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Mohsin Abbas Haider is world-widely popular for his salt pepper look. Undoubtedly, he is one hard working actor and that reflects in his work and body as well. His toned body and dapper looks just add up to a perfect dream man for us. The hot lad has been impressing the audience with his macho physique and strong personality. Whenever we think of Mohsin Abbas Haider and the first thing which brings to our minds is, his perfectly chiseled bod and ripped abs. The DJ, singer, song writer turned actor has maintained a stunning physique for years now.

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Apart from his amazing singing skills and acting chops many are literally captivated by the kind of physical transformation that Mohsin Abbas Haider has made. His gym regime not only given him chiseled body but inspire his fans to do the same. He keep posting his exercise regime and secret of his abs.

From his sexy strong chest to his 6 packs abs, the hottie is a total heartthrob. Undoubtedly and undeniably he is one of the fittest and hottest men in showbiz world, who is regarded as one of the sexist men alive in the world. Following a strict diet and rigorous fitness routine, Mohsin Abbas Haider has earned the reputation of the most desirable men in the nation. A fitness freak himself, Mohsin leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness. The man is not only improving his life but also motivates others. So Phupo caught up with Mohsin to talk about his fitness regime and routine. He just not only revealed his fitness secrets but also gives Phupo’s readers some major fitness notes.

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Fitness Lessons

P- Do you exercise daily and whats your workout routine?

Mohsin: I work out 6 days in a week for one-and-a-half hours or two hours. But when I am going through a physical transformation for a particular role or for exposing my body in a shoot, so I have a very hardcore routine. I hit the gym twice a day when I have a target to achieve. While I workout once during the day when I am not prepping for a role. And I wake up around 7, go to the gym and I train with Shabbir Ahmed Khan. But sometimes if i have busy schedule so i do workout at evening or late night. But I never skip my routine. I have never wanted to be heavy or muscular body that was never my goal. I have always liked to have a lean, toned body and I aim to stay like that.

P- Did you every deal with any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it?

Mohsin: Instead of insecurity my mindset showed me positive side that how much my body can get better if i work on it, its like a project you work on, I have learnt insecurities are just inside your mind, in real life people didn’t even bother it, since we all have somehow, its all about confidence and how you give acceptance to your insecurities.

P- The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout?

Mohsin: My chest and legs. I never ever miss these body parts. Even I become more excited when i am going to do chest and legs workout. Also to not ignore is your belly. Our bellies are the quickest to gain fat and we tend to get bigger in that area first if we do not pay attention to it. Also, if your belly fat is in control, you immediately start looking in shape at-least 50%. Secondly legs are the major part of your body, all i can say is never skip legs day. Thirdly, when you have a solid perfect chiseled chest, for me you have attain your 50% goal.

P- What scores more, stamina or six pack?

Mohsin: I must say stamina. Abs are just a myth. People are realizing it now that it’s not true fitness. Fitness is not about showing off six-pack abs built from a bottle full of enhancers. Fitness is about becoming the best version of you. Abs means you should follow a strict diet plan which sometimes comes with a lot of weakness. Even sometimes you have to avoid grain to achieve your abs goals. Stamina is one thing that helps you with many things in your day to day life. And stamina can be built stronger with many sports like swimming. So yes i would say, Stamina.

P- What does being fit mean to you?

Mohsin: For me fitness is a lifestyle. I really enjoy working out, gym for me is like a second home. I have been working out since I was in university. And my worst nightmare is that one day I will wake up and have my stomach protruding. So this is why I try to stay very lean. Plus I love working out. Being fit means having a good balance on everything. Achieve 8 hours of sleep, drink a lot of water, devout at least an hour or two for exercise, and keep a healthy diet.

P- Your problem areas and your strength?

Mohsin: My stomach. I am in the industry where getting invited to events and parties are inevitable and these are the moments where I couldn’t avoid foods I am not supposed to eat. The following day, I’d find my stomach a bit bloated. So, I would train twice a day to get my abs back. My strength is the upper portion of my body but, I believe everything is a work in progress.

P- If there is no gym around you as you are on shooting or traveling some where so what will you do to not compromise on your routine?

Mohsin: If I am on shooting outdoors or travelling and there is no gym around even in that situation i never compromise my routine. I do push ups, pull offs, jumping jack, burpee, plank and scratching. If there is a bar or somewhere, i also manage squats. I just try my best to sweat it our. Sometimes i go to walk or jogging to sweat it out. In short, I make sure my workout session never hampered at any coast.

P- What’s a common mistake people make while trying to get fit or lose weight?

Mohsin: I feel people, especially youngsters today go all out with heavy lifting weights and hardcore workouts, but never take into consideration the form of the workout. That is definitely wrong and you will always end up with injuries. Mainly, one must be aware of the form of the workout, the right method of doing it, so you can avoid injuries and also make the most of the workout.

P- Beside workout what is most important for a healthy lifestyle?

Mohsin: Besides workout, a good amount of sleep is extremely important. When I am working out a lot, I sleep really well. However, the nature of my work doesn’t allow me enough time to sleep. Sometimes I work till late night and travels a lot. So it becomes a tough task to get enough sleep. Still, I believe that around 7-8 hours of sleep is essential and those who are able to get this much sleep are very lucky.

P- What is the toughest challenge when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a body in its peak shape?

Mohsin: I think obtaining a good physique is easy, but maintaining it is the hard part. No one can be in peak shape for a really long time, so you gotta know where to draw the line, and at what point u can maintain it easily.

P- Your diet Chart?

Mohsin: I don’t follow strict diet like these. I eat normal diet not very strict. Like eggs omelettes in break fast with yogurt, protein shakes, some rice, beef kebabs for meat protein, some fruits, these are essential for normal fitness. But when I am not up for a role that requires me to hit the gym, I eat everything. From junk to street food to what not. However, when I have a target to achieve, I cut off carbs from my diet that comprises very less spices. I go for a hardcore diet. Like egg whites in breakfast, salad or chicken for lunch and fish/steak or red meat for dinner, with fruits and juices in between.

P- Tips to our readers?

Mohsin: There is absolutely no excuse for ignoring one’s health, we’ve got one body, one heart, one chance, lets live it like we’re scared of losing it. I urge one and all to respect the body. If you don’t have enough time for gym or you can’t go with hardcore weight exercises. At-least do cardio exercises daily or go for a walk. Just remember one thing you should have to sweat out.

After detailed conversation on fitness we say thanks to Mohin Abbas Haider for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are taking fitness notes from this handsome hunk like we are. For more keep follow Phupo.

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