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#Stylepiration: 8 Hot & Dapper Looks of Super Model Waleed Khalid That You Can Copy To Dazzle Any Occasion

Does he really need any intro? After all, Waleed Khalid’s the king of incredible bodies. He not only made shiftlessness famous, but also advocated a habit of healthy living and working out. This man is an inspiration for those who think only people already involved or who have a fashion background in the industry can achieve their big dreams related to this field. An energy bomb, very handsome and hunky model, Waleed Khalid is one hottie ruling the modelling industry for quite some time. He has established himself as one of the leading models working with well-known brands and designers in very short span of time. Based in Lahore, it didn’t take long for him to garner attention of the crème de’ la crème of the industry not only because of his handsome features but also because of his professional work ethic and commitment to his work.

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The handsome lad knows how to pierce our souls with his dreamy eyes and make us feel dangerous and sexy at the same time. He is hot, handsome and one of the finest model we have in our modelling world. Waleed Khalid is completely redefining modelling industry in his unconventional style and is also setting the bar high when it comes to how models should be off camera. He is fearless, super sexy and always high on life. Needless to say, we absolutely adore Waleed! The sexiest man’s got that rugged look, but he also emits this warm vibe that just wants you to go up to him and have a conversation.

Waleed Khalid’s Style Lessons

Undoubtedly, he is most extraordinary looking Pakistani who has an astoundingly charming personality and body, with dashing identity. We all can root the fact that he is one of the most admired and desired men in our showbiz industry. Waleed Khalid is the handsome hunk and girls just drool over him. He has been a very talented model and has never been out of style. The model is always on point when it comes to fashion outings. He has been giving fashion goals and you can take cues from him to dazzle in any occasion. So, we decided to break down for you the style statements that he has created not just over time but also recently.

A man looks best and more handsome when well groomed and suited up. The handsome lad is proof of that. Just have a look at this eligible hottest hunk, how elegant he looks in royal black suit. Such a charming gentleman he is.

That grey shaded floral printed blazer layered with white deep neck t-shirt definitely does sound interesting. Those white shoes increasing the charm of his outfit. That’s some major cool dude feels.

The handsome lad proved that ripped jeans can be more than just a casual wear. The lighter hues in denim is the fashion now. Giving us major fashion lessons he taught that the huge gapped or torn knees definitely work much for men. Layering the ripped jeans with white casual shirt and wearing a brown shade jacket, he is looking too hot to handle.

Not only suits, but he can also pull off the winter look. This pose suits him so well! Modern very much yeah? He donned a plain dark blue tee and a black trouser layered with burnham shaded long coat. His pose is rather telling a different story. In picture, he looks relaxed and gave the most casual poses.

Have you ever think of a hot elegant hunk with a cool-dude look? Meet Waleed Khaild. He is not just the elegant hunk but also can be the boy-next-door! The man-ponytail is the cutest thing. The perfect pose for the perfect outfit.

We know about Waleed ‘s love for tees. But wearing a printed tee with an eye-catchy hairstyle is something to not be missed. His Cornrow Braids Hairstyle is grabbing our attention and surely increasing the temperature soaring. As he looks too hot to handle in his hairstyle. He is setting new hairstyle goals for all the men around to look coolest guy in the town.

Waleed’s everyday wardrobe is all about comfort. Taking a cue from his wardrobe, white shorts are must have for such fun days and nights. Team shorts with Plain Bright Color T-Shirt, He sets bar high. You should draw some inspiration for the next time you go for shop.

Waleed looks absolutely gorgeous in traditional wear also. He is the only one who can make a man in Kurta look oh-so-irresistible. Giving us major ethnic style goals, he knows who to kill it with such simple yet attractive styling. The wrist watch helps keep the surprise element in the look. Not only for festivals, you can go with this styling even to dazzle a wedding ceremony.

The Style Icon

The model is a total style icon. He looks good in anything he wears and thus can work as an inspiration to all the guys out there to style themselves perfectly. His fashion sense and color selection makes him more attractive and hot. He has never hesitated to experiment with his looks. Whether it modern, traditional or funky look Waleed kills it. He is always seen pulling off anything he wears. Are you guys taking style notes from Waleed Khalid to look good? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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