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Feel The Heat As These Emerging Male Models Raise Temperatures This Winter By Flaunting Their Hot Bods On Social Media

For decades, Pakistani Entertainment Industry has been providing with the best drama serials and movies. There are many A-Listener from the industry who played a vital role in the revival and growth of TV and film industry in Pakistan. It’s a factual statement that Men with drool-worthy yet well sculpted bodies are the latest addition on the TV and Movies Screens. Apart from strong screen presence, flawless acting chops and dialogue delivery, sexy physique is another prerequisite in showbiz industry now. And we are totally in love with this trend.

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But with times more turnover than the TV and film industry, the modeling industry is a lot more diverse, with a lot more handsome men. These are models who work hard not just on their work in order to succeed, but also on their bodies. They are trying their best to achieve optimum levels of fitness. So that they can become capable of becoming the dream men of the many people who follow their foot steps for a stylish healthy lifestyle. Some of these young men are so good looking; it is hard to believe that they are for real. Undoubtedly and undeniably, these men are dashing and dapper, with great physiques and oodles of talent that make them popular. In a women-dominated medium, they have managed to hold their own.

Hottest & Most Desirable Male Models On Instagram

We’re always keeping our eyes open for a new crush or at least a new fantasy. And honestly, Instagram is a gift when it comes to a new crush. Because when we run out of hot guys in our hometown, we have Instagram. An undoubtedly it is a media that just makes us drool on some hot male models. Feel the heat in this coolly winter season as here we have found some hottest emerging male models on Instagram. These hot guys with their well sculpted bods, sex-appeal and charisma raise the temperature. And trust us, there’s never enough hot guy in your feed. You better follow them all.

To rescue us from this cool weather, once again Instagram has provided us the chance to gaze at the hottest male models in Pakistan who are definitely the cause of the soaring high temperature here.

Usama Saeed

The Karachi based fitness model, Usama Saeed has been adored by the millions. The handsome hunk not only knows how to pose, train or walk the ramp. But also very well knows how to woo us by flaunting his kick-ass body. From his soiled chest and strong arms to his 6-packs abs, he is total hunk. He is purely a drool-worthy and super freaky hot. The heartthrob of young generation, his sharp features and rough-tough looks make him stand apart from his contemporaries. With an enviable physique and loads of confidence, he is definitely one of the most desirable men in the industry.

Aasif Rehman

Aasif Rehman is no stranger to the limelight. The sexier man has ruled the industry since he stepped into the world of modeling. It did not take long for him to garner the attention of one and all around. Aasif was one of the first to bring the muscular male body back into the spotlight. For many years he was the leading male model of top brands. From year to year, he is recognized as the best of the best and has no shortage of contracts. He is one hottie you can’t get enough of. His commitment to his work alongside hot features and sex appeal earned for him local and international acclaim. That’s how he uses to impress us!

Sachal Azfal

Sachal Afzal rocks a hot bod and an even hotter smile. This Fresh Face is slowly but surely making his presence felt in the industry. His innocent smile and gentle expressions add to his desirability quotient. He even has made a mark as a cute yet sexiest man which is rare combination. His ability to adapt to either editorial or runway craved a niche for himself in the industry. And surely he is going to give many a tough competition. Those abs, the sex-appeal and the rest of his Instagram aesthetics has us drooling and craving for much, much more.

Zohaib Alam

Have you ever seen a ‘Sexiest Lecturer’ with a drool-worthy hot physique? Meet Mr. Zohaib Alam. The Lecturer with his well-chiseled bod is making everyone go weak to the knees. Blessed with fitness training skills as well as a career in modeling, he is the only one man in industry who can make head turns and girls drool with his sexy and suave looks. Undoubtedly, he is the ‘Sexiest Lecturer on the Planet’. Look at his features…. Is this person even real? His brooding personality has earned him a good fan following.

Farman Masood

Can there be a sight hotter than that of Farman Masood showing off his well chiseled physique? Well, if not, then you are a person of amazing choice. The model uses to share his shirtless pics on his social media handles which are breathtakingly hot. Undoubtedly he has a body and look that can make any girl go crazy. A man who looks good in Salwar Kameez is a man who can only be described as ridiculously beautiful. Besides good looks and a great physique, Farman is reckoned as an extremely talented model in the industry. Every woman’s ideal man, what adds to his desirability quotient is his quiet demeanour, which has a calming effect on people.

Hamza Salah

The Dubai based Pakistani model Hamza Salah is the hottest property of our modeling industry.The model uses to share a jaw-dropping pictures of him, where he can be seen showing off his ripped abs and well sculpted body. His good looks and hot-bod have earned him plenty of fans and international career. His social media handle is proof of how hard the Hamza works towards his body. This good-looking handsome lad with an enviable style and a hot bod makes everyone go weak in knees. His selfie game is super strong. He has a hella happening life and with those cheek bones which look like they could cut through glass, we can’t help but crush on this beauty. And hopefully you are too, when it comes to instantly falling in love with this man.

Omer Farooq

How can someone be so HOT? That’s the first question you will ask when you see Omer Farooq flaunting his hot bod. Oh boy, he has a sexy look and one’s just cannot take eyes off his washboard abs. The boy-next-door looks and innocence have made him popular with the netizens. This hottie can bowl you over with his talent and good looks. This hunk probably laughs at most of the people in acting field who emerge from the gym after 6 months and announce that they are “ripped”. It is undeniably true that his shirtless glimpse is treat for the eyes. He too is aware of how good-looking he is, so there is no dearth of body baring selfies that you can feast your eyes on, on a daily basis.

Zacki Khan

With superhuman good looks and a resume boasting campaigns as well as bevy of runway shows Zacki Khan has earned his status in the industry. The entrepreneur turned model’s chiseled bod and and charming looks make him one of the most drool-worthy man on Instagram. Girls simply can’t get enough of Zacki who has good looks beyond imagination. A face and a body like that isn’t programmed to disappoint.

Atiq Rehman

Atiq Rehman is another one of those ridiculously good-looking models who happen to be Pakistani. The model, like most of his peers and contemporaries, likes posting half-naked pictures of himself in scenic setting like these. However, he is the kind of good-looking that makes you want to photoshop yourself into pictures with him. There isn’t a word in the dictionary that perfectly elucidate how hot Atiq is. Smart and handsome, he is a complete package and true hunk. A well sculpted bod is not less than treat for eyes. Whether it was his runway walks or his physical attributes, he never let one overpower the other.

What do you guys say about these hot male models on social media handle. And if you feel that we have missed any name who deserved well. Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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