Exclusive: Nepotism Actually Exists In Our Industry But I Am Glad That I Get Chance Through Audition – Ahmed Sufyan

A multi-faceted and breakthrough artist, Ahmed Sufyan, has managed to gain huge fan following through his flawless performances. Just one film and one drama old, He has already created a niche for himself in industry in very short span of time. Started his career as model, the handsome actor has become a new sensation. Loved by the fans, he made his silver screen debut with Daal Chawal. His charm and wit can floor anyone. Aura of a prince, debonair looks and a charm that will leave everyone blushing, that’s Ahmed Sufyan. He has always been the talk of the town for his cute smile, boyish look and humble attitude. Currently the young handsome lad is wooing his fans with his performance in Uraan.

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However, the actor’s journey was not a bed of roses, and it was filled with struggles. We always look to know about journey, struggle and career of an actor. And when we read some motivating words about struggle of a celebrity, it’s gives us courage to overcome our problems and hardships with a smile on face. So to know about Ahmed’s journey we got contact with the actor. And in candid conversation with Phupo, the actor opens up about his journey, career, struggle and much more.

Candid Conversation With Ahmed Sufyan

P- How your journey began and who introduced you in the industry?

Ahmed: My journey started from a theater called dramaf, dramatic society of fast University Lahore. After acting learning from that stage, I found my life changer person and his name is Akbar Nasir Khan. He took my auditions for film ‘Daal Chaawal’ and gave me opportunity to perform for big screen.

P- What attracted you to begin a career in showbiz? And was it easy?

Ahmed: Honestly, No one attracted me. I believe it is in my blood. Because I performed every stage of my life even I had less sources and of-course opportunities. It’s was not easy and it is not easy to move further to achieve my goal and be a part of such restricted lobby of this field.

P- Which was the turning point in your life and specially in your career?

Ahmed: Turning point came in my life at 29 December 2019, when I got to know about ‘special people’ of my life. I actually came to know that they are not special, they were just with me because of my good time and healthy bank balance. After knowing the reality I learned the right way to live in my personnel and professional life.

P- How’s your experience about your silver screen debut film? And what response do you received about your character?

Ahmed: I learned a lot from my silver screen experience. I can say it was good but was not easy. Because I am a civil engineer and I had no proper idea about village life due to my life style in Lahore city. So I went to village and study about their lifestyle that how they behave and talk etc. After that I went to sell Chawal and Dall for two days on the demand of my producer Akbar Nasir Khan. Because it would help me to portray my character like a pro. And I felt real when I portrayed that character. I would tell you about response which I receive from the audience in one line, “Ap real me wesy hen ya acting ki thi.”

P- If you could play any other character in this film, who would it be? Apart from this what kind of roles you want to do in future?

Ahmed: I could play another character form Daal Chawal so it could be Pahalwan.
I want to play realistic and challenging roles through out my career. If I ever get a chance so i would life to portray character of a ‘Depressive’, ‘Psychos’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Blind’ or ‘Dump’ kind of characters. In short I wish to portray challenging characters. It’s just a beginning and I hope there will be many challenging roles that I can perform.

P- Your upcoming projects?

Ahmed: There are two serials Umeedien and Tu kah dety naa. After doing Uraan drama serial, once again I get the opportunity to work with Zulfiqar Haider for next drama Serial. And you will also see me soon in Iqbal rizvi’s next film.

P- What is your dream role which you want to do but you have not gotten the chance to do that?

Ahmed: I want to perform many kind of roles. As I mentioned above I would like to portray challenging roles. It’s a beginning so I can’t take name of any specific character. I cannot bound myself for anyone character even I can’t imagine that.

P- Acting is your passion or merely hobby?

Ahmed: Acting is my profession and you would be surprised by my answer that it is also my hobby Because I am a person who cannot do anything else expect acting.

P- As an outsider do you feel Industry respect talent without being unfair to anyone?

Ahmed: To be part of industry it’s not easy. Our public welcome u easily but industry.
Nepotism actually exists in our industry. But I am glad I get the chance by audition without any reference or parchi or family relations. I wish that industry give me opportunity to so that I can prove my mettle as versatile actor.

P- From modeling to theater to film, how has the transition been?

Ahmed: Modeling teaches you how to express feeling without saying any word. Theater builds you confidence and makes your vocal and personality powerful. TV means (camera, director and team) a sense and thinking of other one. And you have to know what they think and what they want and then you adopt and absorb that character in yourself to play in front of cam. Too difficult but enjoy-full and make me feel good when I reached at where they want from me.

P- Who is Ahmed in one word?

Ahmed: Determine.

P- Where do you think of yourself after 5 years?

Ahmed: I think after five years, there will no need to introduce myself. People will recognize me as an actor,

P- What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

Ahmed: My greatest accomplishment that my career started with such a project in which we paid tribute to our Martyrs. Another greatest accomplishment as an actor was, when I got the clap from my film producer Akbar Nasir Khan for My performance.

P- Describe your acting style?

Ahmed: My acting style always according to my characters. I take the soul of that character and put that in my body. So my style is actually depends upon what I am playing at that time.

P- What advice would you have for someone wanting to join the field?

Ahmed: First complete your study. It’s the only thing that helps to proceed further. You can take good decision if you are well educated person. And the main thing is patient let the people criticize you and you have to learn to take it in a positive way.

After detailed conversation, we thank Ahmed Sufyan for giving us time out of his busy schedule. Hope you are taking inspiration from this handsome lad like we are. For more keep follow Phupo

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