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5 Reasons Why We Are Looking Forward To Watch Kahay Dil Jidhar

The buzz around Wijdaan Films’s Kahay Dil Jidhar has already started. And the fans can’t wait for the release of the film. The film cast includes the telly sensation Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha in leading roles. The film has been directed by Jalal Rumi, an established TVC director and being produced by Kamran Bari, who is also playing a character in film. Besides Juanid and Mansha, veteran actor Sajid Hasan and Atiqa Odho will also be seen in the film. Written by Ali Moen, the movie holds a strong message about the issues that plague our society. On 11 January 2020, the makers have unveiled the first trailer of upcoming film.

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Both the stars, Junaid and Mansha, have equally own the trailer of the film. From the teaser, it appears to be coming of age story of friends who come on different career paths which are somehow loosely connected. The teaser starts with the tag-line “I can see everything is changing and you will change the journalism”. Then another line is “we are paid not to run the story” and so on. Cut short the chase, we witness Mansha excelling as a top journalist. On the other hand, Junaid Khan is portraying the character of a fearless and very loyal police officer, Shehrear Shah. The film is tackling a lot of social subjects including corruption, drugs, power and fame. And the trailer clearly gives the message that system has to change and there is no other way. The film’s concept and story-line seems interesting enough.

Here are 5 reasons why we can’t wait for the release of the film.

The Cast Mix Of Perfects

The cast of the film is nothing short of an ensemble one. Be it Junaid’s fearless and loyal police officer and Masnha’s as a top journalist. The film not only has a story that is intriguing & interesting but also a cast that is promising.

Junaid Khan’s Silver Screen Debut

With his debonair personality, charming looks and immense talent, the singer turned actor Junaid Khan is a storehouse of talent. Started his career as singer as young boy in 2002, But soon made his ways into acting field by accepting unfair criticism because having background in singing. He was judged with several wondering whether he could act well or not. The man did not only prove his mettle in the industry. But also showed his ability to make most dramas commercially and critically hit. After winning zillion hearts and earning critical acclaim for his acting chops on TV screens, he is going to mark his film debut. And this is one of the reason, we can’t wait for it’s reason.

An Entertainment Film With Full Of Action, Tackling Bold Topics

For the last four years, not just the number of films released saw a rise but there was an increase in the number of box office hits too. The best thing is, the producers and directors are experimenting with all genres like from comedy, action, horror to biopics and psychological thriller. The industry has witnessed many breakout stories which have been praised by the audience. With Kahay Dil Jidher the makers decided to tackle the bold topic of drugs and correction. From the teaser it seems, the film will bring to the audience power packed action sequences by Junaid Khan for the very first time on silver screen. The high dose action is one of the top points of the film.

Dialogues That Will Blow Your Mind

Apart from entertainment, the movie holds a strong message about the issues that plague our society. The acclaimed writer Ali Moen has penned down the story and script of the film. The dialogues in the teaser are hard-hitting and piercing as it seems. The writer has made sure that the monologues and dialogue exchanges present in the scenes remain as relevant and in sync with the mood of the story-line.

Promises A Bunch Of Drama And Intrigue

In terms of plot, there are still a lot of hidden elements. As the story is not only about love and entertainment. It also revolves around rejection, friendship, revenge, corruption, drugs and journalism. How Junaid and Mansha will come together as couple is also best element of the film which also increase the interest. Roma Michael, Noman Bari, Sajid Hasan and Atiqa Odho contribution in the story is still in the dark. It is going to be an unraveling evils that plague our society. Along with the marvelous acting and direction, from the teaser it seems that the film is strong and impressive in its cinematography as well.

Are you looking forward to watch this movie? Let us know in the comment section below and also share your views about the trailer. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

Author: Huma Ali

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