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The Promo of Ghalati Drama Seems As The Perfect comeback For Our Favorite On-Screen Couple Affan Waheed & Hira Mani

We as the TV watchers, always loved stories about love, relationships and family dramas. The number of on-air drama serials are the proof of it. However, ARY Digital’s Do Bol has gained the most popularity and become most loved drama of the season. As with a strong yet romantic story, it also introduced the most beautiful on-screen couple Affan Waheed and Hira Mani. Since the drama went off-air, one thing which everyone was missing Affan Waheed’s on-screen chemistry with his Do-Bol co-star Hira Mani. The duo won more then zillions hearts with their powerful acting skills in the drama. Which escalated their fame. And the super hit project also gained love for them across the borders.

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We previously reported that they are all set to make a comeback with an upcoming drama Ghalati. Now makers and ARY Digital have released intriguing and engaging first promo of Ghalati. And after watching the promo we are going crazy with the excitement to witness the romance between our favorite reel-life couple. In the upcoming drama Hira Mani to portray the character of Zaira. And Affan Waheed to play Saad. The upcoming drama already has created a lot of buzz. And when it has the ‘Do Bol’ couple as the lead pair, then there has to be a great yearning in audience for the story-line of the drama.

Watch Ghalati Promo

The story of the drama has penned down by Asma Siyani. And it revolves around the journey of Saad and Zahira as couple, who go through the different stages on life and how the overcomes the situations they faced. The drama is being directed by legendary and versatile actress Saba Hamid. Apart from the lead actors, the ensemble cast of the drama also includes Saba Hamid, Saba Faisal, Anoushay Abbasi, Usama Khan and few others in pivotal roles.

About Ghalati Drama Promo

In an intriguing promo we witness a romantic love conversation between the lead couple. Donning in black color, they came closer and Affan held the hand of Hira and asked “Bharosa Karti Ho Mujhe Par”. To which Hira replied, “Khud Say Bhi Zyda”. Then he asked, “Aur Mohababt”? “Humesha Karo Gai”, responded Hira. All the sudden the situation changed and we witnessed some heartbreak moments between the couple. After that Affan asked, “Mohabbat Kar Sakti Ho, Maaf Nahi Kar Sakti”? “Iss Ghalati Ki Maafi To Mere Bhi Bass Mein Nahi Hai”, said Hira and she moved away from him. And the promo comes to an end.

What We Like About Ghalati Promo

It seems that the teaser hints at some powerful and strong story-line and concept based on trust in a relationship. The biggest highlights of the drama is the teaser’s dialogues. From the dialogues it seems that a strong story-line to hit our TV screens. The characters seems to be tailor-made for the leading couple portraying them. From the emotional and responsible Hira’s character to soft-hearted husband (Affan’s Character), the actors suits their roles perfectly. Both the lead characters have already won our hearts with their performance. When it comes to the base plot, it is certainly an interesting one and the story is intriguing too. It is interesting to watch what actually happens between the couple. What kind of the mistake Saad has done which Zahira can’t forgive. And also how their love story will developed and as story uncover with time passing by, things get butter.

What We Don’t Like About The Promo

It is too far too soon for us to point out any flaws in the teaser. Honestly the promo has everything to hook up the audience to watch it.


The teaser manages to hold our interest has potential to keep the audience hooked. The watchers gets fair idea of the story. This has now raised the expectation bar making the drama a promising one. The hot favorite on-screen couple surely create magic once again with their chemistry. Produced by Six Sigma Plus, the drama will air on ARY Digital. Directed by Saba Hamid, Ghalati is marking the return of heartthrob Affan Waheed and Hira Mani on TV Screens alongside Usama Khan. The cast also includes Saba Hamid, Saba Faisal, Anoushay Abbasi, Usama Khan and few others in pivotal roles. It will also interesting to watch what their characters bring twist and turns. Overall, We liked the teaser and are looking forward to watch the drama.

Ratings **** (4.5/5)

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