11 Actors Who Can Pull Off Psychopath Roles & Step Right Into The Skin Of Character Like A Pro

To watch drama serials is one of our best time pass. There is absolutely no doubt that each passing year our drama industry strive to provide the quality entertainment to the viewers. The best thing about our drama industry is, apart from entertainment, it also highlights social issues. Because of it’s relatable story-lines and concepts, our drama are getting love from all around the world. From classics to the new genre, all are in high demand outside of Pakistan. With limited number of episodes of each drama and a specific story line, these are certainly capturing the attention of audience worldwide. The best thing is, the makers are experimenting with all genres like from comedy, action, horror, supernatural to biopics. Which doesn’t increasing viewership but also providing the platform to artists to show their versatility.

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But one genre which we rarely and hardly watch on our TV screens is ‘Physiological Thriller’. We don’t know why the makers are not experimenting with this genre. As we know that there a zillions TV watchers who are very fond of ‘Physiological Thriller’. There are many English and American ‘Physiological Thriller’series which have equally loved by Pakistani audience. From ‘You’, ‘Hannible’, ‘Mr. Robort’, ‘Jessica Jones’ to ‘Legion’ all have a loyal fan following and viewership in Pakistan. As we know that to portray an idealistic or positive characters maybe comparatively easy. But to essaying a psychopath role is quite a challenge. As such roles are complex in nature hence actors have to look innocent and menacing at the same time! As we mentioned above not a lot of drama serials have shown characters who are psychotic.

Actors Who Portray Psychopath & Nail It

But undoubtedly and undeniably, our industry have blessed with actors who can manage to tap into any character like a pro. They have ability to adapt into any genre of acting. Their ability to act any genre with absolute ease earned them international acclaim. This made us think and we listed out 11 industry’s precious gems, who we think could take up such roles and would totally nail it on the screen.

Ayeza Khan

Does this lady need any intro? The gorgeous lady never fails to woo her fans with her flawless acting chops. From Farah of Pyarey Afzal to challenging role of Mehwish in Mere Pass Tum Ho, Ayeza Khan has managed to tap into her characters like a pro. We have seen her acting quality and intense performances. She has done positive and negative on TV and we know she can easily pull of a psychopath role.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

The multi talented singer and song writer, Mohsin Abbas Haider, known for his well-sculpted physique also has made mark as an actor on dramas and films. Started his career as DJ, the actor rose to stardom on silver screen with Na Maloom Afraad. And continued to increase the small screen’s charm with his powerful acting skills in Muqbail. He has proved his versatility by portraying different roles on TV and silver screens as well. His impeccable comic timing coupled with really expressive eyes alongside intense performances earned for him local and international acclaim. Have you seen him as Dabeer in ‘Meri Guriya’? If yes, so we don’t need to explain why he should be in this list.

Bilal Abbas Khan

The handsome lad Bilal Abbas has become a new sensation on TV. He charms all with his good looks and acting skills on small screen. His dramas Balaa and Cheekh had instantly clicked with the masses and his characters of Taimoor and Wajih being well-appreciated. After playing a villain in Cheekh, he is all set to woo us by portraying a cute and innocent sweet guy in Pyar Kay Sadqay. Undoubtedly he can easily pull of a psychopath role. Imagine his innocent looks in Pyar Kay Sadqay looking at you with his head tilted flaunting an innocent smile. When the camera moves behind him, Imagine the cruel Wajih having a blood stained knife in his hand.

Sonya Hussain

Sonya Hussain is one actress who has wonders since she began her career. The actress who made a debut with Dareecha 8 years back, has steadily grown as an actress. She has tried to step out of her comfort zone by taking up challenging roles. Be it a period drama or a thriller, she struck a fine balance juggling varied characters with much ease. She has also done character of mentally challenged girl in Nazo. As she has proved her versatility by adopting different genres so Sonya can pulled off psychopath easily.

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is the one actor who has evolved immensely with the passage of time. The nation’s heartthrob has done a ton of roles that are positive. After winning hearts with her chocolate boy image, he played role of villain in Darr Khuda Se. Imran Abbas yet again stool hearts with his power-pack performance. His brilliantly and amazingly portray of Shahwaiz made him a strong antagonist. But imagine a serial killer with looks to die for! Imran is a perfect candidate for Joe Goldberg role if we ever create Pakistan version of the insane series ‘You’!

Saba Qamar

The beautiful yet talented, Saba Qamar is one of the most sought after actresses from the current lot. She has turned into hot favorite ever since she made her acting debut. If you have seen her intense performances in Baaghi and Cheekh then you know very well why she is in this list. Undoubtedly she can play challenging role of psychopath very easily. She has shown exceptional acting skills. Her ability to adapt to various moods playing Qandeel in Baaghi and Mannat in Cheekh won our hearts. She is very quiet on the outside but it seems like she has a lot going on in her mind. Psychopaths have similar qualities as they look very innocent but are monsters on the inside! Who wouldn’t love to see Saba in psychopath role.

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan is undoubtedly one of the most versatile actors in our drama and film industry. Whenever his name comes up, the first thing which spring to our mind is his flawless acting skills. If we describe his journey in three words, so it may be, He came, performed and he conquered. From Azhar of Chup Raho to intense lover Mir Haddi, Feroze Khan has managed to tap into his characters like a pro. We love to see him in psychopath role.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is a very talented actress. She has shown exceptional acting skills. Iqra will be seen as the antagonist in it. The drama features how compulsive liar portrayed by Iqra creates trouble for her husband. Due to her compulsive lying behavior, her relationship with her husband gets effected. Due to which certain circumstances take place which his character never even imagined. Her performance in the teasers won our hearts. And we think she is the best option for such kind of role.

Junaid Khan

junaid khan actor khuda aur mohabbat 3

Junaid Khan can pull of crazy characters. He is one of the most sought after actors from the current lot. With his debonair personality, charming looks and immense talent, the singer turned actor is a storehouse of talent. He already has some of the most iconic roles of the last decade to his name in such a short span. Last year, we saw him a never seen before avatar as super-villain in drama serial Hania. The character was a negative one but his performance and looks had wooed us. With a ton of different roles in the bag, we would love to see Junaid doing some crazy roles!

Mawra Hocane

Undoubtedly, Mawra Hocane is storehouse of talent. In very short span of time she created a niche for herself in the industry. If we describe her journey in three words, so it may be, She came, performed and she conquered. The actress proved herself as versatile performer by doing different roles. If you saw her as Maha in Mere Harji and not missed the last episode of the drama. So you better know why we wish to see her in such role. Just imagine Mawra’s in curly hair look. Now add wide eyes, a knife and an ear to ear smile to the imagination. You will get goose bumps! Who wouldn’t love to see the sweet and innocent Mawra in a nefarious role!

Muneeb Butt

Telly world’s hottie and most desirable man, Muneeb Butt made his ways into hearts if zillions via his flawless performances. The young handsome lad who started out with high aspirations of becoming an actor is now the industry’s precious gem and most sought after actor today. From playing an innocent young man in ‘Koi Chand Rakh’ to cruel & greedy husband in ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’, he has managed to tap into his characters like a pro. The actor can pull off a character of psychopath easily. Even there will be Pakistani version of ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ , Muneeb Butt is a perfect candidate for Ted Bundy.

What do you guys say about these actors. And if you feel that we have missed any name who deserved well. Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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