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The Teasers Of Azfar Rehman, Anmol Baloch & Humayun Ashraf Starrer Saza-e-Ishq Are Out Now

Earlier we reported that, after too much wait, finally we are going to watch two of the most handsome and talented men Azfar Rehman and Humayun Ashraf from the industry in one frame. As they are going to share screen space with drama serial Saza-e-Ishq. Blessed with successful career in modeling and films, Azfar has made loyal fan following for him with his work. Although his fans are enjoying his acting skills on silver screen. But they are heartily missing him on TV screen and waiting for his comeback on TV. Now he is making his small screen comeback with this drama. Like Azfar, Humayun is also marking his return on TV as he is winning hearts with his flawless performance on big screens. The new sensation of telly town Anmol Baloch has joined them as the female lead.

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The news was exclusively and very firstly reported by our blog. Since the fans of the stars heard the news about the upcoming drama, they have been looking forward to it.  So with the teasers of Saza-e-Ishq, the story seems interesting. The said drama is under Express Entertainment’s domain. The teasers narrates the tale of intense triangle love. The 27 seconds short teaser simply manages to hold the interest owning to interesting story-line. And it seems that a very beautiful yet intense love story is going to hit our screens. Where the drama already has such talented actors on board how is it possible that the drama will not ignite our interest in it. Directed by Fahim Burney, it is very first time that Humayun, Anmol and Azfar have teamed up for a project.

About Saza-e-Ishq Teasers

In first teaser starts with glimpse of Anmol in red suit enjoying quality time and exploring nature. All the sudden we witness a man holds Anmol’s arm and at that moment we have first glimpse of the hero of the drama Azfar. They come close and share some romantic moment. The most exciting and eye-catching thing that takes up everyone attention is chemistry and the eye contact between Azfar and Anmol. The way they look each other is incredible. Their chemistry should work for the drama. The cinematography seems beautiful and it may attract a lot of youngsters as it has youthful feel to it.

The second teaser have a different story. As we have Anmol in white dress enjoying nature in a garden. Then we witness second leading man of the drama Humayun’s entry. He comes close to Anmol, sits near to her and share some romantic moment. And the third teaser changes whole scenario. As in third teaser we watch Anmol enjoying rain and calling Azfar for coming but he denies. All the sudden a man holds her hand and when she sees him he is not Azfar but Humayon. The teaser comes to an end there.

What We Like About Saza-e-Ishq Teasers

The best thing about the teasers is, all the leading characters have gotten a simple yet stellar entry. The basic plot-line is rather simplistic where on the paper, it can be explained in one sentence – a love triangle story. Even though the sheer fact that stalwart talents like Azfar Rehman and Humayun Ashraf are the leading faces of the drama should be enough to have you excited. But it will be interesting to watch what the makers actually have to keep us hook with the story-line. The other thing that is impressive in the promo is the simplicity. As there is no confusion regarding the drama plot and characters. The teaser hints that the triangle love tale has potential to keep the audience hooked. The chemistry between the Azfar and Anmol will definitely bring magic to the screens. The trio Azfar, Humayun and Anmol looking simple yet absolutely stunning and perfect in the teasers. Saza-e-Ishq seems to be perfect comeback for Azfar and Humayun.

What We Don’t Like About Saza-e-Ishq Teasers

It is too far too soon for us to point out any flaws in the teaser. But one thing which comes wired to us. The teaser does not revealed anything about the other pivotal characters. Although, the teasers show a simple love triangle story which is impressive. But the intriguing facts, which are important to manage to hold interest, are missing from the teasers.


The story-line cannot be judged right now as it is too early. We are still giving the drama the benefit of the doubt to come clean with something new, when and if there are new promos. Still, we are certainly excited about Azfar and Humayun returning to TV alongside new telly sensation Anmol Baloch. The new pairing is bring freshness on TV. And the audience will witness to watch something new and different. Overall, We liked the teaser and are looking forward to watch the drama.

Ratings **** (4.5/5)

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