain” caught everyone’s attention even before it went on-air. It is the unique story-line and the performances of Do Bol’s actors that got us hooked instantly with it’s first episode. Directed by Syed Wajahat Rauf, the story of drama has penned down by Sarwat Nazir. Produced by Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment, It premiered on ARY Digial.

Ratings **** (4.8/5)

2. Cheekh

One of the best serial ever we witnessed on our TV screens. As unlike other dramas, the drama not only showed female lead as damsel in distress. But we witnessed a strong portray of a woman who fought for right and truth. Cheekh explores how the affluent elite use their money and sources to manipulate legal processes surrounding the death of a lower middle class girl. It features Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas Khan, Emmad Irfani, Aijaz Aslam and Azekah Daniel. Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, It premiered on ARY Digial. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, Badar Mehmood as director of the drama.

Ratings **** (4.8/5)

3. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Started off with a very unique story and gained immediate popularity, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi featured Iqra Aziz, Imran Ashraf and Syed Jibran in lead roles. The intense story revolved around Noori and Bhola’s unconventional romantic relationship. The first episode of drama has over 10 million views on Youtube and TRPs were very high. It gained immense popularity on social media and was slot leader. Not only the drama and it’s story, but also all the cast gained critical acclaim. The story highlighted many social issues like awareness about mentally challenged people, wrong perceptions of society on castes and many others. Directed by Kashif Nisar, the drama produced by MD Production. Written by Faiza Iftikhar, It premiered on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.7/5)

4. Anaa

The story of the drama is intriguing one as it deals with how pride can eventually end up destroying everything. The drama features Shehzad Sheikh and Hania Amir in lead roles alongside Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar. The drama marked Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar TV debut. Where the drama instantly hit the masses on the other hands  the acting skills of debut stars Usman and Naimal got well-appreciated. A very realistic drama which deals with emotions beautifully, it became one of the most loved drama of the year. The sparkling chemistry of Altamash and Izza has been applauded by the masses. Written by Samira Fazal, the director of the drama was Shahzad Kashmiri. Produced by MD Production, It premiered on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.7/5)

5. Hasad

The story of the drama highlights how jealousy destroy a person’s happy life. The makers and writer of Hassad tried their best to propagate the adverse effects of jealousy and envy. The drama revolves around the life and turmoil of Nain Tara portrayed by Minal Khan. It also featured Noor Hassan and Arij Fatyma in leading roles. Written by Abida Ahmed and Maimoona Aziz, Aabis Raza was the director of the drama. Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, It aired on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.7/5)

6. Choti Choti Batain

Hum TV and versatile Actress, Producer and Director Angeline Malik collaborated for drama Choti Choti Baatain which wass all about breaking stereotypes. The episodic drama was light-hearted content which challenge taboos prevalent in our society. The plot is making audience understand that all the issues like (old women wearing bright colors or husband cooking at home while wife is at work or younger sister getting married before the elder one) are very petty. These type of petty issues must be let go instead of creating havoc over them. Which also brings lesson in light that Let the people live the way they want to. Each story and characters are relatable. With a fresh take on stories, the drama aims for the message Live and Let Live. Directed by Angeline Malik, the series is collaboration of Angelic Films and MD Production. It aired on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.7/5)

7. Suno Chanda 2

The story of Suno Chanda revolves around two best friends Arsal and Ajiya which has already given us major friendship goals. They are perfect crime partners but they hate being life partners. They use to fight over every small thing. But the hidden love in their hearts for one another bring them in beautiful relation of marriage. With season 2 the story shifts to their marriage life. How the new relationship effects them. The drama got huge popularity among the masses because of it’s unique storyline and interesting concept. Produced by MD Production, Ahson Talish directed the drama. The second season also focus on story of Mithu and Maina. The sleeper hit was written by Saima Akram Chaudhry. It aired on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.6/5)

8. Kamzarf

Produced by Hassan Zia under their production banner Mastermind Productions, It featured Junaid Khan, Rabab Hashim and Nadia Khan in lead roles. The drama also Mariyam Nafees, Ali Ansari and Alyy Khan in pivotal roles. The story of drama is a story of four siblings, out of which the elder sister Aima portrayed by Naida Khan is a dominating one who wants to rule her siblings just because of the compromises she made while raising their siblings after the death of their parents. This dominating behavior churn up everything including their love life. Written by Seema Munaf, It aired on Geo Entertainment.

Ratings **** (4.2/5)

9. Mere Paas Tum Ho

Directed by Nadeem Baig, the story of the drama has been penned down by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. The lead trio portrayed by Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddique have proved to be a best lead. The drama’s first episode received the highest ratings ever for the first episode in the history of any drama in Pakistan. The drama immediately gained popularity and became the most popular serial of 2019 after airing its first episode. The performances and chemistry of Humayun and Ayeza were praised by critics. Humayun Saeed absolutely killed it with a Good Boy Avatar. He shares great on-screen chemistry with Ayeza. The superb performances of the trio and brilliant direction keeps the viewers engaged in a crisp story. It aired on ARY Digital.

Ratings **** (4.9/5)

10. Alif

The drama features Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Ali in lead roles alongside Kubra Khan and Ahsan Khan. All the central characters played by Hamza, Sajal and Kubra have several layers of emotions underneath them. And the drama is all about a soulful journey of love and guidance to the straight path. The ensemble cast of drama also includes Manzar Sehbahi, Osman Khalid Butt, Saleem Mairaj, Lubna Aslam, Nida Mumtaz, Saifi Hassan, Salman Saeed, Sadaf Kanwal, Yashma Gil, George Fulton, Balaaj Hassan, Fahad Ahmed, Mussadiq Malik and many more. It aired on Geo Entertainment.

Ratings **** (4.7/5)

11. Ishq Zahe Naseeb

The drama features Zahid Ahmed, Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sonya Hussain and Zarnish Khan in leading roles. The drama became one of the mega hits of the season. From the director of Baaghi Farooq Rind, Ishq Zehnaseeb is an upcoming drama from the writer of Khuda Aur Mohabbat fame Hashim Nadeem. The drama focuses on split personality disorder. Produced by MD Produced, it aired on Hum TV.

Ratings **** (4.5/5)

What do you guys say about the list of Top 11 Dramas of 2019 that one should watch. And if you feel that we have missed any name who deserved well. Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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